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  1. Not sure there was doubt to start the game. They looked way more energetic to start.
  2. Ugh, just missing wide open 3's
  3. We looked a little tentative for most of that first half but looks like we turned it up to end the half.
  4. He hit the shot making it 71-72 and then missed the free throw.
  5. Just doesn't look good for us, we can't hit a wide open 3 while Tech is hitting fade aways at the buzzer 3s
  6. Having a bad 3 pt day may spell trouble for us
  7. 81-72 UNT 12 seconds left
  8. FTs and 3s and our lack off has been the difference
  9. Charlotte the beneficiary of fouls this second half
  10. 14 to nothing run for MTSU off of dumb mistakes from UNT
  11. Ever since that own basket things have swung MTSU's way.
  12. I've been wondering that as well, they've gotten some wide open baskets due to players having to cheat down or double team to help.
  13. We're shooting way outside while they're getting good looks at 3
  14. Each time we get within 6 it seems we make a silly mistake.
  15. Looking a little rusty and Rice can't miss right now.
  16. So pissed at this coaching staff, can't even stop a team from celebrating on our field on senior day on the last game for our best QB
  17. Ugh, just like that. We should be up 10, instead UAB has all the momentum.
  18. They finally call a roughing the passer this year.
  19. Everything looking easy for UAB this drive
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