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  1. Coach, Why do you think Jerry Bomar, who coached the best quarterback in the nation in his son Rhett, will have any success in Callisburg? He was a loser at Grand Prairie, with talent. Don't get me wrong, I think they are better than S&S, but there isn't another team in the district they can touch. Also Rogers will have Argyle ready to go. I think they are the second best team in 13-2A.
  2. Benson pleads no contest to misdemeanor, gets jail time 05:17 PM CDT on Friday, August 6, 2004 AUSTIN -- University of Texas senior running back Cedric Benson must serve eight days in jail. Benson on Friday pleaded no contest to misdemeanor criminal trespassing for an incident during the 2003 season. Austin police say Benson forced his way into an apartment last October to search for a stolen television. The charge was a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail. Benson also must pay a $1,000 fine and up to $600 in restitution for the apartment's damaged door -- and court costs. Benson will serve his jail time on weekends. He was booked into the Travis County Jail Friday. He'll be with the Longhorns when the team reports to training camp Monday. Benson should finish his jail term before the Sept. 4 opener against North Texas. Benson said he made a mistake and is taking responsibility for his actions.
  3. Please do not respond to this longhprn troll, he's just trying to stir up some $hit.
  4. Get More, Terry's an all-star caliber point guard. Walker's a fat piece os $hit that shoot too much!!
  5. Now Larry Brown can say I told You. He's got all of these great one-on-one players, but the international game is a TEAM game. Passing, rebounding, cutting to the basket. No one on the USA team does that. they are all great one-on-one players, but only Tim Duncan works to make his teamates better.
  6. Ex-A&M star back arrested Carter standout Lewis fails to show in court, questioned in slaying 10:00 PM CDT on Friday, July 30, 2004 By JASON TRAHAN / The Dallas Morning News A former Carter High School football star who later played for Texas A&M University and the Chicago Bears was arrested Friday morning by Dallas police on warrants issued after he failed to show up in court on theft and assault charges. Darren G. Lewis, 35, of Dallas was questioned Friday about the slaying of a 21-year-old man last week, though police say he's not a suspect in that case. Homicide detectives had directed patrol officers to bring in him for questioning in connection with the death of Robert Earl Slaton. A friend found the young man July 21 lying dead on a bed at a house in the 400 block of Embrey Drive. He had been shot in the head, police said. While questioning witnesses, friends and acquaintances, Mr. Lewis' name kept surfacing as having information, said Sgt. Ken Sprecher, a Dallas homicide supervisor. "That's why we wanted to talk to him," Sgt. Sprecher said. "Names come up all the time. It's not really fair to have called him a suspect at all in this case." Jail records show that Mr. Lewis lives with his mother in Dallas. She declined to talk about her son Friday and referred questions to his attorney, Phillip Robertson. "We can't figure out why he's being questioned in a homicide," Mr. Robertson said. "Darren has some demons he has to deal with, but as far as any crime of violence, it's absolutely out of character for him." After his career with the National Football League fell apart, his attorney said, Mr. Lewis "fell into a crowd that isn't good for him." "When I say demons, I think he has a reputation as someone who has experimented with drugs," Mr. Robertson said. Records show that Mr. Lewis was arrested in an assault case in 2000. His attorney said that the theft charge stemmed from Mr. Lewis "being in a stolen car with someone else." "The thing with Darren is, for all his leadership appearances on the surface, I think Darren is a follower. That's part of his problem." Mr. Lewis was an All-America running back as a sophomore in 1988, when he was a consensus pick as the Southwest Conference's Offensive Player of the Year, and as a senior in 1990, when he finished eighth in the Heisman voting. For his career, Mr. Lewis ran for a conference record 5,012 yards, ninth-best in NCAA history. In 1991, the Chicago Bears drafted Mr. Lewis in the sixth round. He played for the Bears for three seasons. Former Carter coach Freddie James said he last saw Mr. Lewis at a funeral about a year and a half ago. He said he hadn't seen the former player for four or five years before that and hadn't heard anything about him getting in trouble or falling on hard times. "That boy was one of the best boys I ever coached," Mr. James said. "So mannered and hardworking. He never got in trouble in school or anything like that." Staff writer Tim MacMahon contributed to this report.
  7. That's easy. One of the first Euro's to play in the NBA. Played for the San Antonio Spurs for one year. He was known for chain smoking during practice. Dick Trickle?
  8. Great laker story...brings a tear to your eye. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMMENTARY By Michael Ventre NBCSports.com contributor Updated: 2:06 a.m. ET July 11, 2004 LOS ANGELES - Kobe Bryant is a free agent, and has reportedly narrowed his choices to the Lakers and the Clippers. But his decision just became much tougher, because suddenly it is almost impossible to tell the two clubs apart. The Lakers have a deal in place to trade their center, Shaquille O’Neal, to the Miami Heat in exchange for three bodies. Because of this, Los Angeles’ two NBA franchises are virtually identical. Both clubs are owned by buffoons, although this is a relatively new development in Lakerland. Jerry Buss, the Lakers’ owner, had long been considered among the tops in his field, yet whenever he issues a directive lately, you expect to see two orderlies with butterfly nets sneaking up behind him. He just traded away any chance his team will have to win another championship in his lifetime. Granted, Buss has presided over eight titles since he bought the club, so maybe he doesn’t care and would rather embrace the Donald T. Sterling philosophy of ownership, which states that an NBA franchise is just a cocktail party with 19,000 paying guests. But the Lakers, synonymous with excellence since their Minneapolis days that began in the late 1940s, are now just a sad joke, much like their storied rivals, the Boston Celtics. Actually, that’s not a fair characterization. The Celtics made a few blunders over the years, most notably hiring Rick Pitino and giving him control over personnel decisions. But they can’t be blamed for the tragedies that took Len Bias and Reggie Lewis. And they’ve never done anything quite so asinine as to first insult, and then trade away, the most dominant center in the game, all to placate a 25-year-old diva superstar who is possibly facing years in prison on a sexual assault charge. No, the level of folly the Lakers have degenerated to with the way they handled the Shaq situation is so reminiscent of a Sterling move that it’s a wonder they don’t try to lure Benoit Benjamin out of retirement. If the deal is indeed consummated on Wednesday, the Lakers will receive forwards Lamar Odom and Brian Grant, guard Caron Butler and a first-round draft pick in 2006 or later. They will presumably join Bryant –- assuming he’s pleased that the owner did somersaults to reconfigure the team to his specifications and re-signs –- on a team that has no center and big questions elsewhere. Odom is a fine player, but he’s one bong hit away from a lifetime ban, having been suspended twice already for drug use. Grant is an average power forward who was often asked to play center in Miami out of need. Butler is a talented guard, but not All-Star caliber. All three together do not add up to one Shaquille O’Neal. Not even close. With Shaq, the Lakers had the perfect one-two punch in he and Kobe. Without him, they’re the Clippers, a team with adequate talent but no real identity, hoping just to earn a playoff berth, knowing they don’t have nearly enough to beat clubs like Minnesota, San Antonio, Houston, Sacramento or Detroit in a seven-game playoff series. This isn’t to absolve O’Neal of culpability. He made his own bed. He’s fat, lazy and can’t shoot free throws. He was arrogant enough to demand a contract extension before last season even though he had three years remaining on his current deal, the final two upcoming worth $57 million. He’s 32, and he doesn’t handle the rigors of the 82-game regular season with the gusto that he once did. Also, he stuck it to Bryant during training camp when the news broke of the accusations from Colorado. O’Neal was less than supportive, and that aggravated the friction in their relationship. Still, Buss should have mended fences, talked to his superstars and tried to impress upon both the uniqueness of their partnership. With the two of them, and Phil Jackson, more championships could have been in their future, with some skillful tinkering of the rest of the roster. Instead, the Lakers have taken a nosedive. Instead of quarreling with one of the great centers in the game’s history over who should get the ball more often, now Bryant will not have an inside presence for opposing defenses to respect, and will have to share the basketball with other perimeter players like Butler, Odom and Gary Payton. It seems unlikely, too, that Karl Malone will return for another season without Shaq in the middle. It’s tempting to look at Miami and come to the conclusion that it gave up too much in pursuit of O’Neal, but really, all three of those players it discarded are easily replaceable. What the Heat now has is what the Lakers used to have –- a fabulous inside-outside star combination of Dwyane Wade and Shaquille O’Neal. Naturally, Heat president Pat Riley will have to add more firepower, but it’s much easier to build when you already have a foundation. It’s also easier to sell tickets. The Lakers don’t have that solid base anymore. They have dropped from the elite. They’re an also-ran. The only satisfactory result in trading a superstar of Shaq’s magnitude would have been to receive a superstar in return, somebody like Indiana’s Jermaine O’Neal, Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki or the Heat’s own Wade, who displayed that kind of promise as a rookie. Instead, the Lakers settled for an underwhelming assortment of players whose combined salaries came close enough to O’Neal’s to justify the trade under NBA guidelines. Why? Because they were getting close to July 14, when Kobe Bryant can sign a contract. They wanted Shaq out of the Lakers’ employ so Kobe would feel comfortable coming back. They could have insisted that Shaq fulfill the next year of his contract, but they didn’t want to risk alienating Kobe. So they alienated Shaq instead, and then they traded him away. As far as the Clippers, they should be elated. They don’t have to worry about catching up with the Lakers anymore. They’re the Lakers’ equals, and they didn’t have to lift a finger. Michael Ventre writes regularly for NBCSports.com and is a freelance writer in Los Angeles
  9. Have You ever seen girl wrestlers???? We'd be lucky to get their girls friends to come!
  10. Pittsburgh Pirate catcher with career .259 batting average. Jason Kreis?
  11. I wonder if fun with Shaq would become I weekly feature on the Hardline? He & Cobra are great!
  12. Captain Late, former SA Spurs captain whose Number 13 put fear into members of opposing teams. Edjar Jones?
  13. Larry Centers? Fomer SFA back, who killed NT in college. Spent years with the Cardinals,a couple of years with the Redskins and is with the Pats now. Rashawn Saloom?
  14. Great OU QB, but this is a PRO athlete Word Association. Ray Lewis??
  15. Former astro, who got hit in the head with a fastball. Steve Sax?
  16. Bill Laimbeer? Who is the Coach of the DEtroit Shock. A former Bad Boy Piston who won two titles. A Notre Dame Grad that played with Kelly Tripuka and Orlando Woolridge. Mark Prior?
  17. Just got an email from Brett Vito and he said "I talked to Johnny about the kid yesterday. He said it was not official yet. I will see if he has finished up with the kid and get you guys a brief"
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