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  1. The Riders did not play well tonight but a good chance for Mason to get some valuable playing time. Very impressive to see Mason respond to throwing a pick with a long touchdown drive including a couple of great passes.
  2. A bit of a complicated question and the short answer is because the league as long considered it important to long term success (local players builds local support and gets youth playing the game) to have a significant numbers of Canadian players on each team (21 I think out of a 47 man roster with 7 being starters) and more recently to have 2 “global” players on each team. There is of course a huge pool of American players coming out of college each year compared to a relatively limited number of Canadian players out of colleges and a global players in various football programs. Collectively you may see this referred as the ratio of Canadian to American players. Important to realize the CFL has existed for well over a 100 years so this is all a well established process. CFL teams only draft Canadian and global players with global defined as non-American players. Global players are a new initiative in the league. Americans make up most of the players on every team and are recruited from schools, open tryouts and free agents. Each team uses a negotiation lists which restricts other teams from recruiting those players. Mason was being actively scouted by the Riders and eventually on their negotiation list for a couple of years at least before they signed him. CFL teams draft players mostly then to fairly sort out available Canadian talent as with any draft but to meet a required ratio of Canadian players on each team. The new global players added is a long term plan to help generate interest in the CFL with folks around the world.
  3. Great clip to show! Great work by Mason! Coming through on three third down gambles including a TD! Plus good explanation of the new hash marks rule.
  4. I haven’t seen any video from the game but it does seem Mason didn’t have one of his best games. Still the team is going to decide on the backup QB based on all of the information they have and not just one game. The team has loads of confidence in Mason and no doubt he will back up Fajardo.
  5. Sorry I lied! A cfl field is 65 yards wide. FYI, the length of the field is 110 yards and the end zones are 20 yards deep.
  6. I’m thinking following Mason Fine’s career at this point is helped by understanding the CFL game including the recent rule changes. The change that seems to have the attention of the coaches and players is moving the field hash marks closer together. With the field being 55 yards wide, moving the hash marks closer together creates more room for the offence on the short-side of the field and brings the wide-side receiver closer to the QB which should result in more scoring. Many may know this but in case it’s helpful, CFL rules generally lean heavily to the offence, e.g. size of the field, large end zones, defence lines up one yard off the line of scrimmage, some receivers can take a running start, and the latest rule changes are examples of this. Where many great QBs struggle adjusting to the cfl, Mason’s success in part has been learning the cfl game.
  7. Check out the article on Mason 3downnation.com
  8. The coaches had planned to share the time between the QBs. Mason ended up 13 of 18 for 114 yards with one pick and one TD. The TD came out of an eleven play drive which is good to see. There are some good post game interviews on the Riderville site. Their last preseason game is this Friday in Vancouver. Cody Fajardo will start and I would expect Mason to get some playing time as well.
  9. "At the end of the day you can practice well all you want but if you don't go out there and perform in a game, you know, it doesn't really matter." Mason Fine | May 30th Pre-Game - Saskatchewan Roughriders (riderville.com)
  10. The Riders are giving the backup quarterbacks lots of playing time in tomorrow’s preseason game so Mason is starting.
  11. I’m really looking forward to watching Mason get some more playing time which should happen in their preseason games on May 31st and June 3rd. The first one is against the defending champions so it will be a good test. He will know the playbook as well as the nuisances of the cfl game. He looks very confident and ready to go.
  12. Here’s an update. The Riders just announced Mason Fine has been moved up to the backup QB for tomorrow’s semi final playoff game with the Calgary Stampeders. The fellow who he has replaced had been the backup for two seasons and has played well. Mason Fine has obviously impressed the Rider offensive coaches. Quite a move to go from the practice roster to backup QB in two weeks. Good to see!
  13. Very true! Unfortunately, barring injuries, I would think his next chance to play will be next year in a preseason game. I think all he needs to succeed is more chances to show what he can do on the field. Looking forward to it!
  14. Not bad stats for two series of play and I would say he threw two passes into the end zone that really should have been caught albeit in the same series. It is very difficult of course for backup QBs to get any playing time and I think he took full advantage of the opportunity. Really good to see!
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