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  1. 7 minutes ago, aztecskin said:

    If you say Free and really mean Free + handling fees, you should say Free + handling fees. No one in the history of ever *likes* being charged handling fees, and miscommunicating the full net charge of the transaction makes people skeptical of Free, which makes people less likely to even accept an offer like this. 

    It's not a big deal to most folks, but it makes it unpleasant, and they shouldnt want to associate getting tickets -- even and especially free tickets -- from North Texas Athletics with unpleasantness. 

    Oh cry me a freakin river. You should be paying me $3.90 for reading this stupid post. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, MeanGreenMailbox said:

    I can hardly believe there are complaints about this - or, maybe I can believe it.  The new AD...wow, he has NO idea what he is up against.  None.

    You pay nothing for the tickets, and a mere $3.90 to the handling fee.  Name a ticket that doesn't require a handling fee.  This is something the vendor uses to cover their overhead.  And...

    ...$3.90 is really cheap for a handling fee. 

    So, essentially, you can get two tickets for $7.80...and more for $5.00 each when the lowest general admission ticket price for a North Texas game is $12?


    What will this fan base not complain about?

    During the week, you'll likely rack up $7.80+ in things like snacks and fast food...coffee?  But, for two football tickets that would normal cost, at minimum, $24?

    Come on, fellas, there has to be something more reasonable to complain about.  They are trying to get butts in the seats as the team is playing their hardest to get into a bowl game...and, we want to fight them about it?

    Do we even deserve a football program if it comes down to complaining about a $3.90 handling fee for a free ticket?  $3.90 is too much, really?  You can't get a ham and cheese sandwich at RaceTrac for $3.90!

    Seriously come on you cheap asses

    I will pay 7.80 for tailgating and 3 hours worth of entertainment.

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  3. 5 minutes ago, GOMG2013 said:

    The teams we have played are improved.  This shouldn't be a surprise.  Our offense looks bad, our defense is getting picked apart.  Well, this isn't marshall and Army we have played the last two games where our defense had their way.

    Good thing is now we have a USM team at home, that is not as good as the last 3 opponents.  Wouldn't surprise me if our offense all of a sudden starts playing better and our defense is back to not getting burnt and getting stops again.  The following game is against a UTEP team that isn't all that talented and one we probably should have beat last year.


    Talented enough to beat UTSA

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  4. 14 hours ago, Got5onIt said:

    I have to disagree here. Most of Fine's performances are on par with Alec's one SMU start. Morris was never given much of a chance to produce in game. 


    Mason Fine has only thrown 6 touchdown passes with 5 interceptions and is ranked number 13th out of Conference USA Qb's....but it's ok he gets a pass for being young? Look I like the kid and I know he's a hard worker but what potential do you see out of him for the future? Please explain



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  5. 18 minutes ago, GTWT said:

    What were your expectations in August?  Yes, I'm sure the players, coaches, & fans want more than 5 & 7, but still 5-7 is a great improvement over 1-11 & everyone should be proud of the hard work that went into that turn-around.


    13 minutes ago, GTWT said:

    It will also mean a great deal to some Mean Green seniors who have gone through some damned hard times.  Let's not belittle their final season.

    Belittle? For wanting more than a 5-7?

    That's like saying someone who been with a company for a long time does bare minimal just to collect a check.

    I don't think you get my point, my point is there are three games left and I see people on the forums already predicting a bowl game at 5-7. I mean who is our next win going to be and why..please explain?

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  6. 1 minute ago, forevereagle said:

    If we go this year, we will have won a bowl bid with the rules in place at the time and would therefore go to a bowl. If 5-7 is the threshold based on our circumstances, then it is the threshold. It would be silly to turn down a bowl because we don't feel right about it. The extra practice time and recruiting boost would be helpful in advancing towards a better season next year and would help us compete for a conference championship. The bar to get a bowl game is lower than it used to be, but we should still not hesitate to accept the advantages that it provides to us if it is available.

    You sound like a desperate Debbie

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  7. Just now, MeanGreenTexan said:

    With this same mindset, we can just forget watching recruiting sites and following any kind of recruiting until NSD.

    It's fun man.   Relax.  Everyone knows these are not ironclad and there is alot of room for change.   If UNT can win 1 more, we're at 5-7 and the APR score definitely comes into play.   If we can win even more than that, great!   If we can't win another game, crap!   There's only so much we can talk about during game week though.

    I am relax but don't be content with just 5-7. The coaching staff and player's work hard and they want more than just 5-7.

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  8. That's fine if you want to down vote. 

    Last time I checked we still had 3 games left on the schedule and we have people on here already talking about a damn bowl game. You say you're a fan but you already now have the team's record at 5-7? Go look up our standings and it will show that we are still 4-5 and not 5-7. Respect is earn and not given and when you say stuff like what I'm seeing on this thread, it makes us look soft and desperate.

    Get off the damn bowl projections websites because none of it's true until the regular season is over.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Tyler Maryak said:

    When I read the title, I knew what the record would be for before I even opened it. Sad day.

    Resilient SOB, though...


    But the problem in the past is that we kept hiring and firing coaches with different offensive philosophies. This really impacts recruiting as well having the current players on team having to learn a whole new system. 

    Dickey - Run

    Dodge - Spread - I mean we had to put Jamario Thomas in this offense which doesn't work with his style of play.

    Mac - Conservative Run offense

    Littrell - Air Raid Spread


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  10. 1 minute ago, Ben Gooding said:

    Everyone needs more touches. We need about 150 yards more worth of touches. Doesn't matter who gets them as long as we have more than 289 yards of offense. Seth needs to get longer tees. Right now I feel like he's trying to use a driver in the rough. 

    We got to do something because we are dead last in total offense in the conference.


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  11. 26 minutes ago, KingDL1 said:

    The weather is looking fine for Saturday, what is on the Menu folks? 

    We should have some very solid food options. I am planning on Beer soaked Brats, Sausage Stuffing Balls and Fresh Ground Burgers to start with. John has confirmed Cubans with his smoke roasted pork lion, yum, plus for the sweet tooth in you he is making Homemade Salted Caramel Snickerdoodles. Amanda, Victor and Lauren are planning Homemade Chili, to use with Grilled Hot Dogs and to also make Frito Pie. Plus their Famous Mean Green Jell-O Shots my favorite. Amanda has said there will be a little Sangria Wine.


    GO MEAN GREEN!!!!!

    You and your stuffed  balls 

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  12. 9 minutes ago, MeanGreenMailbox said:

    These are schools where people are not going to pay even $20 a seat, okay?  I'll never understand why the athletic departments can't accept that.  If they truly want people in the stadium cut the ticket prices way, way down to $5 a seat or less. 

    It's just marketing.  You don't have a great product.  You don't have a great venue.  You really don't have a draw.  So, price accordingly  Getting people to put their foot in the door might lead a more season ticket holder, or even regular attenders.

    The problem with Ball State is the problem most other mid-majors face when there are other, more popular sports entertainment options in the state.  Indiana has pro football, pro basketball, and Notre Dame.  The Northwest corner of the state also latches onto the Chicago sports scene.  Ball State falls way down the list of not only entertainment options, but Indiana/Chicago-area fandom as well.


    What mid-majors, including us really need for attendance is the thing we sneer at:  t-shirt fans.  Why?  Precisely, because they buy the t-shirts, show some loyalty, and go to the games.

    When you have a school whose alumni traditionally don't give a crap, you can (and do) spend much time and money begging them to be interested.  It's like someone pleading with their ex to get back together with them.  It ain't gonna happen.

    So, go out and seek new fans.  The Bible says, "Seek and ye shall find."  (Ye means you.)  


    If I have 30,000 seats with an average ticket price of $20, but only sell 5,600, I've got $112,000.  And, so, I've only got 5,600 patrons to buy t-shirts and nachos.

    If I have 30,000 seats with an average ticket price of $5, and sell it out, I've got $150,000.  Plus, I've got 24,400 more people at my venue to buy t-shirts and concessions...because they've probably brought kids along, and kids are needy little things.


    I'm going to tell you a secret that I learned from the ancient Egyptians:  When building a pyramid, you can't set the top, pointy part first; you have to start at the base and build up.  Capiche?


    Good point

  13. 26 minutes ago, Ben Gooding said:

    ...At least we're not Ball State. They hosted a Top 25 program last night in a televised game on ESPN2. They were also 4-4 going into the game last night. Not only were they 4-4 going into the game, but they have been competitive in every game they have been in this year. Before last night their largest margin of defeat was 10 points. I say all of this to tell you that they had an announced attendance of 5,614

    1. Tuesday night after Halloween

    2. World Series baseball game was on

    3. People have to work the next day

    I'm not a fan of the Tuesday or Wednesday night games just like I am about Thursday night NFL games.

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