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Found 7 results

  1. read more: https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/for-kansas-football-to-succeed-its-next-coach-must-be-able-to-afford-to-fail/
  2. When I read this article it is very discouraging and leads me to believe there is likely rampant cheating going on right now. North Carolina, Miami, Penn State -- to me there is still less risk in cheating and until they fix this with some steep penalties it will continue... read more: http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/writer/jon-solomon/24560341/all-quiet-on-the-violations-front-is-ncaa-enforcement-dead
  3. Non-BCS commissioners are in discussions to cap per-conference base revenue at $12 million per year in the playoff era, multiple sources have told CBSSports.com. The so-called Group of Five -- MAC, Conference USA, Mountain West, American Athletic Conference, Sun Belt -- continues to finalize the distribution of their annual $86.5 million slice of the playoff pie. CBSSports.com reported the details of the split in January. What's new is the $12 million base that essentially caps per-school distribution at $1 million per year. Any Group of Five conference with fewer than 12 members would get only $1 million per school. (10 schools = $10 million, 11 schools = $11 million, etc.) However, no Group of Five conference is expected to be at fewer than 12 members when the leagues are fully realigned in 2015. The playoff era begins in 2014. Group of 5 members in 2015 CONFERENCE SCHOOLS Conference USA 14 Mid-American 13 American Athletic 12 Mountain West 12 Sun Belt 12 The idea, essentially, is to get better, not necessarily bigger. The conference with the team that snags the playoff bowl spot reserved for the No. 1 Group of Five school could max out at $25 million to $26 million in any given year. Read more: http://www.mwcboard.com/index.php?s=a026d832663b14f8fb30dbd9fa651f0a&showtopic=47314
  4. The Big East has “reached out” to both Fresno State and UNLV to join the league on the football side, CBSSports.com has learned. In addition, BYU and Big East commissioner Mike Aresco have at least had informal conversations. UNLV and Fresno have “definitely” talked to Aresco, according to a source. However, the talks are being kept as secret as possible to keep from “offending people,” such as regents and boards of regents and trustees at those schools. Aresco is aggressively trying to assemble a group of football-playing schools to keep under the Big East banner. The problem: Uncertainty on all fronts. The Big East doesn't know how -- or even if -- it will proceed in football. The 10-team Mountain West hasn't made a move to expand because of its uncertainty in its TV contract with CBS. The 10-year contract runs through the 2015 season, paying what is believed to be $8 million to $12 million per year. However, one source said conference schools are hoping to gain control of some second and third rights (or games). Those rights could be owned by the schools (re: pay-per-view) or bundled by the conference to a rights-holder. Either way, the idea is to televise as many games as possible. “The only reason the Mountain West hasn't moved [is] because of the TV thing,” a source said. “The TV thing is really puzzling.” Read more: http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/blog/dennis-dodd/21425151/big-east-contacts-fresno-state-and-unlv-about-joining-in-football
  5. The five power conferences have molded the coming playoff to their advantage. Surprise. Even the ACC -- whose champion has finished in the AP top 10 twice in the last decade -- is cashing in on $91 million per year. The rest of college football, the so-called Group of Five (MAC, Conference USA, Mountain West, Sun Belt, Big East, for now)? About $19 million each. Their only distinguishing characteristic will be getting that one automatic playoff bowl berth in one of the "host" -- or open -- bowls. Those bowls are yet to be determined, but favorite sites include Phoenix, Atlanta and Dallas. The berth will be awarded to the highest ranked champion of the Group of Five. Therefore, the best combination of schools making up the No. 6 conference is an unknown depending on ... Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany deciding if his league is done raiding. Boise State to make up its mind. Big East? Mountain West? Someplace else? The silence coming out of Boise is deafening. The intentions of Cincinnati, Connecticut, the ACC and possibly more. So far, the two schools have not been thrown lifelines to BCS leagues, but are on record as being willing to jump. Cincinnati has a surprising amount of juice at this point. It has been to a BCS bowl. It draws surprisingly good TV ratings in basketball. Call it the best player left on the board. "Cincinnati is more valuable than what is being let on," an industry source said. A direction, a leader. The week starts with 12 Big East football schools for 2013 not knowing for sure if they have a BCS bid. College football is paralyzed at the moment. Anyone who knows which way it is headed is guessing. But there is an old idea being discussed. "If I were one of the other five commissioners, I would get on the phone and band together," said one source close to the situation. "I would become an über-conference. Forget superconference. Let our current [TV] contracts lapse. That's the only way to take this one." There are some advantages to this socialist approach. It's also scary. This might be exactly what the power conferences want. If those in the Group of Five are successful banding together, that might just be what the BCS conferences need to break away themselves -- from the Group of Five. That's how Division I-AA (now FCS) was created in 1978, when the bottom half of Division I complained about revenue and exposure. I-AA was given its own playoff and not much else in terms of TV and money. The latest evolution may be upon us. Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick spoke openly last week about establishing a "Division 5." Currently, there are four football-playing divisions (FBS, FCS, Division II, Division III). "The [power conferences] don't give a [damn] about" the Group of Five, the same source added. "Fine -- be bigger and go." These are no original thoughts. In fact, 14 months ago we were calling such a conference "Big Country." Conference USA and the Mountain West had been talking about it since 2010, the champions of the two leagues meeting in a play-in game for a BCS berth. As late as October 2011, the conferences had announced that had combined into "one large association." A few days later a document surfaced that detailed a 28- to 32-team grouping that would combine the Mountain West, Conference USA and the Big East. The idea fell part as playoff talk grew. Still, you can see the proposed divisional lineups here. Read more: http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/story/21414150/as-abandoned-big-east-crumbles-race-begins-to-be-power-conference-no-6
  6. NEW ORLEANS -- The Sun Belt begins its 12th season as the No. 11 conference (out of 11) in FBS. The doesn't mean there aren't intriguing storylines. Gus Malzahn decided to begin his head coaching career at Arkansas State. Florida International is trying to hold onto Mario Cristobal. The same goes for Mark Hudspeth at Louisiana-Lafayette which played (and won) its first bowl game in 41 years. It is a league that owes part of its existence to the innovative Karl Benson, who took over as commissioner for Wright Waters in April. The constituted league is going to get bigger, hopefully better. Here are five high-minded issues for the nation's lowest-ranked conference heading into its media day on Monday. Just what the heck is Gus Malzahn doing Arkansas State? Officially, it was an opportunity the offensive couldn't pass up. He's tight with the governor of the state. The Red Wolves are coming off a 10-win season. Unofficially, this move is odder than Pat Boone rapping. Malzahn's career had been on upswing until this move – Arkansas, head coach at Tulsa, offensive coordinator for national champion Auburn. This puts Malzahn's career track at risk. Sure, he could stick around Jonesboro a couple of years trying to duplicate Hugh Freeze's 2011 success before jumping to a sexier job. He could also find his coaching reputation damaged playing the typically brutal non-conference schedule. (There are trips to Oregon and Nebraska this season). Read more: http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/blog/dennis-dodd/19594615/five-things-about-the-sun-belt
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