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  1. 1 hour ago, emmitt01 said:

    Not diminishing what Tylor did, but here’s a thought,  


    Perhaps we are playing a higher level of competition that exposes some of the weaknesses we had last season, and if we did some of those little things (finish around the bucket, hit our free throws, shoot a CONSISTENT percentage from the floor) we wouldn’t need last second heroics.  

    Keep in mind, we have lost 6 of the last 8 by a combined 25 points (that’s just over 4 a game).   I am pretty certain a healthy current roster playing in rhythm overcomes that deficit more times than not.  

    Makes Sense GIF by Paramount Network

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  2. emmitto1, you went to a lot of work there.  Dodge's record was pretty pathetic.  Sad that we've had one coach out of nine that hit the .5oo mark.  As an x's and o's guy, Dodge was OK I guess.  His downfall, including himself, was the assistants he brought in.  By hey, he introduced us to some pretty cool uniforms.  And who could forget the final Spring practice his first year?  Exciting to have the home side almost filled for a scrimmage.

    Not going to sugarcoat it.  He sucked as UNT's football coach.

  3. 6 hours ago, HoosMeanGreen said:

    I would think a loyal, and in person supporter would make me more important than a keyboard only “supporter”. CRH said as much! And since you did not provide any “receipts”, that you attend events, that also makes me more right. I knew your support was limited to your WiFi range. Thank you for playing along. 

    Hey, big shot, big mouth fan, is your name on the donor will?  Great that you attend NT sporting events.  Many on this board would like to attend games but simply cannot.  Age, distance from Denton.   So my support is through WIFI and the U.S. Mail.

    So STFU and have some respect.

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  4. 1 hour ago, HoosMeanGreen said:

    Let me help you out Grandpa, I attend UNT today, not yesteryear! I know and you assume. 75% of your assumptions are 100% wrong. Stop having the need to be right and you could learn something. 

    Your reply was that of a fool and it will be proven sooner than you know.

    Hey, that’s a pretty damn rude post.😒

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  5. I don't think DACU Stadium was around in the Dodge days.  I have no hard feelings towards Todd Dodge.  Sad that he brought in some High School coaches as his assistants.  Besides, he's from my hometown and was a great football player back in the day.  Todd didn't work out at UNT, any more than several other mistakes we brought to Denton.

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