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  1. FAU fan here, First off, I come in peace. I have been reading different message boards and getting a feel for how various fan bases are feeling at this point in the season. It's crazy to read through some of these boards and see how down on yourselves you guys are after a disappointing start. From what I gather you guys are having some trouble with line play this year? Either way I think you guys have a pretty good coach in SL. It seems like overall your recruiting is trending up, you have a new stadium, located in a pretty good area (I'd take denton over Ruston/Bowling green/ huntington any day). I'd like to see everyone in our conference play up because none of us are moving to the next level without our conference as a whole showing the best team isn't just the king of the crap hill. I think FAU is on the right track and I'm hoping we can potentially return to the conference championship this year and show some consistency (and better fan support). I would love to have another championship vs yall after how the past 2 seasons went. Having a little cross division rivalry just makes the game more exciting. I think the conference has the potential, we should be outshining the MAC and Sunbelt every year. Here's to hoping both our teams have an exciting fight to the top of the totem poll for consistent conference domination. 🤝
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