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  1. I'll tell you what I wouldn't mind seeing.....

    Aune and Bean.

    I'm not talking about dual QBs, swapping series...I don't like that and it rarely works.

    But I wouldn't mine seeing Bean in short yardage situations. We could be tough to get off the field on 3rd and 2...

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  2. Just now, BillySee58 said:

    But in reality these measures may be the reason we can prevent it from getting to the point it is in over in Italy.

    how dangerous or not dangerous it is aside....the rapid spreading is causing the issues, fear, economic reaction, etc (again, we can argue if "what" is spreading is dangerous to the majority of people) but this really is the only way to slow/stop it....


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  3. 2 minutes ago, BigWillie said:

    Oh thank you! Some gleam of hope. Do we really think http://conferenceusa.com/staff.aspx?staff=2 will continue? She is not a great commissioner.

    I'm no fan of hers....but if the governing body makes a recommendation I'm not sure I would go against it. Not in the public scrutiny age we live in today. All executives cover their butts first. Regardless of the danger or non danger, I don't think she would put herself out on a limb like that.

    But who knows.....

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  4. https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/three-confirmed-cases-of-covid-19-in-collin-county-health-officials-say/287-7cc0418e-0102-4fde-a0ec-22c789e235d6


    This sucks.....

    It's not a problem for most people (I surely don't want elderly folks or those with underlying issues to get it) but as a parent to elementary aged kids, the biggest threat to getting it is not the illness itself (everything I've read says that this virus is actually not as threatening to kids as the flu) but it's if/when you get it...having to stay home for weeks due to the hysteria about it.

    This guy in Frisco has been home for a week....did he go to the grocery store? Church? kid's ball game? The kids went to school? (edit: evidently they didn't according to that interview)  Etc. Etc.

    With it confirmed in Frisco (and that's just confirmed, I'm sure it's all over by now) the Conference has a decision to make and they better make it fast....

    Tough deal

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  5. 6 minutes ago, bstnsportsfan3 said:

    I bought mine directly off of seat geek like I did last year, so I can choose specific sessions. I guess I’m not doing the right thing in support of the university but they haven’t offered any single session tickets, only all tournament passes and I can’t make it Friday so it does me no good. 

    Difficult to help the university if they don’t Help themselves. 

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  6. Was curious how the regular season champ fared the past few years:


    2014: #1 Seed La Tech   ---  Lost in Finals to #2 Tulsa -- Champ #2 Tulsa

    2015: #1 Seed La Tech   ---  Lost in semis to #4 UAB --- Champ was #4 UAB

    2016: #1 Seed UAB         ---  Lost in qtrs to #8 WKU  --  Champ was #2 MTSU

    2017: #1 Seed MTSU      --- Won it all

    2018: #1 Seed MTSU      ---  Lost in qtrs to #9 USM  --  Champ was #4 Marshall

    2019: #1 Seed ODU         --- Won it all

    2020: #1 Seed UNT         ---  ???????


    Past 6 years, #1 seed has won it all twice, lost their first game twice lost in the finals once and lost in the semis once. The past 4 years the #1 seed has either won it all or got bounced in their first game.....

    This year's tourney really is anyone's to win.

    I hope the Mean Green are locked in...if they're hitting 3's they'll win the tourney. If not....


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