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  1. Preseason Mid-Major Top 25 is out and Western, UAB and LATech are all their but no UNT. Let's shock the conference again!
  2. November needs to hurry up and get here!
  3. I could see a lot of ally oops from him to Bell!!!
  4. I think McCasland probably invisioned him as a Bell type stretch four but he never seemed to be comfortable with his outside shot and not a great rebounder. He was a main scoring threat in JC but couldn't create his own shot or athletic enough on the pick and roll in our offense. Not a knock on him, sometimes you don't know till you have them at practice whether they can adjust to a different style or system.
  5. Jackson will have to sit out a year since he is an underclassmen not a grad transfer, correct? I guess he could drop down and go Div. 2 or NAIA and play right away.
  6. They also made sure to split up all of the UNT fans and spread them out around the arena. Friday night we were all mainly in two sections next to each other.
  7. I still believe in Grant and I'm not writing off the season yet. UAB is a bad matchup for us and it showed our weaknesses. Losing Rubin really hurts but he is going to be a stud next year. Looks like Grant missed on Lewis and McBride but UAB rebuilt with JC and grade transfers. Bell and Hamlet were hits for Grant. Murray having to play so much shows his lack of offense. Don't know if McBride just has lost his confidence or what. The fact he continues to start surprises me. Depending on who comes back, we will be looking hard at the JC/Grad transfers again. Let's stay positive! Go Mean Green! P.S. Zach Simmons please dunk the ball every chance you get!
  8. Still wish we had offered the big freshman that went to LaTech. He is much farther along in his development than Abou but Grant must think his ceiling as a player is higher.
  9. His problem was on the defensive end. If you don't play defense the way Grant wants, you don't play. Good luck to him. I'm sure he will find a better fit for his talents somewhere else.
  10. Blowout loss similar to the New Mexico Bowl beatdown. Hope I'm wrong but 55-14 Hillbilly State. Insert Deliverance banjo music...
  11. To bad we have to travel all that way to find a game when we have several local schools that needed games! Ex. Baylor, Smut, TCU
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