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  1. Speaking of questionable stadiums, Houston was also our opponent for the last game at Eagle Field, the predecessor to Fouts. Don't think you can really call Eagle Field a stadium though, was mainly just bleachers by open land and what appear to be parking lot-type lights. Still won just over 75% of the games ever played there, the best home winning percentage between Apogee-Fouts-Eagle.
  2. Maybe they're looking for a H/H with a couple of P5's, a la Texas Tech?
  3. Last thing I remember, it was Smatresk at the door.
  4. I'm in. As long as it includes BBQ and at least one flying worm mini helmet.
  5. Minoring if Facepalm with a certificate in Jumping To Conclusions.
  6. Took less than one and a half. Apologize for the stupidity. Though I did circumvent the Daily and ended up at KNTU instead. Go Mean Green.
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