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  1. On 1/30/2018 at 12:39 PM, Cerebus said:

    Forcing other people to pay for the things you want = OK.

    Asking you to help pay for the things you want = Not OK.


    There is no confusion about the point you are trying to make, it's just (IMHO) an indefensible position.  

    He ignores you once, so you go back for a second bite?

    Guess what. It’s all a money grab. That’s what college athletics is at the G5 level. Pretty clear that was his point.

    But you want to join in the pigeonholing crowd, which a mod should NEVER do.

    But there are zero consequences for  ax moderator behavior on here, so...

    Oh, and I’ll see y’all later, as the ban will be lowered for questioning the great, bullying Cerebus.

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  2. 12 minutes ago, SlimSlamSlum said:

    Last year 247 had us 11th in C-USA and Rivals had us 95th in the country, four spots ahead of dead last Troy.

    Also, Hillary was a shoe in for the presidency and Philly had no chance at the Super bowl after Wentz went down.

    And then there is this from the Boston Globe...

    Image result for boston globe on belichick hiring

    Ya, because UNT has a really long history of being the exception to college football rules, right? 

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  3. 2 hours ago, BTG_Fan1 said:

    Like Ben said.. Yes...

    They can tell kids about all all the things they want to do and say well UNT can’t get all this done because they don’t have the budget

    And they say “even the students don’t like athletics there.”

    Only at UNT are the students allowed to vote on this. It’s maddening, and shows that athletics is still nothing really more than something to give lip service to in the real thoughts of the UNT BOR.

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  4. 14 hours ago, UNTLifer said:

    As I and many others do as well.  

    You support a family scholarship fund, not UNT athletics. By your own report. So I’ll say what I want because I actually have money committed to this program right now. You do not. Which would be fine except for your campaign to silence people who don’t agree with your low standards for UNT.

    No money commitment and low standards? Maybe those things aren’t mutually exclusive, eh?

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  5. On 1/26/2018 at 7:09 AM, MeanGreen_MBA said:

    too bad, it was a great game.  If you have lost interest in football, no big deal.  But don't let what may happen someday down the road effect your passion for the team you really want to support.  We need you

    Lol!!! It was the very next post that wasn’t Mike Jackson. And from a “reliable” source. 

    So so so UNT.

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  6. On 1/26/2018 at 7:01 AM, Mike Jackson said:

    This scares the hell out of me.  Because my experience with season tickets did not go well.  I couldn’t give my extra season ticket away for most home games.  Even though I attend every home game and our games on the road at SMU I just can’t justify buying a seat no one beyond the MGC, GMG, or Alumni Association would want.  I am very worried about the long term viability of our FBS level program if we aren’t in a P5 conference or regularly getting Texas region P5 teams into Apogee.  The greed in NCAA is pushing the envelope toward cannibalization. If you cutting off masses of potential fans who are future alumni of G5 schools with your competition rules it will destroy long term health of the game.  The NFL is the league for casual fans.  That is a league of 32 teams on equal footing.  The NFL figured out that competition was good for the league as a whole and the more valuable franchise benifit from the parity as well over the long term.  As these conferences have cannibalized each other and made it more difficult G5 teams to get P5 teams in their stadiums I have grown less interested in the game as a whole.  The all SEC final was great for fans from the Deep South but 3/4 of the country don’t have a reason to care.  And I a rabid College Football fan didn’t watch.  And I bet I wasn’t alone.

    Damn good post. But expect to be told that the status quo is just fine inside of 5 posts.

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  7. On 1/17/2018 at 2:06 PM, Aldo said:

    Ok let's review.

    RV schedule = bad. We have somewhere to start. Yes he scheduled out till my 40s, giving little wiggle room in *any* scheduling whatsoever.

    Baker shows up, unschedules things here and there to get Houston, Tech, and Cal at home.

    In one year Baker has rescheduled better than what RV handled at Apogee (2011 Indiana and Houston were scheduled before Apogee).

    So you blow off Houston (it's a good mid-major, and a better football program than many, so stop it), Tech (you'll be on medicaid by then), and Cal (it's unusual so it doesn't count?).

    Considering we were pretty much scheduled until the apocalypse, Baker's done fine rescheduling and shuffling things about. Could we get more higher tier programs at Apogee? Probably. Will we? We'll see, but obviously let's not wait long.

    Not showing evidence of being a scheduling genius doesn't make you a bad scheduler either, which is I guess the approach you're taking.

    I ask you this: Are these 2017 scheduling moves better than scheduling moves the 5 years before Baker?

    They are roughly equal. RV brought in K St in 2010. To a crap stadium. That’s a much better get than anything Baker has done thus far. 

    Houston is a G5. Just stop. RV scheduling SMU was an equivalent get. G5’s are our peers. When will you low standard setters get this. This is something that should be expected, not applauded. God lord.

    I actually gave Baker credit for getting Cal. I consider that a slightly better get than Indiana. Not earth shattering, but something that deserves a pat on the back.

    Right now, Baker is proving to be no better at scheduling football games than RV. 

    And that is disappointing.

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  8. 2 hours ago, flyonthewall said:

    none that the athletic department ever paid for.  Its called an "in kind" donation.  And I meant nothing malicious about the crime in Tarrant County thing.  I will admit I was out of line a few years ago, but so were you. 

    I'll shout it from the mountain top.  "I sell flooring!!!!!"

    Rah rah rah, sis boom bah.....  SINGING GLORY TO THE GREEN, SINGING GLORY TO THE WHITE.....


    btw....the basketball coach is pretty damn good, and quite entertaining to watch.  You should sneak up and give it a chance.

    Weird to have a coach for a program that doesn’t exist.

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  9. 35 minutes ago, flyonthewall said:

    the positive of all this posting that your doing is that crime must be very slow over there in Tarrant County, and you have nothing else to do.  I have to admit, I have missed you.  With all the drinking R.V. and I are doing these days, when you combine that with your post, I can't keep myself posted up on the bar stool from laughing so hard.  These clowns haven't figured out that your 85% stich with a big heart.  time for a reprise.....




    Ah, the old post personal info angle. Public shaming the UNT way.

    i expect better from you. Don’t think I’ve ever commented on what flooring you may or may not have provided to the AD... until now... 

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  10. 22 hours ago, meangreanmick said:

    Marquee is your word, not mine, but then you like to adjust the truth to fit you warped view (we aren't fully scheduled thru 2026 as you say since in 2026 we have only 1 OOC scheduled).  I do view it as an improvement.  Unlike yourself apparently, I view improvements as a good thing and a step in the right direction. Houston & Memphis are schools people have heard of from a football perspective and who have had success and we should expect good home crowds for those games at home. I like where were our AD is headed with scheduling, considering especially what he was handed to deal with when he walked in several years ago.  

    If our OOC was one shitbird, an attractive couple of non P5 teams, and one P5 team, getting home and home with those each year then I would consider that a good OOC schedule for us.  Alabama has Louisville, Ark State, ULL and Citadel next year  - and that is not an unusual year of OOC for them.   Your beloved TCU has Southern, SMU and Ohio State.

    Apparently you haven’t heard that TCU joined the Big 12. A little behind your college football studies? That means home games every other year with Texas, Oklahoma, Tech, Ok St, etc... 

    Get it? 

    When you use a P5’s home schedule to justify UNT’s home schedule, you should realize you are on the losing end of the argument.

    But, by all means, rah rah rah, sis boom bah.


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  11. 10 hours ago, UNTLifer said:

    Guess you have trouble reading.  I have contributed to UNT athletics. 

    Who cares what you DID. What are you DOING! And why are you questioning those who are doing way more than YOU. Right now. Today!

    How about you start supporting UNT athletics with your pocket book before criticizing and trying to drive away those who do because they disagree with you. 

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  12. 43 minutes ago, Harry said:

    The defense is most certainly the issue next year.  You gotta have faith that they understand this and are addressing it accordingly. 

    Why do we “gotta” have faith when “they” have done nothing to indicate this problem will or even can be addressed?

    You better find two reliable OTs or Fine may not make it out of the OOC schedule.

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  13. 5 hours ago, DeepGreen said:

    This is how I feel.  Except for a few bowl appearances, the 15 years under RV were a disaster.  No disputing that fact.  Culminated by the terrible hires in Men and Women's basketball, softball, etc. Bedford and the guy that coached the women.  Terrible hires for which RV should have been fired long ago.  That fact is on the hands of the prior administration.

    I think the changes that have been made over the past 2-3 years were definitely necessary.  Probably should have been made 10 years ago.  I think Smatresk gets it.  The Wren "appears" to be a good hire, as have the hires that he has made.  McCasland, so far, seems decent.  I want to see his recruiting the next two years.

    My concern in football is recruiting.  I'm not sure how well we have done under Littrell and staff.  After the beatings we took at the hands of FAU(twice), and Troy, we better bring in some solid talent.

    To UNT90.  Over the past 15 years, a lot of damage has been done to UNT's athletic image.  Bad hires, bad records, bad results.  I'm not trying to "convert" you over to following UNT again, I just hope, considering all the changes UNT has made, you will give it somewhat of a chance.  And not criticize those that continue follow UNT sports.  Yes, if RV was still here, Benford, and all the crappy results that have or would follow if not changes were made, then I would be in line with you.

    If you notice, I’ve never criticized you once, Deep. We may disagree, but you don’t want me to leave UNT athletics because we think differently or I question everything because others question literally nothing, ever. That’s how RV rode the gravy train for 15 damn years.

    i haven’t quit NT athletics yet, just basketball, but I understand why many a fan has walked away. And they will never get me back for basketball. Don’t even know the record this year and don’t care. Still a Mean Green Club member and football season ticket holder. 

    Recruiting looks like 2013, actually worse. That scares the hell out of me. As long as Fine stays healthy, this team will be competitive. That’s a big if for an undersized QB behind an awful offensive line.

    Jury is still waaaay out on Baker. He refused to make wholesale changes and left people in place with an agenda to see him fail. Worse, a lack of wholesale changes means the awful culture that was here under RV remains. He has also proven to be almost as weak as RV in scheduling football games. 

    Anyway, it’s good to have an exchange of ideas with someone who doesn’t want to exile me from fandom because of my opinions.

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  14. 39 minutes ago, El Paso Eagle said:

    You actually think one thing you have done makes a difference. I always thought you liked to post to make yourself seem relevant, and this proves it. Please go away again (for the twentieth time) and hopefully stay away.

    Funny that I never bring it up and only respond when others (who did nothing to effect anything when RV was here) do.

    I guess you missed that, eh?

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  15. 38 minutes ago, MeanGreenTexan said:

    I guess the pudding is cooling in the fridge regarding next year in football.   Nothing you or I can say about 2018's results right now.
    However, to get this straight, you're predicting we fall off to a 4-8 season in 2018, correct?  ...because that's what happened after the 2013 season.

    And to throw blanket statements over the Athletic Department and supporters, then pick-and-choose which sports are relevant, saying basketball 'doesn't figure in' only after they've demonstrated a turnaround, (because it was certainly relevant to just about all of your previous complaints over the past few years) is just beyond asinine.

    Look for more success in 2018 (spring & fall)!
    ... and we here at gmg.com will continue watching you come out from the rock you were forced under every once in a while to complain about non-issues, like the 'retirement' of a dude that needed to go.   Was it in the timeline you or I wanted?  No, but the change was made.   

    If you haven’t been paying attention, UNT basketball walked away from me a long time ago. Like February or March of 2017. Pretty well documented. 

    Keep on rah rahing it up and ignoring the problems. It’s worked out so well for UNT in the past...

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  16. 1 minute ago, MeanGreenTexan said:

    Not to just shut down @UNT90's argument 100% or anything...  but:

    NT just came off of the greatest semester of Athletic achievements ever.

    We've just sent the 3 fall-semester teams to the postseason: 1 regular-season conference champ (volleyball), 1 conference division winner (football), and 1 conference champion (Soccer ladies... again).   The success of the teams completely invalidates any argument that whatever the Athletic Department is doing is entirely wrong.

    Moving into the Spring-semester teams... The men's b-ball team has already won more games than the entirety of last season under a first-year coach, and the women's team is winning games despite being SEVERELY hamstrung by injuries.

    You can keep harping about "good-ole boy" culture and whatnot, but the previous regime would not have experienced this same success.    PERIOD.    That "good-ole boy" culture is gone.

    Face it dude, you're very very wrong, and the axe you're grinding has been grinded down to the stock.  There's nothing left, and you're simply a punchline around here.

    Right, because you will settle for one year of success without looking long term.

    I don’t care about basketball anymore. That’s pretty well documented, so that program doesn’t figure into any of my comments.

    You wanna pretend this looks nothing like 2013, go ahead. I won’t. Because it does. A lot. 

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