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  1. Calhoun City, Mississippi, is a small dot on the map. The population of the tiny town about an hour northwest of Starkville registered at a shade over 1,700 in the 2016 census. But Calhoun City is home for North Texas senior cornerback Kemon Hall. "Calhoun City is a small little town, but the country life allowed me to learn a lot from a lot of the older people in town," Hall said. "There are a lot of people that I look up to there and they have always been there for me." One of Hall's biggest passions off the field has played a big role in his life, and has provided parallels that have helped him grow in football – hunting. "I've seen my granddad come in and out of the house after hunting since I was like five," Hall said. "I just caught on to it and from there, I always wanted to do what he was doing. That's where I got the love from. "I hunted with my granddad when I was old enough to tote my own gun," Hall said. "He used to take me when I was younger and couldn't carry a gun, but when I got to be about eight, he got me a single-barrel 20 gauge and I was shooting at deer but not touching them. I was killing rabbits and other smaller animals. The experience with the beagles and we had to feed them every morning. That is what I liked best, was loading up the dogs, getting the four-wheeler and just going to the store to meet up with our hunting buddies and go out and have fun." Hall sees similarities between hunting and his other passion, football. The biggest crossover between the two comes down to focus and discipline. Both traits translate to success in both arenas. "It's a challenge when you're hunting. "Just going out there is peaceful and allows me to get away. It lets me stay out of trouble and stay out of the neighborhood." On a roster composed of 75% native Texans, Hall is one of just two Mean Green players that hail from the Magnolia State. He carries his home with him near and dear to his heart while in Denton, and his country-style upbringing has helped shape him into who he is today. "I am a person that always tries to do the right thing," Hall said. "I never get too high or too low and always try to lead by example." The example Hall followed as a kid came from former Green Bay Packers safety, M.D. Jennings, who spent three seasons in the National Football League following a successful career at Arkansas State. Nine years his senior, Jennings served as a father figure for Hall, providing guidance and a road map for Hall to follow a similar path in life and football. Read more: https://meangreensports.com/news/2018/8/10/football-hunt-for-success.aspx
  2. http://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/sports/college/iowa/football/2015/09/21/dan-mccarney-returns-kinnick-stadium-underdog/72575842/ Dan McCarney has brought his football team to Kinnick Stadium facing long odds before. In 1998, Iowa State was a 28-point underdog and expected to lose a 16th straight game in the series with Iowa. McCarney's Cyclones pulled off the upset, 27-9, a game that turned a one-sided sleeper of a series into a rivalry again. McCarney, now in his fifth season as the head coach at North Texas, returns to Kinnick Stadium as a 26-point underdog Saturday.
  3. Although the calendar turns a page to July today, we are still over 2 months away from kicking off the 2015 season. A bit early perhaps but maybe it's time for some season win-loss record predictions in the midst of these dog days of summer... With green-tinted goggles on and a pitcher of green kool-aid at my side: IDLE - aren't we undefeated against "bye", "open", and "idle"? I'm no fan of starting the season off without football, but at least our unblemished record against this foe will stay intact at SMU - W . Mac gets an extra week to get our boys up for our cross-plex rival Rice - L . The biggest improvement in a team can be seen between the first and second game. I don't think we improve enough, plus I've got Rice penciled in as the 2015 CUSA champs at Iowa - W. Coach Mac is, I believe, 7-5 vs Iowa and 6-2 vs. Kirk Ferentz. He'll be fired up for this game and will have an effective game plan ready for his return to Iowa City. at Southern Miss - L. riding the high of our upset victory the week before, the Golden Eagles catch us with our pants down. If we do lose to Iowa, I think we win vs. Southern Miss Portland State - W. Coach Mac is 11-0 all-time vs. 1-AA/FCS opponents, including 2-0 at North Texas. Western Kentucky - W. We're 2-1 in weeknight game in Apogee. Hoping Louisiana Tech was an aberration last year at Marshall - L. We have an extra couple of days to prepare, but as the Big 12 teams have been finding out, it's hard to fly to West Virginia and win a road game. UTSA - W. I think Coach Mac finally prioritizes this as a rivalry game (see his record in such contests) - that loss in '13 cost us a shot at the conference title. at Louisiana Tech - L. I want to believe, and I'm sure I'll be there, but I can't bring myself to call this a win. at Tennessee - L. least likely win on the schedule, but maybe the magic of long ago will return... at Middle Tenn - L. We're 4-2 in Murfreesboro so I hope I'm wrong. UTEP - W. Hopefully we're a team that's improved over the course of the season and we don't check it in after three straight losses; couple that with potential bowl eligibility on the line, and I got the green going 4-1 in Apogee in the fall. With these two coaching staffs, it will be an old school, throwback game. 2015 prediction: 6-6 bonus note: what a tame July 1st we had after all the realignment and moves of the last few years. I think the only official realignment moves that officially happened today was Navy joining the AAC as a football only member. The only other football related moves for 2015 both happen in CUSA with Charlotte's football team joining the East and UAB not fielding a team
  4. in the Coaches Preseason Poll http://sportspolls.usatoday.com/ncaa/football/polls/coaches-poll I wonder what Coach Mac's ballot looked like, since he's a voter in this poll
  5. Congratulations to coach and the team for winning the conference championship this morning!! Just a day (week, whichever you prefer) after the women's soccer team claimed the first CUSA title, the men's cross country team collected #2. Keep 'em comin! results: http://branchsportstech.com/2014_Meets/xc/11-01-conferenceusa/Web/Results.php?EN=1&SN=F&ST=Official&EID=63317467e91046f9a1de61ced1f74234 article: http://www.meangreensports.com/sports/c-xc/recaps/110114aae.html ...now only if we could make some noise in the two big sports - football and men's basketball... edit: add links
  6. Well my friends, I've had some time to process this and really think about what we witnessed on Saturday and count me in with the "happy" camp. Granted, I'm not planning any parade routes or anything ridiculous like that, but I am feeling overall "pretty decent" about what took place in Athens. And while I'm feeling pretty "not sucky" about the whole thing, there are definitely some areas for concern. Here are some things I took from that game. 1. Jub Jub can make one heck of a football call. Due to a family trip on the bride's side of the family that was planned several months ago, I listened live while cruising down I-20 towards East Texas. While I was disappointed that I couldn't see it as it happened, I knew George would not disappoint me with making me feel like I was there. His call of Brelan's kickoff return was greatness. The signal gave way moments after our blocked punt, which was kind of fitting since that's where our chances started to give way. 2. Brelan Chancellor is electric. If there's not one already, we need to get a nickname for this dude. Considering Apogee is an electricity provider, and we play at Apogee, something like "ABC" (Apogee Brelan Chancellor) or something like that might be nice. I dunno, I was never really good at the nickname thing. 3. We MUST get better man-to-man coverage. This was our glaring weakness. We keep leaving the corners alone on islands and they have to learn the first thing I learned as a defensive back -- WATCH FOR THE BALL!!!!!! (I realize this has been stated quite often around here, but what's one more time, right?) It was literally the first thing I learned as a young Jr. High DB -- if you turn and look for the ball, you can literally land on the receiver backwards and not get called. Why? Because if you position yourself right, you can actually make the receiver try to go over YOUR back. PLAY THE BALL. I know it's sometimes easier said than done, but if you see a receiver put his hands in the air, TURN AROUND!! 4. This team has guts. For that brief period of time after the blocked punt, I felt like we had a shot to take this thing. I'm not going to lie -- there was a bit of doubt there, too. But man, it felt really good to be playing meaningful football late in the third quarter against a top 10 team! And not one single time did they give up out there. I truly feel like they left it all on the field Saturday, and for that I am dang proud of our guys! I don't know how many heard the sideline reporter talking about Coach Mac's halftime speech, but it was exactly what the guys needed to hear. And out of the gate, it looked like they took it to heart. 5. We need depth. I believe this was another key difference Saturday. And in FBS football, it's typically what separates the big guys from the smaller guys. I believe in Coach Mac though, and think he'll get us there. Let him keep recruiting his kind of players and keep coaching them and I think we'll like what we see. 6. It's easy to over-react. As many have already said in the past 50-something hours, Saturday's performance meant nothing if we don't take care of business from here on out. "One game at a time" needs to be this team's mantra, and I think it will be. There's still a lot of football left. Some think that's a lot of opportunity to screw things up. Some think it's a lot of opportunity for good things. I believe in the latter. 7. I'm proud to be a Mean Green fan/student! That's all I've got to this point that hasn't already been said. I did get to watch this last night after we made it back home. I want to see that same energy in two weeks against Tulane. And then again here against MTSU . . . etc. I think they can do it. I think the good far outweighed the bad Saturday. Let's hope the boys in green prove me right from here on out!
  7. http://shop.neweracap.com/Mens/Sport_ncaa/Team_North-Texas-Mean-Green I'm not very into this style, but it looks pretty decent. The quality of their stuff seems to be quite good, if you're into that sort of thing.
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