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  1. https://espnpressroom.com/us/press-releases/2020/12/214417/
  2. I like the idea of taking a statistical approach. However, Aune's sample size is too small to really compare them at this point. That being said I don't think he did too terribly bad. There are things to improve on for sure but at least we picked a QB and stuck with him.
  3. It's refreshing to read a level headed response to this season. We were going to have issues this year regardless with replacing Fine and most of the coaching staff. Add covid on top of that and I'm just happy that we are able to play games at all. Houston still hasn't been able to play a game, that could have been us. As long as our young guys show improvement throughout this season we are in an alight position. Now if this continues into next season some sweeping changes need to be made.
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