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  1. Lol who said I bought the bottle? Actually I won the bottle of GJ in a bet at work with my co-worker. Now those Austin EastCiders sound tasty!
  2. Hey everyone, I'm pretty new on this forum and was wondering what everyone's beverage of choice will be at Homecoming? I'm going to be drinking Gentleman Jack with Coke to start off with. Depending on how the football game goes, it could change to Kentucky Deluxe real quick :)
  3. I have a 11am UNT Lacrosse Alumni game over at the Peterbilt fields. After that, we will have the big green bus out by Fouts Field for tailgating and the annual boat race!
  4. There are so many players out there who get overlooked because coaches play their favorites. I bet potential high school recruits are looking the other way right now and not taking us seriously. My two cents, we need to bring in some young blood to this program.
  5. I agree. A smart coach would understand to develop the underclass quarterbacks and allow them to gain some game time experience for the future. McNulty is a 5th year Senior and is done with eligibility after this season! I don't want to hear "well he gives us a chance to win" because right now you are 0-4. Grow a pair and start being a smart coach.
  6. His body language and tone of voice in the video shows that he has given up. What happen to all that energy and excitement you use to have? Oh wait, I'm thinking you figured out by now that talk is cheap!
  7. I guess ole Dan McCarney likes to eat the same ole bologna sandwich for lunch everyday. This broken record player of coach needs to go...
  8. I'm glad there is a Fuzzy's Taco Shop in Allen now. I will be there, look for the tall guy with a brand new North Texas hat.
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