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  1. Yes, I agree completely. Building character is 100% of what college football should be about. But we all know that winning is also required if a coach is to have that opportunity. I really, really wish Coach Dodge could have been the one to stay for 20 years. I still think he could have won had we not had so much bad luck this year (I'm really not trying to get that thread started again!). But, it was not meant to be. My two cents are: If we win but have an "outlaw" program, we have really lost and failed those young men. Here is to the thought that hopefully we can find a coach/staff that can
  2. Another thought: How many schools could actually bring their budgets into the black by cutting down on their travel costs AND building rivalries with schools so that fans could actually travel to away games, thereby increasing attendance. A conference with NT, SMU, Houston, Rice, UT-EP, Texas State(?), UT-SA(?), Tulsa, La-Tech, and maybe Tulane, I think all ships would rise from increasing attendance. What about the regional TV revenues that could come from such a conference? If it could just be tried, it would work.
  3. I saw the post below about UC-Berkley cancelling several programs because of funds, and it got me to thinking about the cost of all of the far-flungness of so many conferences and the "new economy." I have wondered for a while how long it will be before some state governments begin to put 2 and 2 together and realize how much money is being wasted on unnecessary travel and then begin to nudge schools to make realignments based upon regional proximty (common sense). It makes no sense that Houston is playing schools way out East when they have schools a short bus ride away. Why is North Texas pl
  4. Our family has a pop-up camper, and I was wonderfing the same thing!
  5. Yes to running the ball! This team needs to keep doing just that! We need to cram it down their throats until the opposing team likes it!
  6. I want to see a coach that stays long enought to put his name on this team/program and the history books. Then, maybe he moves on to the true big time to finish off his career (or maybe not...maybe he just stays). I'll repeat myself... Dodge could fit that bill if he is given the chance. I will not apologize for that opinion. I can think of very few coaches who have the respect that Dodge has in Texas. We need a coach who can recruit the heck out of Texas. Dodge is the still that man. And, I believe he is going to show enough improvement (while facing GREAT odds against him) to get that chance
  7. Yep. If Dodge can pull a team together that has this much going against it and win on the road, he can win when he gets/keeps all of his tools in place for an entire season! He is the man for the future, I am completely convinced. He is a great match for what this program needs at this point in time. We need stability and a coach who can build foundation for a strong program for the long-haul. Stop the coaching marry-go-round that NT has had over the years and BUILD something. Now is the time.
  8. Oh what a feel'n..... Congratulations to the players and the coaches for a hard-fought game and win. You never quit and you never laid down until you got the job done. Good job Dodge for hanging in there when it had to be tough to see any day light at all. Wow,and to do it on the road with all of those injuries. Very impressive! TEAM: if you can win this one, there's nothing to say that you can't just keep on winning! Let's give a cheer...
  9. I'm done with this thread and with this Board for a while. Ya'll have helped to clarify my "fan" philosophy and maybe I have helped to clarify the thinking of some of you (probably far away from my own thinking-which is fine). I think I will just keep buying my single game tickets and hotdogs for the kids, and teach them the fight song and watch them laugh and play and just have fun being Green. To each his own. Blessings.
  10. I just know that if I were an AD and was the CEO of soliciting funds for support, I would make sure they understood one thing: When you give, you are not giving to buy a piece of this team. No one owns this program but the students who provide the vast majority of its support through their student fees. I would tell any potential donor that they are giving to support student athletes, period. They are not giving so that that they can have a say in the hiring and firing of coaches or managing the program. If the above was not good enough for any would-be donor, then don't let the door hit you o
  11. I think the history of college football says that there are lots of coaches who are willing to throw away a player if he can no longer win games. Fortunately, we don't have one of those coaches.
  12. When I drive 2 and a half hours to the game and spend $100-200 bucks on tickets and food and such for the kids, I am supporting those student athletes. Just because I choose not to be a part of a giving club does not mean that I do not give...Sir.
  13. Agreed. Support the players no matter what. Support UNT no matter what. If the coaches and players have the same attitude of "give it 100% no matter what" (and they will), we might just win some games that many now are expecting us not to. This could be a great time to suprise some folks. Winning against all odds can be the sweatest kind of victory!
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