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  1. He does along with his wife.. Fauci’s Wife & Conflicts of interest with Gates’ Vaccines | Armstrong Economics
  2. You won’t get anything. It’s apparent people on here read something they don’t want to hear and down vote it, whether it’s accurate or not.
  3. I look at our corporate P&L on a daily basis. We receive tax breaks but still pay an outrageous amount of tax dollars. Back to apples to oranges.
  4. Yes, you will always find some outlier POS in all aspects of life. (great job googling) Hopefully you are being a jokester instead of condoning keeping something you didn't pay for.
  5. No, its called integrity. Something instilled in boot camp.
  6. If you pay for them, yes. If not, no.
  7. Apples and oranges. One is paid with company profits, one is paid with taxpayer money. since you didn’t answer, I assume you meant to say yes?
  8. Serious question. Should an athlete get money from NIL AND a free education/housing/meals or just one of the 2?
  9. I wasn't aware that the govt was taking over the NCAA. I must have missed that somewhere.
  10. I tried watching some World Cup matches. Just not my cup of tea.
  11. If there is going to be an NFL lite league, why associate it with a university at all? 100K fans go to see Alabama play, not a group of elite athletes. If these teams want to spin off and form their own league, let them but I see no reason to have them tied to a college at all.
  12. a men's soccer game? Correct, I have not.
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