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  1. There are a few issues at play. First and foremost is probably that the strength of Indiana high school basketball is not at the top, it's in the middle. I don't think our top five programs are notably better than the top five programs in other similarly sized states. However, whatever our 100th best program is, I'll put that up against any other state's 100th best program any time. Similarly, Indiana puts more high school players per capita onto D-1 scholarship than any other state, but any given year our top five recruits don't stand out much against the rest of the country. Drake has f
  2. If you (or other basketball fans) get to Indy, I highly recommend going about 30 minutes east to New Castle, to see the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame and Museum. It's mainly high school themed, but Indiana basketball has a lot of similarities with Texas high school football. We have a lot of 800 person towns that built 3,000 seat gyms. And of course, we have our 6000+ capacity gyms as well. The fact I love to share with out-of-state fans is that when Steve Alford was a senior at New Castle High School, New Castle drew more fans per home game than did the Indiana Pacers. For a hard core
  3. This Boiler fan will adopt UNT as long as you can keep dancing. I hope there is still room on the bandwagon. Your team is extremely well coached. I don't know how many times last night I thought Purdue was going to get a stop after playing solid defense for 20-25 seconds, only to find that the fourth ball screen got you the switch and the matchup you wanted, one cut, one reversal, and yet another open look. That's not something that can be taken for granted; many veteran teams don't have that kind of poise. I also thought that you guys rebounded extremely well for the first 35 m
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