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  1. 22 hours ago, El Paso Eagle said:

    According to The Texas Tribune, initial estimates are that Texas Tech University would receive $44 million in the first year; the University of Houston would receive $48 million; Texas State University’s distribution would be $22 million and the University of North Texas would receive $21 million.

    Any reasoning for how the distributions get calculated? It seems weird for a school with the 3rd largest enrollment to get the least amount in distributions...

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  2. On 11/7/2023 at 7:16 PM, Meangreen Fight said:

    TCU long before they got into a P5 conference,  regularly had way more than 30k per game.  They won consistently it is just that simple.  When was the last time App State was 3-6?   In their short history at the FBS level they average over 8 wins a season Give me a break it isn’t that complicated.  I don’t care where you are a team with no National Championships FBS or FCS ever, no conference championships or bowl wins in over a decade isn’t going to draw well.  

    When the SWC fell apart, TCU was really a bad program. But the City leaders in FW, knowing that TCU was central to their city, came up with a plan for making them the Hometown Team. TCU used their best asset at the time, money, to buy away Franchione from New Mexico and bring him to FW. And it worked. He got them turned around and when he left for Alabama, his Defensive Coordinator was ready to move up. And Gary Patterson did just that. And the next thing you know, FW goes crazy for them, that leads to a Rose Bowl win and top 5 finish, then getting into the Big 12, which led to another top 5 finish, and then making a hire in Sonny Dykes to pump life into the program and he immediately leads them to a national championship game. 

    What Fort Worth has done for TCU is what Denton has not done or will ever do for UNT. Dentin’s citizenry either ignores or openly loathes our program’s existence. We have yet to ever have one sellout at our stadium—that seats a little over 30k. It is what it is.

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  3. If you’re a G5 program, you’d be really smart to look at a great regional FCS program to poach their coach and get their players to transfer. As was mentioned earlier, getting upperclassmen that are used to a coach’s system and moving them up against G5s that aren’t really good, you’ll do fine. Texas State is showing just that. We just didn’t look at that when we hired Morris. Doesn’t mean he will fail, but it makes his efforts to recruit and develop HUGE!!

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  4. 4 hours ago, meangreenbob said:

    Good leadership at the top. Something we are not familiar with. 

    It all depends on your perspective. Our leadership is great at what the community and UNT Family overwhelmingly ask them to do, which is offer a great value for educating a ton of people and making sure the artistic vibe of Denton is celebrated greatly. It’s absolutely irrefutable that we have been a major success at both of these. When I went to school from 1991-1995, our enrollment was around 26k. Our music program was bringing home Grammy’s. Football was quarter-assed. We have now grown to 47K in enrollment, still have the music and arts promoted greatly, and our football program now is about half-ass compared to most other Texas FBS programs. Some things are just set in stone. It’s what the university wants. They don’t care if football wins or not—they just want it be there for the 10k people that support this place with dollars and season tickets. 

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  5. On 11/5/2023 at 3:27 PM, El Paso Eagle said:

    Examples of how idiotic teams can be with NIL money. Gumms has two catches this year. Roberts has 16, and Alberding has one (Shorter has only one catch also).

    Good for the players, I guess. They got cash in their hands. I’d imagine they sleep pretty well at night knowing they got $$$ they wouldn’t have ever gotten here.

    Stupid system is stupid.

  6. Wanting people to care about football or athletics when they absolutely don't want to is just something we all have to accept. For decades and decades here, the viewpoint of the university's leadership has been to offer athletics to those who want it, but to also make sure that the focus of our pride will always be to educate a lot of people and to celebrate the arts and music. It's what we are overwhelmingly known for. 

    What we need to do so badly here is to hire a big name football coach that would bring in some new fans in the region, as well as alumni who want to see how a Gary Patterson/Bob Stoops type name would do at a place like this. The only hire we have ever had that worked here since the Vietnam War broke out was Hayden Fry. Well, he fit everything I listed above as an example. And it worked amazingly during his tenure here...until the lack of support from the university and its fans and the lack of attention from the SWC and Texas media finally did him in. Since he left, we hired an OC from Nebraska in Jerry Moore who got hired away by Tech in a few years, a retread bad hire in Bob Tyler who almost go the program on probation, a DC from Baylor in Corky Nelson to run a program that was nuked by the administration, a Texas HS coach who never coached a down of college football in Dennis Parker, the OC from New Mexico in Matt Simon who was crazy and never became a head coach anywhere again, the OC from SMU in Darrell Dickey who was as bland as dishwater with everything, TX HS Coach Todd Dodge that also had never been a head coach at a college before, then we hired a former head coach at Iowa State who was older and more frustrated the longer he was here, the OC from North Carolina in Seth Littrell who started off incredibly well and then grew complacent. And now, the OC from Washington State and former FCS head coach at Incarnate Word in Eric Morris. 

    All of those names have been usually cheap hires, easy to get to come here. But the one way that has worked here big time is the one we haven't tried again...but amazingly, we could have that chance again IF we dreamed big enough to find a way to convince a guy whose statue is in front of a local stadium in FW, where the guy lives. Yes, it would cost a lot. Yes, it would be tough to convince him. And yet it could be done with the right vision.

    Or we can just keep on this same track of hiring mostly unknown dudes that have no connection to the university or the region.

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  7. McCarney had the right idea with size and power. He zigged while others zagged. Unfortunately, his offensive mindset was having your qb as the bus driver. So teams could put 9 in the box and overwhelm us when we didn’t have a good QB. But our defense could hit and tackle because we had physical practices, which the Spread offense coaches won’t do. 

    It’s a miracle we had Mason Fine for 4 years. Our OLine blocking led to him being crushed over and over. Once he get to his senior year, and as the OL play really deteriorated, poor Mason looked like a shell of himself. Gio Vizza was crushed so hard under Dodge’s OLine that he literally quit the sport. That’s the hard part of having a QB that can’t be protected enough and plays on a team with a defense that can’t stop anyone and forces you to have to throw a ton to come from behind all the time.

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  8. 2 hours ago, NorthTexasWeLove said:

    Of course people think Utsa has supplanted smu as our biggest rival. All smu does is whip our ass. 

    Well, we also won't be playing SMU anymore after this season...so while the ass-whippings will end, most of our fanbase will have to focus on UTSA as the replacement of that anger.


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  9. 15 minutes ago, rcade said:

    I don't know about that. NIL, the transfer portal and constant conference cannibalism have disillusioned a lot of fans about college football as a whole. I wouldn't expect the people rooting for schools they never attended to love the sport more now than they did 10 or 20 years ago.

    I can’t stand the sport anymore. I follow it, but it’s a terribly boring sport when half the teams can’t compete for a national championship, and within the other half, there are about 8 schools that have any shot for the playoff. 

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  10. 16 minutes ago, NT80 said:

    I think most campus students, especially new or transfer students are "followers".  They are looking to others to take the lead in what to do or where to go.  If it becomes "cool" for those friend-group leaders to go to the game, then the sheep will follow. 

    Maybe so…but it hasn’t been cool for as long as I’ve followed the program, which is since 1990. And I can’t imagine it was much better if we couldn’t get a ranked 9-2 team back in the 70s into a bowl game because of lack of support back then, causing Fry to leave to Iowa.

  11. 37 minutes ago, DentonStang said:

    Lol all of those teams, including UNT, would love to schedule a game with a local P3 team.  TCU doesn't have issues scheduling.

    Not a one of the FBS teams in a league below the AAC will ever play yall. Enjoy recruiting Texas kids to play Boston College, Syracuse, and Wake Forest...because when this thing is all done, the FSU, Clemson, Miami, UNC, Duke, NC State, Va Tech, and UVa combo will be all gone. That GOR ain't keeping them all from leaving until 2036.

    The fact is that your money bought you a spot in a great conference that is about to fall apart within 3 years. Enjoy it. I mean it. Those are gonna be some fun matchups in football and hoops. But you're gonna feel like the SWC explosion is occurring again when those teams leave to the SEC, Big Ten, and Big 12.

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  12. 3 hours ago, aztecskin said:

    I don't know how you make people like football. That's really the thing. You can make everything else easier around the football, but you have to really enjoy the football to want to go in, and watch. 

    Because I am a crazy person, I have watched football while sitting on concrete, aluminum (in the sun), in the cold, in the rain, in the cold rain, and any attempt to make it nicer just makes it easier to do the thing I want to do: watch the football. 


    This is my take. You cannot make people care about something that the culture that surrounds the place discourages any interest to the sport even if you like the sport. In that regard, the university rally attracts the student that either doesn't care about sports or absolutely loathes its existence here. Not much you can do about it.

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