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  1. I like the black helmet to the left.
  2. I didn't call you anything, I was just helping another poster out with what category you fell in. Poking fun at you isn't being misogynistic, its called busting your balls, you know those things that.......never mind.
  3. Says the lady that gets butthurt and supposedly blocks/ignores people.
  4. Obviously you don’t know what homophobia is. I accept your homosexuality, I just think you are an unfunny wad.
  5. You were never really funny even though you sadly attempted to be. Now your level of humor is plain pathetic, Jake. I am waiting for your boyfriend to swoop in and protect his little snuggles.
  6. Modern pronouns are no different then pronouns used decades ago. Sensitive? I still thinks Libs are bun toting, skinny Jean wearing sissies. Haven’t changed a bit in that aspect.
  7. you always retort to your same tired dribble. I am not upset at all about tampons in a men's bathroom. I just think its totally retarded and ask the question, how far will the craziness go. You don't care but I do. Again, I thought you blocked me, you said you did. Were you lying?
  8. You are a total hypocrite. You start up threads about vaccines and every other liberal topic you want to discuss (on my football board). Just admit it man, you think having feminine products in guys bathrooms is retarded but you aren't man enough to stand up for your true believes. Goes back to this topic: Men: why are they becoming more feminine? - Zero To Alpha I thought you took your ball and ran away and blocked me like you said you did months ago. Lying about that?
  9. Not bothered, just not a pussy and scared to stand up and say it\s retarded. Really troublesome you can't comprehend the difference.
  10. He wasn't scared for his safety. Did you even read the article? He didn't want to vindicate the protesters. It didn't say once he feared for his safety.
  11. which category do you fall under? Men: why are they becoming more feminine? - Zero To Alpha
  12. If you think that was an attempted coup, you are weaker than I have always imagined.
  13. Really stretching on this one, almost the exact same things as men needing feminine products in their bathroom. I see you still won't comment about the original article. Men can't get pregnant, no matter how much you wish they could. The whole concept is insane.
  14. you are proving my point that civilization as a whole is becoming totally ignorant, no matter what side of the aisle you are on. Very telling that you thought I only meant the left. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go change my tampon.
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