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  1. Our lack of a bench could be the difference on a short turn around. With Western's height, maybe we will see Wright get a chance to earn his way back into the rotation. I think we have learned by now that Grant will play with 5 before he gives in and plays someone who won't play the way he demands. It can be really frustrating for fans but I think Grant knows what is best for his program. He's earned that! We'd all love to win the conference regular season title but it's how you play in the tournament that really counts. Go Mean Green.

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  2. It would be nice to have a gameday program. I also wish we could remove the white sign on the season ticket holder seats that are never filled. One whole section on the east side has white banners and I have never seen anyone sitting there. They need to have people checking on why season ticket holders are not using the seat they purchased. Are the corporate seats? If they aren't going to be used, maybe the account holder would be willing to donate them to be given away to school groups, youth teams, ect. We used to have the young halftime games and little dribblers groups that at least stayed until after they performed. Parents will come to see their kids. I just don't know how much time and resources the athletic department is devoting to try to increase basketball attendance. I may be wrong but it doesn't seem to be a top priority. 

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  3. 19 hours ago, UNTLifer said:

    They supported Guyer and Ryan this year pretty well and supported North Texas basketball during the Blakely years. The department needs to market the program better. 

    The Blakely era was almost 30 years ago. Denton has changed a lot since then. Lots of other things to do. How many people in Denton read the local paper? 

  4. Crowds will be better for confer3ence games but outside of the true diehards, most fans won't show up unless we are ranked or playing a big name school at home. I agree. The athletic department has been spending all of their time and energy promoting football and the bowl game. Almost no promotion of last Saturday's game. I'm sure the organizers were expecting a lot bigger turnout from a school of 40K only 45 minutes away. This are been going on for a long time so beating a dead horse isn't going to change things. I'll be there as usual tonight. GO Mean Green!

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  5. 1 minute ago, BillySee58 said:

    Go to their place next year and move the Denton game to 2023-2024 season I guess. Darn, was really looking forward to this one. Hope Wren and Mccasland can find someone else to play between now and the UMass game like they were able to last year with the last-minute West Virginia and Loyola games.

    With finals next week that may be hard to pull off. Unless other teams have cancelation, most schedules are full. Tough break for everyone involved.

  6. Heard a rumor that Nevada is having to cancel the game due to a COVID outbreak among the staff. I knew Alford tested positive and wasn't going on the trip but it sounds like more positive test have come up. Hate to have another week off but that's the world we live in now.

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  7. 15 hours ago, Christopher Walker said:

    Would be interesting if we played Tulsa in Frisco on the 21st... as men's basketball takes on the Golden Hurricane in the Super Pit earlier that same day. Tulsa can save on some travel costs and hotel deals.

    That game is being played in OK City not Denton,

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  8. 1 hour ago, bstnsportsfan3 said:

    Wish this game was on a weekend vs a Monday but I’ll still be their, I just think a Monday night game might lower the crowd a bit

    Hopefully we will get the word out at the football game Saturday, promote the heck out of it and get some people that don't usually follow UNT hoops to come out. 

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  9. Buffalo gave Michigan all they could handle and is one of the better teams we will play all season. Would be nice if people realized how good an opponent they are and packed the Pit. We definitely need a home court advantage against these guys. Go Mean Green! Great early test for us.

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  10. 9 hours ago, Tom McKrackin said:

    Interesting question.

    for me:

    PG - Javion Hamlet

    SG - Tristan Thompson

    SG - Chris Davis

    PF - Tony Mitchell

    Post - Ronnie Morgan or Shawnson Johnson


    You have to have Ken Lyons and Joe Hamilton on that list. Joe played in the ABA for several years and Lyons was drafted by the 76'ers and made it till the final cut. Probably several more "old timers" that aren't on the list. 

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  11. 11 hours ago, MeanGreenFan23 said:

    Im a new student at UNT and cant wait for basketball season. Does anyone know when student tickets will become available to claim? #GMG 


    11 hours ago, MeanGreenFan23 said:

    Im a new student at UNT and cant wait for basketball season. Does anyone know when student tickets will become available to claim? #GMG 

    Make sure you bring your friends! Welcome to UNT!

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  12. I think McCasland probably invisioned him as a Bell type stretch four but he never seemed to be comfortable with his outside shot and not a great rebounder.  He was a main scoring threat in JC but couldn't create his own shot or athletic enough on the pick and roll in our offense. Not a knock on him, sometimes you don't know till you have them at practice whether they can adjust to a different style or system. 

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  13. 7 minutes ago, NorthTexasSportsNetwork said:

    I was there but definitely smaller than before. Many had to fly/drive back due to work on Monday, but if it was an earlier tip, I bet it would’ve been better

    They also made sure to split up all of the UNT fans and spread them out around the arena. Friday night we were all mainly in two sections next to each other. 

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  14. I still believe in Grant and I'm not writing off the season yet. UAB is a bad matchup for us and it showed our weaknesses. Losing Rubin really hurts but he is going to be a stud next year. Looks like Grant missed on Lewis and McBride but UAB rebuilt with JC and grade transfers. Bell and Hamlet were hits for Grant. Murray having to play so much shows his lack of offense. Don't know if McBride just has lost his confidence or what. The fact he continues to start surprises me. Depending on who comes back, we will be looking hard at the JC/Grad transfers again. Let's stay positive! Go Mean Green! P.S. Zach Simmons please dunk the ball every chance you get!

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