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  1. 16 minutes ago, UNTFan23 said:

    The only way the Big 12 conference adds a Texas school to its ranks is if a Texas school leaves the Big 12. Right now I bet the Big 12 is more interested in adding new markets to its portfolio.  Bringing in a new Texas team like Houston won't accomplish that.

    Maybe. Probably. But adding Houston takes a direct shot at A&M.

    I think Houston makes a lot of sense for the ACC. Their academics are on par or better than many of their current members and provides a Texas foothold for a conference without one.  

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  2. Not exactly. Baseball only offers a handful of scholarships. Most baseball transfers play immediately. If he is on scholarship for football, he would not be for baseball and could play right away.

    I'm only telling you what I actually read from several different news sources related to this specific situation. 

  3. Can he play baseball right away for 3-4 years and then still have his year or two left of football after sitting out of football for 2 years?

    He would have to sit out for both football and baseball.

    Which is why he may not end up transferring at all. And if he does, he may go play baseball at a Juco or NAIA and enter the baseball draft in 2017.

  4. If I were him, I'd go to Rice. He isn't going to pro in football. Their baseball program speaks for itself. And he'd light up C-USA as a QB in that system. There's also a good chance it's not going to be on the list of restricted destinations (you can bet the entire SEC West will be.)

    Granted, I am fully aware it's difficult to go from playing in front of 100,000+ fans to playing in front of 203. 

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  5. Yeah, but that's a benefit to the MWC, not to Rice. If Rice were to go to the MWC with UTEP, they lose DFW/OKC and San Antonio, cheap regional travel, and a far better and closer baseball conference. The one sport they're actually good at. So what's the incentive for them to move other than forum posters who perceive the MWC as better?

    I would guess their admin is basing it on more than the whims of a bunch of message board posters, but hey, who knows. It's reasonable to assume hanging out with UNC Charlotte and Old Dominion and the F_U's in Florida isn't ideal an ideal scenario for Rice brass. Same for the handful of directional regional U's that have been added along the way. 

  6. Very true.   Although, I don't know how much of the DFW market Rice had.   UTEP bringing a buddy over to the MWC would be good for them.  UTEP bringing 2 buddies over would be even better.   It would really just be up to the MWC.I'm sure every school in the MWC would die to get the Texas schools on their schedules as AWAY games so they can recruit here... especially in the DFW/Houston areas.

    I'd love to head west with UTEP and Rice. I think we'd be an easier sell if basketball hadn't gone to hell.

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  7. That's some weird logic. You didn't watch any MWC games, and the only CUSA games you watched were UNT. That would lead me to believe that if UNT was in the MWC, you'd still only watch UNT games. No one in DFW or Houston talks about MWC, but they would occasionally if one of the schools were in it. How does that make the MWC better perceived locally?

    I didn't say it would be more interesting locally. I said the conference overall is perceived to be a stronger conference. And I believe that to be the case in both football and basketball. Two separate thoughts on the same subject. 

    So yeah, all other things equal, I'd go with the one that has the better national profile. 

    But I'm sure everyone on this board has a better hold on things than the administrators at RICE... 

    I think the more likely scenario is Rice is willing to do a little more traveling to not be in a conference with schools like Old Dominion and the Sun Belt expats. 

  8. How many Mountain West games did you watch this year?  How much coverage to you see of the MWC on any of the sports shows?  A western based non-P5 conference is only cared about by the people in that region.

    Exactly the same as the number of C-USA gamesI watched that didn't feature UNT: ZERO. Let's not kid ourselves into believing sports shows in Dallas would talk about C-USA if UNT weren't in the conference. Same for Rice in Houston. 

    MWC is perceived to be a better conference than C-USA. That is why it makes sense for Rice.

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  9. I believe there is a very good chance that the SMU game will be a sell out.  First game of year for both teams, so there is no P5 whipping to start the year for either team.  A lot of enthusiasm for Littrell at NT and even SMU should bring a couple of thousand versus the couple of hundred last time.  Not anywhere close to the number NT had at Ford, but not the embarrassing number they brought to Apogee before. 

    It damn well should be. What more does one need? We're invested in the program in a way we've never been before. With some 250k+ people with NT ties in the DFW area alone, It's time for us as a fan base to put up or shut up, hit that 30k mark in the new stadium. 

  10. Don't hang your hat on that. Here's a pic from the AAC championship game. I do like how everybody is in a hurry for Herman to leave UH. It feels good being back on top.

    I was at the game, buddy. I know what it looked like. It was in fact the third game we've been to this season. We have season tickets. So no, I'm not in a hurry for him to leave.

    But the reality is, you can't do anything about UT or A&M (or another major P5 program) offering him $5M per. And if he keeps winning, that's exactly what's going to happen. 

    Great pic. I have one too. Doesn't change the fact that the stadium was not in fact full and ticket sales were incredibly slow for the first-ever the AAC. You can read it in the local alt news paper:

    As of Thursday afternoon, 10,000 tickets remained for the first ever AAC conference title game, which is kind of embarrassing, especially for a school whose vocal minority shouts from the rooftop that they need more coverage (when they've been the most covered Texas college team in town this season).

     Let's also not act as if Herman didn't take the fan base to task earlier this season. 

    “To me,” he said, "we’re not selling out every home game. I would ask why? What more do you need to see? You need a better product on field or more exciting game? I’m confused when I ask Cougar Nation why are you not at every home game? I get some blank stares sometimes because the answer is ‘Coach, I don’t have a reason.’ There isn’t a good reason.”

    So just sit back, STFU and enjoy the ride for as long as it may last and hope it leaves the program in a better place one he's gone. 

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  11. I agree with that assessment, but it's really hard for me to disagree with that line of questioning sometimes.  Have you seen the state of our athletics?  We really, really need someone here who can see past that and be able to build from the ashes.  

    In my former life in sales, that was one of my specialties -- going into distressed, forsaken, nearly abandoned territories, and building them up again.  People would ask me the same thing "Why would you go there?"  My answer was the upside potential, which when realized, yielded mighty rewards indeed.

    I hope that Littrell is of this mindset and is already working on realizing that upside potential that we know is there but has been lying dormant for forty years.

    Good way to look at it. 

    Like I said, I've been away from DFW media for a while. Houston media tends to be champions for the local college programs -- which may or may not be "professional," but I personally enjoy it more than cynicism. Most people who went to UH or UNT have cynicism aplenty, with respects to athletics -- they don't need any help with the self-deprecation.  

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  12. I really enjoyed his responses to the interview, but to me, the entire interview was basically "why would you take this job." Granted, t's been a while since I've listened to the Ticket, so maybe that's just par for the course. But man, it's a local squad and if I'm not mistaken, several people on their staff do in fact have degrees from NT.

    It's just a different feeling when local media speaks with Herman at UH here in Houston.

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  13. Most of these comments are a tad over the top. He screwed up and he probably cost his team the game in doing so. That he seemed to be proud of it was disappointing. 

    The good news is, this nightmare of a season is over. And we can look forward with optimism to a clean slate with a new coach, new energy, and new story at UNT. 

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