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  1. 10 hours ago, untjim1995 said:

    If the SBC and CUSA don't want to reorganize, that's a mistake. 

    But, if I were the CUSA commish, this is what I would do:

    Invite Ga Southern, App State, ULL, and Ark State. That would give each division 9 teams. Then, I'd only play divisional games in conference play, never anything cross-divisional. That gives each team 8 conference games that are no further than a 2.5 hour flight. For us, we would play UTEP, UTSA, Rice, La Tech, Ark State, ULL, USM, and UAB. Then, you play the CUSA championship game on a neutral site, like the MAC does, say in New Orleans or St. Louis against the Eastern champ.

    You get away from 2 games against teams it makes no sense to play in a conference setup, where no fans from your school care about the other division and their fans don't come to your stadium beyond 50 parents or die hard fans. Rivalries are easier to build if you play the same teams every year and they aren't far away.

    The more I look at this setup, the more I like it.

    +1 for suggesting 9 team divisions - like 2 conferences in one!

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