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  1. When the ball is slipping you have no choice but to short arm it. If you throw with your normal motion and no grip on the ball he will fumble it just like the first drive. That’s why I said he needs to try a glove out.
  2. Two muffs by returners but the wet ball isn’t a problem for Aune right? LOL miserable Aune haters
  3. Yeah has nothing to do with the ball slipping out of his hand
  4. These guys came to play today. Incredible effort by Pirtle.
  5. When’s the last time a north Texas receiver made a great catch. Stop crying.
  6. Bad throw. Ball is clearly slippery maybe Aune should see if a glove makes a difference
  7. Receivers can’t catch a pass that’s not gift wrapped to them
  8. Should be 14-0 but I’ll definitely take 10-0 lol
  9. Aune plays bad: "Typical Aune. Where’s Kason Martin?" Plays well: "Not a bad pass but a little more on the outside and that’s 6." Teams losing: "Where can we find a quarterback?" Teams winning: "Just goes to show this team doesn’t need Aune to win." miserable haters 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  10. A chip shot field goal. Basically an extra point. You can’t script this stuff, it’s unreal how bad of a program this is.
  11. Willis could’ve had a tea party in the backfield with the time he had on the offsides TD.
  12. Y’all see Jason Bean nearly take down OU today? Easy kid to root for. Needs to eat a few peanut butter sandwiches before bed though he still looks very skinny.
  13. I’m an Aune supporter I just think there was a tad much on it, especially to a tight end. Either way it’s just an unlucky play.
  14. Aune has to throw that softer but the receiver can’t just let it pop up ten yards in the air. Wow. SMH
  15. Why. Just why. Excellent start. Only to end in that fashion.
  16. Put Kason Martin in. Might as well I mean we’re not even throwing the ball anyways.
  17. Their QB leads the country in INTs thrown yet we make him look like John Elway.
  18. Other teams receivers would adjust and make a catch on that play. This is sorry.
  19. They are awful. Just imagine if NT actually played…. decent …
  20. That last pass was another drop. The receivers can’t make contested catches. Other than that I don’t know what you’re talking about. Put the bottle down.
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