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  1. Oh cry me a freakin river. You should be paying me $3.90 for reading this stupid post.
  2. Seriously come on you cheap asses I will pay 7.80 for tailgating and 3 hours worth of entertainment.
  3. True Mason Fine has only thrown 6 touchdown passes with 5 interceptions and is ranked number 13th out of Conference USA Qb's....but it's ok he gets a pass for being young? Look I like the kid and I know he's a hard worker but what potential do you see out of him for the future? Please explain
  4. I don't know, you should invite her over for dinner sometime. You like soup?
  5. Belittle? For wanting more than a 5-7? That's like saying someone who been with a company for a long time does bare minimal just to collect a check. I don't think you get my point, my point is there are three games left and I see people on the forums already predicting a bowl game at 5-7. I mean who is our next win going to be and why..please explain?
  6. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/18014878/florida-international-golden-panthers-te-jonnu-smith-season-suffering-burns-attack
  7. I am relax but don't be content with just 5-7. The coaching staff and player's work hard and they want more than just 5-7.
  8. That's fine if you want to down vote. Last time I checked we still had 3 games left on the schedule and we have people on here already talking about a damn bowl game. You say you're a fan but you already now have the team's record at 5-7? Go look up our standings and it will show that we are still 4-5 and not 5-7. Respect is earn and not given and when you say stuff like what I'm seeing on this thread, it makes us look soft and desperate. Get off the damn bowl projections websites because none of it's true until the regular season is over.
  9. Same But the problem in the past is that we kept hiring and firing coaches with different offensive philosophies. This really impacts recruiting as well having the current players on team having to learn a whole new system. Dickey - Run Dodge - Spread - I mean we had to put Jamario Thomas in this offense which doesn't work with his style of play. Mac - Conservative Run offense Littrell - Air Raid Spread
  10. What's going on with Kevin Dillman? And why did we not try this guy out at quarterback?
  11. We got to do something because we are dead last in total offense in the conference. http://www.espn.com/ncf/conferences/statistics/team/_/stat/total/year/2016/id/12
  12. 1. Tuesday night after Halloween 2. World Series baseball game was on 3. People have to work the next day I'm not a fan of the Tuesday or Wednesday night games just like I am about Thursday night NFL games.
  13. I take it that you're not going to game? Make that 19,499
  14. It's all about confidence, anything can happen during the next 4 games.
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