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  1. What? No Texas ties?  That seems to be a requirement for everything else. Hahahaha. 

    Detail-oriented.  We seem to miss on *A LOT* of little things that when added up present an AD in disarray and a negative customer experience. Apogee is a nice stadium but we’ve had constant problems with the ref microphone and video board operation since the beginning. All the early season issues this year was classic amateur-hour stuff.  Maybe his focus was elsewhere. 

    Also need someone who can increase season ticket sales and reliable/dependable ticket office operations. Community engagement also a must. Need to sell UNT athletics to the Denton community.  Adding a couple thousand in attendance from the community would change the dynamics and could snowball into something bigger. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, emmitt01 said:

    North Texas Fans: We have to raise our attendance if we want to be taken seriously! 

    Anyone: So, do you go to the games? 

    North Texas Fans:  No, because (insert literally any excuse)

    Maybe we get exactly the football program we deserve. 🥲

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  3. On 11/27/2022 at 3:05 PM, THOR said:

    why do people harp on attendance so much?  it was rainy, a bit cold, so of course fair weather folks did not show up for this game.  who gives a shit.  if you were there, it was an awesome game.  i do not understand attendance talk and whining about it.  i have a guy in a text thread that bitches about it all the time, yet rarely shows up.  who cares.  if you want to be there, get there...if not, shut up and do not worry about it.

    You know you're a Mean Green fan if.....the first thing you check in the box score is attendance.  

    I think it all stems from a contagious inferiority complex infecting the Mean Green Nation.  The need for "acceptance" as measured by attendance is critical to the psyche.  

    Attendance is important for the game day experience, but I would put season ticket sales over attendance as this demonstrates a longer-term commitment to the program.  

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  4. 7 hours ago, Jonnyeagle said:

    Great post @keith.  My only rebuttal would be, yes I could live with some down seasons if the final product turns into a top 25 team.  The main reason for this is with the new 12-team playoff starting in 2025, if you get in the top 25 you have a damn good shot to get in a playoff game which could be program changing and tons of money that we could use.  Seth hasn't sniffed the top 25 for the 7 years he has been here.

    I guess my question is what in the previous 6 Tulane seasons would have led anyone to believe they are going to be a top-25 in season 7.  

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  5. 7 hours ago, UNTethered Eagle said:

    This is a super fair point. The only rebuttal would highlight the difference in strength of schedule from AAC vs CUSS, and our facility/coach salary compared to our conference mates setting a different expectation whether warranted or not.

    Pretty much every conference has some at the top, some at the bottom and the great unwashed in the middle.  Why I focus on conference records is, in theory, the resources are comparable and you play the same teams year after year.  So, Tulane should be as equipped to compete in the AAC as we are to compete in CUSA. 

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  6. With the exception of a handful of coaches or ADs that see something in the coach or have patience to see the process through, the head coach industry is a what have you done for me lately business.  Tulane has done well this year.  Assuming we move on our coaching staff and hire someone like Willie Fritz, are we willing to be patient enough to wait through a 6 year conference record like the one below before we go 7-1 in and get to 10-2 for the regular season?  

    1.  1-7  (4-8)

    2.  3-5  (5-7)

    3.  5-3  (6-6)

    4.  3-5  (6-6)

    5.  3-5  (6-5)

    6.  1-7  (2-10)

    7.  7-1  (10-2)

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  7. 8 minutes ago, CMJ said:

    I don't demand perfection, but the last couple of years it has been a real weakness.

    Hahaha.  Perfection would be nice.  A solid FT-shooting team  puts games away and may be the difference maker when battling for a championship.  Improving FTs across the board is always a good thing. 

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  8. There was some talk that the go big to 14 approach may have been a pre-emptive defensive strategy with the anticipation of losing some members in the future.  Forgoing Rice and Charlotte would have abandoned two significant markets (if that really matters).  Maybe Rice and Charlotte could have been added later, but no telling what the landscape will look like in the future.  I thought, but don't know for sure or how much, each of the schools joining had to make an on-going financial commitment as part of the invitation/acceptance process.  Let's say the AAC passed on both Rice and Charlotte with the idea of picking them up at some point in the future if necessary.  Both would be much stronger after 4, 5 or 6 years of AAC-required investment than they would be if they languished as is until the league needed them to backfill losses.  No proof, but I feel the league would like to get to 16.  

  9. 22 hours ago, Green Otaku said:

    We are there by circumstance and luck that there are no divisions this year.

    That's odd.  I thought we were in this position because we are currently tied for the 2nd best conference record and hold tie-breakers over WKU who is also sitting at 4-2 and FAU who is one game back.  Why must every ounce of success we have be minimized or explained away as a fluke?  Most pre-season predictions slotted us as middle to lower half of the pack in conference play.  WKU and FAU along with UAB were all supposed to finish above us.  Seems like we have exceeded most predictions this year or have we just been lucky and everyone else unlucky?  We've played under the same circumstances as everyone else in conference.  I wonder if WKU, FAU or UAB wish they were lucky like us.

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  10. 3 hours ago, greenminer said:

    UTSA ranked now.  again.

    At 9-2, they probably should be ranked.  Nice to see C-USA getting a modicum of respect.  With a final game against UTEP, they should finish 10-2.  Is I indicated elsewhere, I think they are probably better than the 2021 team. Hopefully we get another shot at them as revenge in the championship game would be sweet.  

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  11. Before the defection of the 3 this year, there were 14 teams in C-USA.  In the previous six years of Littrell's tenure, here are the eight schools that have made it to the conference championship game:

    FAU 2-0

    UAB 2-1

    WKU 1-1

    UTSA 1-0

    UNT 0-1

    LaTech 0-1

    Marshall 0-1

    MTSU 0-1 

    Three schools (FAU, UAB and WKU have made multiple appearances).  UTSA will join this group.  UNT will also join this group if we take care of business next week.  In 2020, UAB advanced to the conference championship only playing 4 conference games and finishing with a 3-1 record in the west.  Marshall did them one better playing 5 conference games games and finishing with a 4-1 record in the east.  This is why I put an * next to the 2020 season.

    When this season concludes, it will be the 7th of Littrell's tenure.  Again assuming we win next Saturday, we will make our 2nd appearance out of 7 seasons - 28% of the time (or 2 out of 6 - 33% of the time if we throw away 2020).  Will we go 0-2 or 1-1?  Likewise, will UTSA go 2-0 or 1-1?  Who knows, that's why we play the game.  

    And seriously, enough of the if you don't agree with me, you are accepting mediocrity or accepting failure.  It diminishes the argument.  I hope no one is accepting or striving for that.  I believe everyone here wants to win every game we play.

    Some have obviously made up their minds about Littrell and will let everyone know how they feel whenever they get the chance.  I'm willing to let the rest of the story play out and wait to see what Mr. Baker decides.      

  12. 41 minutes ago, MeanGreenTexan said:

    I see a B1G team & 2 teams we lost to less than 3 months ago!   Memphis & UNLV both have losing records today as well.

    Why are you citing this as any kind of knock on UTSA, yet not applying the same to NT?

    Did they win a Championship last year?   Are they likely going to again this year?  Were they ranked in the top 25 last year?  
    Has Littrell accomplished any of this?

    And I saw in another thread where someone had the audacity to knock UTSA because they play in CUSA, and that’s the only reason they were able to win so many games & be ranked!  Hello!?!  We play in the same conference!  Why aren’t these our expectations?

    Believe me, there are plenty of things to be upset with our historical performance in football.  I was replying specifically to someone who touted UTSA's OOC record and when you look at the facts, the teams they beat were on a down year.  Sometimes you get lucky with scheduling and get teams when they are down.

    Nope, Littrell hasn't won a championship and hasn't been ranked in the top 25.  However, he does have a win against a top 15 team.  Traylor doesn't have that.  Traylor has a win against a B1G team, Littrell has a win against a SEC team.  Both Traylor's win and Littrell's win against P5 teams were when they were in down years.  

    I think you and I are arguing for the same thing...consistency and fairness in evaluation.  What I hear are a lot of emotional arguments one way or the other.  I've made my case last year and recently that UTSA benefited greatly by the luck of the scheduling draw last year.  I actually think they are a better team this year than they were last year.  

    Looking at the last 12 or so conference games, Traylor has 1 loss (to Littrell), Littrell has 2 (1 to Traylor).  From that perspective they are a lot closer than you'd think.  Given that Traylor has had the benefit of the best QB in the league and Littrell hasn't (if you agree with many here on GoMeanGreen), then one could argue that Littrell has done a better *coaching* job than Traylor...maybe not a better recruiting job, but better coaching what he has.  If we are able to get past Rice he will have an opportunity to even it up.  Let's let the season play out before we anoint UTSA kings of the ant hill.

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  13. Much better team performance tonight with the return of Perry and Jones.  Nice to see the net rip on some of those 3s.  However, are we a player or two going down or fouling out from disaster?  It’s a long season and good to get the win at home.  Need to stay healthy and out of foul trouble.  70+% team FT is encouraging.  Need to keep that up and maybe add a few percentage points to that.  Congrats on the win. 

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