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  1. UNTexas's post in Congrats to this Team and Staff was marked as the answer   
    Good post but the fan turnout isn't something to apologize for. They showed up for the first game and were let down with a loss. It wasn't a big shock but a let down. No biggy but we all knew in advance Bethune-Cookman wasn't going to pack the stadium. That's one of the reasons why we were all annoyed by RV's scheduling.
  2. UNTexas's post in What was your major at UNT? When did you graduate? was marked as the answer   
    1999 - Communications and drank beer almost everyday from 94 to 99.
  3. UNTexas's post in When will Mac grow a spine? was marked as the answer   
    Easiest way to view this defeat is we lost the initiative. The game was over when they demoralized the team with the onside kick. Indiana went straight for our teams throat early. They were aggressive while taking calculated risks on 4th downs or onside kicks and it paid off. They had a very good game plan and were better prepared. Hats off to them. We don't have a bad team, we just got out played in every aspect of the game today. Some days you get the bear and some days the bear gets you. We can still hit six and make a run at the conference.
  4. UNTexas's post in City bigwigs should push UTEP into Mountain West was marked as the answer   
    If you want to pick out an arbitrary number like 2005 and spin it, then you might be correct with this limited snapshot. However, the totality of facts are different. Juxtapose the two programs.

    -UNT has a .505 all time record with 25 conference championships.

    -UTEP has a .389 all time record with 2 conference championships.

    Yes, they are worse off than us and not just in the past. Colleges such as Texas State or UTSA going D1 are located in far more desirable locals than EP will hurt their recruitment. If a kid could go to San Antonio, DFW, Houston, San Marcos, or El Paso, is he or his parents going to choose EP? EP is a really tough sell and it will be harder very soon. I am from EP and know what people think of it inside and out.

    Yes, there could be historical discrepancies such as we have played since 1913 and they have only played since 1914. Or, does history even matter? However, UNT's record versus UTEP is 13-5-2. They do have 4 more bowl wins then UNT.

    Either way I respectively must disagree with your assessment.
  5. UNTexas's post in C-USA could add Army was marked as the answer   
    Ironically, Cougar King is still here. Mom, meatloaf...
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