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2 hours ago, GOMG2013 said:

I was referring to me being the scrub selling the Alamodome...but I guess the same can be said for selling Apogee.  I'm not discounting Apogee as a selling point, it's the UNT fans (and AD) that are sleeping on other schools selling points though.  

And let's just say since we both prefer Apogee over the Alamodome, do we like it enough to ignore the other aspects?  Most CUSA schools are selling playing time to 3 star recruits.  Most CUSA schools are selling that up and coming speech.  

UNT has a location advantage over UTEP and a conference advantage over TX State.  Thats the only clear advantages out there for UNT.

So we send Litrell out there with Apogee and the Denton, TX location and that's about it. It's not enough.  Not even close.  

Let me explain it to you in detail.  You just admitted that a salesman can sell, it has little to do with what they are selling.  Your rebuttals are over the place.   Apogee vs Alamo Dome, Denton vs SA, NT vs UTSA, winning versus losing; none of those factors are as important as the person doing the selling.   

The problem is not just losing out to UTSA which you consider to have so many advantages over NT, but to the majority of peer programs.   If I had the fatalistic view of NT's chances to compete on any level in the FB division, I don't think I could support the program.     

Wilson is not only waxing NT but most of the G5's and that ain't because UTSA is the greatest place to recruit to.    



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