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Status Updates posted by DeepGreen

  1. What happened to Brian Vito?  Is he still with the DRC, or did GMG run him off?

  2. Carolyn,

    I'm trying to work out which games I'll be able to attend this year, but I should have my two tickets available for some of the games.  If you're interested in my two seats,  I'll let you know which ones will be available for you.

    Phil Drago

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    2. NTEdgex2



      We definitely want the tickets and the parking pass. I’ll get the check in the mail in the next day or two.  Thanks again. 


    3. DeepGreen



      Send me your address again.  I'll get the tickets and park pass in the mail to you.

      Philip Drago Jr

    4. NTEdgex2


      Carolyn Edge

      2611 Sprucewood Lane

      Euless, TX 76039

      Thank you

  3. Winning is on my mind.

  4. Because I haven't learned how to use the new board!

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