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  1. 6 minutes ago, MeanGreenTexan said:

    This is the most important frame of reference here.

    These guys are transferring, because that is what the system is now encouraging them to do.

    It hurts us, as fans, to lose players we've come to enjoy watching suit up in Green.  But it's not fair for us to get mad at them when they have an opportunity to earn 6, or even 7 figures playing football for a couple of years.   There's not a single person here on this site who wouldn't make that trade.   Don't even lie @Andrew.

    Now, dudes who were stuck on the bench... they're simply transferring to have an opportunity to play.   We shouldn't be mad at them in the first place.

    I legit wouldn’t take a million dollars to transfer out of UNT. 

    One transfer that’s it and one redshirt year in any sport as long as they played 30% or less of the games. 

    NIL shouldn’t play as factor as it should be abolished and the only money to be made should be incentive based and given to the team equally. 

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  2. 37 minutes ago, L Ron Studdard said:

    Well, luckily for you, I don't think that's going to happen.

    That’s great! These kids may even have difficulty finding jobs because of all this. Our old neighbor worked in distribution for a company. Always said I have never turned down a guy who was an Eagle Scout or came in ready for his first job on a straight path. Always had to turn away the guy bouncing around jobs or were not stable going to various colleges or other fields of work first. It’s really not a great look for the future on all of these NCAA athletes doing this. 😕 

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  3. 4 hours ago, Tommy Gadberry said:

    Just wondered if once Rogers leaves if there any chance he might come back.  Not feeling good about him leaving us.

    After selfish choice like that…. Nope. He could come crawling back and offer us 100k just to play and I would hold the door open as he leaves…. Already shown his character and that’s problem. We in turn get the same as we get more and more transfers. Guys in battle who would turn their back an walk away while their friends and ally’s take the bullets and sacrifice it all. College sports are really becoming pathetic to watch play out. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, golfingomez said:

    Lol you are so out of touch you think people still blog nowadays... Much less in a few years...

    Maybe they'll write a strongly worded letter to the newspaper as well. Or call in to a radio show from their landline!

    Most adults still use most all of these things….. ya know the adults who buy season tickets and actually donate to the university…. But I guess one day all the money will dry up and we will just get stuck with a bunch people sitting around on TikTok or their phones or podcasts yapping about nothing… cool 

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  5. 29 minutes ago, MeanGreen22 said:

    There’s no way to say this nicely so I’ll just say it like this: Giving money to athletes that are not football or men’s basketball is bad resource management. 

    You’re right screw every hard working athlete. Let’s pander to and coddle just a select few babies…. College sports is a joke huh. 

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  6. 47 minutes ago, MeanGreenTexan said:

    Some folks around here did not grow up with any financial difficulties, and it shows.

    Count your blessings, and don't assume you know the decisions these guys are having to make.

    The poor decision that is the easy way out…. Yeah really raising these kids to be prepared for the future. 

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  7. 13 hours ago, DentonLurker said:

    Doing what they deem best for their own personal situation will make them miserable adults? Not to mention, some of the portal entries are encouraged by their current coaches.

    Yes because more often than not their decisions are all about me me me… granted they could just as easily be buried in the depth chart, but there must be balance. One and only one transfer and abolish the NIL! 

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  8. 5 hours ago, 2020 Sucks said:

    Havent had a basketball or football ticket checked since the plandemic in any sport.  The tickets are all electronic now for FB and BB.  The only physical "tickets" are the lanyards for club members and high rollers.

    Yes it has changed since then for basketball. They always check tickets at the top (twice ) for football and did check out tickets when we wanted to go down to see our old seats and be close once. We do have physical tickets for both football and basketball. Basketball isn’t any sort of fancy thing…. They will print you physical tickets if you ask…. 

  9. 4 minutes ago, GMG_Dallas said:

    I feel like I'm being "Punk'd."

    Idk…. We have used physical tickets for football and basketball all year. They have checked at the bottom and again off the elevator up top. Dow low prior we always had physical tickets. They were checked every game. Even if you had nachos and hands full of water bottles. As it should be. 

  10. 11 minutes ago, GMG_Dallas said:

    I'm also referring to football. Never had a ticket checked in 4 games this year. Sat either home side or 2nd row center of the endzone. And honestly, how do you check everybody coming up and down with electronic tickets? They're all on my phone. No way for my wife and kids to have access. I'd have to go everywhere with them or give them my phone every time they go get something or use the restroom. It's a silly expectation.

    They do physical tickets. We have them printed off for every football and basketball game. Who does electronic? If so that should probably change as that could be causing all these issues. 

  11. 34 minutes ago, GMG_Dallas said:

    I made it to 4 games this year, all home side and/or lower and never had a ticket checked.

    I’m referring to football. The people in the yellow jackets will. We had season tickets down there on the 50 before moving up top. They checked us every game. Even when we went back to look and wanted to walk down they checked us after last year and this year when we were leaving. 

  12. 1 hour ago, CMJ said:

    That's false.  My wife and I were in town for the eclipse game and we moved to a couple of different sections to talk to people.  We weren't checked any time we left or came back.

    They are always there. We sit at the top now but left early and went down to look at our old seats and were asked for tickets. This is only on the home side and the lower area though as nobody checks the top. 

  13. 1 hour ago, GMG_Dallas said:

    So if the students showed up in droves for a game but the rest of the crowd was as normal, would you rather them sit in the upper bowl and only in designated student seating or fill empty seats in the lower bowl to be closer to the action and be louder to the players on the court?

    Yes. That’s just what I believe. Everyone has their pet peeves…. I cannot stand people who cut in line or don’t follow simple rules like sitting in their assigned seat. There are rules for a reason. They had seat numbers etc… for a reason. It’s what I believe yes. 

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  14. 5 hours ago, ADLER said:

    What solutions are available that would please both the students and the season ticket holders? Catering to the needs of both groups is incredibly important. Does the student section need to be extended? We don't sell a huge quantity of season tickets. Could those be consolidated somewhat to provide an additional section or two to the students? The student section was small a couple decades ago because very few attended. Thankfully that has changed. Your concerns seem valid and maybe it's time that the AD should review the seating allocation. Please send Jared a note with your concerns and maybe potential solutions.

    I mean the students should sit in their section like they have for decades. It’s literally labeled…. Student Section and then they have the entire upper bowel. 

    I am in favor of extending it 123-103 wrapped around that goal and have the band be above the tunnel where they use to be (on the opposite end). This way the band is in the center of the student section and they go around and can cover the entire back half of that goal. 

    We have had season tickets for decades and decades and when I was a student of my seat was used by my grandpa I just went and sat with my friends in the student section. A lot of the time we had to sit in 204-205. There isn’t a bad seat in the PIT really. Couldn’t even walk down to family seats because they would stop you at the top of the stairs and check your ticket. They only stopped doing this around covid. 

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  15. 2 hours ago, GMG_Dallas said:

    It's not theft if the venue is ok with it, as most venues are,  but ok. Again, if this is your focus, I can't take you seriously about wanting attendence to grow. If you tell me you're a die hard fan who had season tickets but stopped going because a couple kids were in your seats I can't take you seriously. There were kids in my seats to start the UTSA football game. I asked them to move, they did, and that was the end of it. Not the end of the world and I still enjoyed the game which is what I went for.

    Attendance was fine for years when they had people checking tickets. Shoot students had to line the top of the stadium for the OSU game. 
    -they shouldn’t be there in football. The home/lower section which is season tickets is policed all game. Even in the 4th you can’t get down there. 

  16. Just now, CMJ said:

    Well, I don't know.  When I was a kid and a student I was able to sit basically wherever I wanted to in the Super Pit.

    Well I know since the mid 90s it pretty much hasn’t been allowed. They have had the staff in the yellow jackets (decades ago use to be light blue) who would check your ticket before you could go down to your seat. They would then walk up and down the stairs during the game still checking tickets. 

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  17. 2 hours ago, GMG_Dallas said:

    Ok so this goes back to the elitist attitude some UNT season ticket holders have. I used to go to many Mavs games before I had a family and this was standard, especially in the second half. Fans from the top sections would make their way down. Makes for a better game environment and the seat is vacant anyways so who cares who sits there? If you're upset that the person next to you paid less than your ticket than you're worried about the wrong things and I can't truly take you seriously about wanting attendance and the program to grow.

    Well I’m sorry but most people don’t respect petty theft…. Again. If all that’s left is some students who sit in seats once held by long time season ticket holders then good luck having donors or anyone there once the students leave….

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  18. 59 minutes ago, CMJ said:

    I've never been to a venue that religiously polices seating when it's not close to being full.  Even at pro stadiums they try initially, but soon give up unless we're talking the absolute best rows.  I've sat super close at Dodger games when I bought seats nowhere near the field.


    Hell concert venues are the same.  The Hollywood Bowl seats about 19K seats.  Most concerts don't sell out and I tend to move up a section or two.

    For decades they did in the PIT. We had season tickets and I would sit in the student section and go visit my dad and could not get down because I didn’t have a ticket…. They did it all the way up to covid. 

    I mean they even monitored legs in isles and purses in isles (which was a tad annoying) but would be happily welcomed back to keep students in their section and others in seats they purchased.

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  19. 7 minutes ago, GMG_Dallas said:

    Dude, the Texas a&m fan appreciation game has nothing to do with season ticket holders. They get their seats guaranteed for the game. Every seat is free to everybody, including season ticket holders but season ticket holders get their seat for the game. Can you read?

    Yes but I am referring to seating in general at the super pit. Do a free game sure but make it upper bowl or student section. And make sure students sit in their section. That’s the biggest issue that should be addressed. I just want to make sure no matter what UNT does they police the searing and tickets like they use too. It drives fans away. 

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  20. 2 hours ago, GMG_Dallas said:

    This has nothing to do with what texas a&m does with their fan appreciation game but I'll play along. Is it really that big of a deal that for one game against a small school that people get free tickets for seats that aren't even paid for? This mentality is why North Texas athletics will never grow. A ranked SEC program can do it and their season ticket holders are ok with it by UNT season ticket holders are apparently too mighty. You'd rather keep the club small than watch it grow for a game every year.

    Yes it is. People have stopped getting season tickets and going to games because they aren’t policing the seats. Students and others who don’t own season tickets always sit in sections like 105,106,107,108 etc….

    Im unsure how losing season ticket holders and people who have given to athletics for decades to be replaced by students who refuse to sit in the designated student section is a win or good for the program but ok….

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  21. 32 minutes ago, GMG_Dallas said:

    Where did I say people can sit in the seats of season ticket holders?

    Edit to add I specifically wrote "except for season ticket holders" regarding the first come, first serve tickets.

    Here's what their site says for their fan appreciation game:


    Texas A&M Athletics and the 12th Man Foundation would like to welcome all Aggies free of charge to support Texas A&M Basketball!

    Season ticket holders will receive complimentary tickets to utilize their seats for the game, fans without season tickets are invited to sit in the remaining seats on a first come basis.

    2BA2B12E-5D53-4DB6-B5E0-8A94B4CEA494.jpeg.357435851ec055f7f5b5fb2091bab3be.jpegFor. Reference all that red is meant for season ticket holders unless they purchase outside of it (which some do). 

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  22. 28 minutes ago, GMG_Dallas said:

    Where did I say people can sit in the seats of season ticket holders?

    Edit to add I specifically wrote "except for season ticket holders" regarding the first come, first serve tickets.

    Here's what their site says for their fan appreciation game:


    Texas A&M Athletics and the 12th Man Foundation would like to welcome all Aggies free of charge to support Texas A&M Basketball!

    Season ticket holders will receive complimentary tickets to utilize their seats for the game, fans without season tickets are invited to sit in the remaining seats on a first come basis.

    The middle 3-4 sections on each side are designated for season ticket holders. For years and years they policed it. Around covid they stopped. They still check tickets at football games before allowing you to walk down to your seat, yet at basketball they stopped. Lost many a fan due to this. I can’t tell you the amount of people who sit in the lower middle area who aren’t season ticket holders! It’s ridiculous. It used to be policed and now it’s not. If it was you would have had more fans showing up. 

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