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  1. His nickname is Pickle. Good kid.
  2. 41 days until pitchers and catchers report

  3. Elf is one of the nicest guys i've ever met in my entire life. Not sure where Mike Ogulnick went, but my guess is Chicago.
  4. It was nothing too ground breaking. He had great things to say about Coach Mac, Chico, and Dodge. He is for sure getting a medical redshirt, making him a redshirt sophomore next year. Says he's looking forward to another quarterback competition. Says they have full expectations to winning the Sun Belt and said they'd be dissapointed if they don't win 8, 9, 10 games next year. Talked about the new field a little bit. Says they needed someone to light a fire under the defense and keeping Canales was like a 2 for 1 deal. He says all the QB's hang out together, and a QB competition just makes them all better. He would have hip hop/classic rock blaring in his truck, apparently into Lil' Wayne. The leg is doing well. There's a few other talking points, but he was a really nice guy and easy to talk to. He'd been committed to coming on with us for a while but we waited until the year was over for obvious reasons.
  5. If anyone is still confused, Derek is receiving a medical redshirt which makes him a sophomore as far as athletics are concerned.
  6. Tune was my freshman orientation roommate and one of my first college friends at UNT. He's a really good guy and it's a shame to see that happen to him. Through everything, he has just kept his mouth shut and kept working. I wish the best for him in the future.
  7. Wow, thanks a lot man. We'll try to make it a little better next week! We're just trying to not let down our Green Guys ancestors.
  8. Yes, we'll be doing every game. An hour and a half before kickoff. 30 minutes before the official UNT pregame show with George and Hank. 88.1 FM and kntu.com is where you can hear it. We'll start our show at 1 on Saturday. After that, i'm going to the Pourhouse!
  9. I'm not sure yet, but last year we did 2 broadcasts from the tailgating areas. We had to hold off on taking the equipment down there a couple times due to the rain and/or threat of rain. Not to mention it's really easier to just do it from the studio no matter what. I'm sure the powers that be will have us do a couple remotes though. If so, feel free to stop by and heckle us.
  10. Hey guys, I'm a UNT Student and I work at KNTU. I just wanted to inform you that we will be doing a show called "The Green Guys", 90 minutes before every game on 88.1 FM or www.kntu.com. The show will lead into the normal pregame show with George and Hank. If you guys get a chance to listen feel free to give us any feedback or any suggestions and comments on here. Thanks a lot and Go Mean Green!
  11. It actually is a question. Everyone has their own opinion based what teams they pull for or how they watch the sport. I think if the NCAA would go to a playoff system that they would really begin to trump the NFL but the NFL is really a lot more popular nation wide. That starts with the Super Bowl and goes down to Monday Night Football and the tv deals and all that fun stuff.
  12. If you were at practice and talked to someone then I'll believe you but, I would think the players and coaches want Tune, because if that's the case, then it means he had a good camp/better camp than Thompson.
  13. Interesting post. I find it baffling that nobody likes to talk about the conspiracy theory that the coaching staff betrayed Tune and the team by going ultra conservative in the first quarter against Alabama. Many UNT fans and players from last year think it was clear that it was a move to not allow Tune to succeed, just so Riley would keep his job and there would be no QB controversey.
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