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  1. Coaching will be the reason we lose this game. Wren really needs to step up and put pressure on Littrell to perform.
  2. I’m sick of seeing Smart flail his body around in the paint. He’s lost all of his mobility as well as ball handling skills and it’s only getting worse. Edit: The whole team*****
  3. We could call it “The Battle for the Golden Triangle” or something along those lines and have the trophy be a gold triangle.
  4. Do whatever it takes to get the locals in the pit. Give stupid cheap tickets to those who live in Denton County. Give them premium seating. Give free tickets to the elementary school students in DISD. Make super cheap jerseys and give them out to kids. Do ANYTHING. I’m sick of the piss poor job our athletic department does at marketing to the Denton community. There’s 130 THOUSAND people that live in Denton. The fact that we can’t get at least 5,000 people is a disgrace. Yeah, with those deals we won’t be making as much money per person, but selling out the superpit with $5 tickets still makes
  5. I like the idea. I go to every home game and I am happy with what we have, but jesus christ is the super pic a dark, depressing monster.
  6. Do you think the new football practice facility will give us an edge on recruitment after it’s completed, or are we merely just “keeping up” with the trend in the footsteps of schools like UH.
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