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  1. Horton could’ve literally thrown it soft as douchebag and he’s wide open for a TD
  2. That was a good throw, that was easily defensive holding what the douchebag
  3. Do you usually bitch about everything or just today? Team won and are playing for a conference title next week. Stop crying
  4. You want him to kick the field goal too? You’re miserable lmao
  5. What a throw by Aune on that near sack. You gotta catch that
  6. It’s uncanny how some of y’all still find a way to trash Aune on a 300 yard 3 touchdown day 😂 Maybe just be happy for the team for once. Clowns
  7. Team up by 17 about to move to 3-0 in conference and y’all still bitching 😂😂😂
  8. Can’t defend Aune anymore. He saw that defender and it was like he just couldn’t stop himself from throwing it anyways. Predetermined the whole way, in a pivotal spot against a good team.
  9. Some of y’all are sorry as hell 😂 Counting the whole season out now before halftime. Get a grip geez
  10. When the ball is slipping you have no choice but to short arm it. If you throw with your normal motion and no grip on the ball he will fumble it just like the first drive. That’s why I said he needs to try a glove out.
  11. Two muffs by returners but the wet ball isn’t a problem for Aune right? LOL miserable Aune haters
  12. Yeah has nothing to do with the ball slipping out of his hand
  13. These guys came to play today. Incredible effort by Pirtle.
  14. When’s the last time a north Texas receiver made a great catch. Stop crying.
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