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  1. You can't tell me that there weren't 10 more qualified coaches out there than Passwaters....his only qualification is who he's marrying. I get that coaching hires are made through relationships....but this is ridiculous. Ask yourself this: Would any program in the nation hire this guy as their DL coach? Only one.

    As for making the same money as Cobbs....that's a travesty. All PC has done is coached one of THE highlights of our team. The running back position has overcome all the excuses Littrell gets: injuries, COVID, schedule, etc. And there's Patrick Cobbs keeping his position group together and continuously producing. One goes down, next man up. It's without a doubt the best position group on this team.

    Patrick Cobbs needs a raise. 

    This coaching hire REEKS and Patrick Cobbs deserves better.


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  2. On 2/7/2021 at 5:36 PM, El Paso Eagle said:

    Didn't Houston do the same a few years back? 

    The difference is they loaded up on good prospects that ended up being the anchor for their recent success....not sure what the Rangers are doing here. We traded a bad contract for another bad contract. Maybe the prospects we got will pan out. Who knows. And not only is Elvis the last player from our WS run....he's the last from the trade that made John Daniels the supposed "brilliant" GM. He never was able to recreate that Texeira trade....


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  3. 6 minutes ago, bstnsportsfan3 said:

    If he goes 5-7 this coming season i dont think he is back for 2022 so its a moot point. 


    I think it will take a MIRACLE to have a winning record this upcoming season with that schedule.

    This new QB better be Mason Fine + and Phil Bennett better be a miracle worker....

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  4. Littrell's contract runs through 2023. (I think that's the 2023 season so he has 3 more seasons under his current deal)

    What do you do if Littrell goes: 5-7 in 2021 (judging by the schedule, that will be tough) and then he maybe goes 8-4 in 2022? That could happen. Then he has one more year...

    What do you do with Littrell’s contract?

    That’s a career defining decision for the AD  

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  5. 14 hours ago, TheColonyEagle said:

    Shoot Me GIF by memecandy

    I wasn't picking on you @Wag Tag I actually think you may be right. But man.....2 more years of rebuilding? He's been here 5? Other programs with less figure it out quicker. We don't.

    In my mind he has 2 more years because that's what he has on his contract. (I think) **edit** I believe he actually has 3 more seasons

    If he wants to finish out his contract here then he needs to go.....18-6 the next 2 years, win a bowl and play in the conf championship. If he wants an extension that's a minimum. If he goes 8-4 this year and wants an extension? Sure....3 years at $750K per, take it or leave it. If it's not good enough, then good luck at your next stop, we'll hire someone else. If he wants more....then in 2022 get us ranked. That's the bar for another big extension. No more being worried about "if we wait the price will go up." Wren should have a number in mind. Even if Littrell does get us ranked and we get all worried we're going to lose him....put the number out to him and say this is it. If that's not good enough, thanks Seth, good luck at your next stop....we will pay more for a HC we just won't pay more for you again. I hope we've learned our lesson. Think about what a good HC would be walking into here.

    Last years team, in his 5th year, was one of the worst I've ever seen here. Definitely on the Defensive side. 43 points a game! I've been here since 1997 and I've seen some bad football. Our defense in Littrell's 5th year was Dodge era bad. The offense wasn't all that great either. You can scoff at that all you want but it was that bad last year. And the infrastructure and money that is here now is waaaay better than what we had back then. (don't read this as I'm defending Todd Dodge...I'm definitely not)

    Littrell doesn't deserve 2 more years of rebuilding. You don't get paid to rebuild after 5 years. You get paid to win championships. NO EXCUSES. Put up or shut up. 


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  6. image.png.71fcf63cb2c69d6a7a3440ee8514add2.png


    UTSA did ok with their D last year vs Littrell's top 10 yardage offense or whatever it is...

    And now UTSA is going even harder.

    UTSA's first year HC heading into his second year is now killing Littrell off the field too. Littrell has the #2 class! That would be great if UTSA didn't have the #1 class. I guess we'll see what it looks like after everything is done but Littrell has had a several year head start with all these "top recruiting classes" with no translation to the W/L column.

    This is gonna be a long season...if our talent is as good as it supposedly is, I can't wait to get a coach in here to coach them up.

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  7. 2 hours ago, greenminer said:

    Offense was 21st in 3rd down conversions.  30th in 10+ yards from scrimmage.  12th in 20+ yards from scrimmage.  6th in 30+ yard plays from scrimmage...etc.

    ...do I understand that our stats are inflated to some extent because of garbage time production? Yes. but...

    Defense was 123rd in the country in allowed yards per play.  111th in defending 3rd down conversions.  115th in allowing 10+ yards from scrimmage.  116th in 20+ yards from scrimmage.  119th in 30+ yards from scrimmage.  125th in 40+ yards from scrimmage....y'all ge the point.

    My position is this: If we get a QB, it won't matter if we don't address our defense. If we get a defense, a middle of the road QB will be good enough to compete for CUSA.  If we upgrade both, 2021 could be special.

    I have completely baseless optimism a hunch that Aune will be better by default next year, because Bean won't be in his shadow.  If he's not, we have some new options coming in 2021 that appear to be be better than anything we put out in 2020 anyways.

    I hope you're right....

    I'm not sure what the greatest one season turnaround is for a defense but for our defense to be good enough to win with a middle of the road QB....our 2021 turnaround will have to be one of the greatest in football history.

    Maybe we'll see history in Denton this year...

  8. On 1/29/2021 at 9:12 PM, greenminer said:

    I agree.  How in the world are we gonna figure out our defense when we don't have a QB to lean on?

    Of course Defense is our biggest issue....but our offense is WAAAY overrated. We rack up yards after the game is out of hand....

    Our QB situation is NOT good. We couldn't decide between two middle of the road QBs last season....just because one left and now we have a starter by default doesn't mean the QB situation is fixed.


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