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  1. Just now, MeanGreen22 said:

    Oscar put his heart and soul into this university. Been here since 2019 and is very supportive of his fellow student athletes. I truly hope there won’t be people giving him grief on social media. 

    Yeah so what about what the university gave him?  Does that not matter to you?  We stuck with the guy through thick and thin and helped him through his injuries when other programs would have faltered. I am getting sick and tired of our fans kissing the feet of players who are bailing on us after we gave them a huge opportunity to play D-1 football.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Censored by Laurie said:

    things I want to see (but know I probably won't bc like GM's teams, what we see is likely what we're getting the rest of the season):

    - an offensive system that is actively putting the ball in Scott's hands around 15-17ft out and letting him work...whether it be the Thomas Bell back-down, or facing up from the low block-extended. especially against Boise I didn't feel like the ball was going through him enough, he almost seemed to accidentally end up with looks and he seemed rushed to get them up. a few more kick out wing/corner threes (he's shooting 48% from deep) would be nice too.

    - Robert Allen starting at the 5. I'm the one constantly harping it doesn't matter who starts...Edwards for example is in his perfect role...but Allen is clearly so far beyond Sissoko right now. honestly, outside his brilliant OSU game, I'm really not sure what everyone saw in Sissoko to anoint him an automatic starter. he's a fine back-up, but Allen is doing so much more. minutes distribution is starting to reflect that, but I'd like to see his energy from the start. this team desperately misses Abou.  

    - Rubin continuing to be assertive looking to score. there was a stretch before he fouled out where Rubin went 3-4 times to the hoop and seemingly finished with ease. if that means taking him off the ball for stretches (Noland is a more than capable initiating 1), I'm here for it. 

    everything else, I think we've kinda gotta live with. I get the temptation to want to see Cotton and Moore...I gotta trust in Hodge's assessment of what he's seen in practice here. this is EXACTLY the bill sold with Buggs (scoring numbers are down, but so too are his shots...percentages are comparable...and if you check his game log from last season he had some big 0-fer nights at UTSA, including twice going 0-10 from the field. dude is streaky) and Stone is filling a role no one else on the roster can (3/4-combo) 

    Do you still see this team as having an opportunity to be NCAA tourney good?  I mean, I see the potential and they have played some very good teams.  They just seem to be coming up short at the end and there has not been a guy to fill the shoes of Tylor.  I was hoping for Aron to be that but he is not quite there. I also would really like to see more from Cotton. He looks talented.

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  3. 1 minute ago, UNTLifer said:

    The schools still get large amounts of $$$ from all the above but they are told that they can’t use those funds to line the coffers and pay the players. You have to create “collectives” to pay the players, so this funding falls back on the alumni and fans

    Yes I would like to see the University contribute some of their money to this.  Why do they get to be scott free of this when they are the ones benefiting from the TV contracts?

  4. Quote

    If this new structure comes to pass, schools would likely bring their collectives in-house, donors could write a single check to their athletics department, and the school would then decide whether to allocate their funds to facilities and coaches, or to talent acquisition and retention.

    read more:  https://footballscoop.com/news/breaking-in-radical-change-ncaa-proposing-new-subdivision-to-allow-schools-to-pay-athletes-directly

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  5. Get to know North Texas

    The North Texas Mean Green were picked to finish 6th in a mediocre American Athletic Conference. New head coach Ross Hodgehelped the team end last year on a high note with a very successful 31-7 season and an NIT win.

    North Texas comes in ranked 3rd in the country in scoring defense, allowing just 56.7 points per game (PPG). The high scoring, up-tempo offense that Ross Hodge hoped to install this season hasn’t entirely taken off. They rank just 257th in scoring offense, averaging 70.7 PPG. But the season is young and this is a very talented team that should by no means be overlooked. North Texas is ranked 76th in the highly respected KenPom rankings, whereas Boise State is ranked 84th.

    The Mean Green are led by senior guard Rubin Jones and junior wing Aaron Scott. Scott leads the team in scoring with 14.3 PPG to go along with four rebounds per game (RPG) and shooting a team high 45% from behind the 3-point arc. Jones is averaging 11 PPG while playing a team high 31 minutes per game. This team wants to play an up tempo, fast break game. The Broncos have had stretches in games in which they become turnover prone. Turnovers lead directly into the game the Mean Green wants to play; let this team get into a rhythm and they will be trouble for most anyone in the country. They also play tenacious defense lead by Jones who has fifteen steals on the year.

    North Texas comes into Extra Mile Arena on a 3-game winning streak, having recently bested Mississippi Valley State on Saturday, 79-48. They played in the Shriners Charleston Classic Tournament this year, losing to St. John’s and LSU, but both games were hard fought. They lost both games by a combined five points. This team lost some talent in the off-season, which contributed to the lower preseason poll rankings, but they are still a very talented team.

    read more: https://247sports.com/college/boise-state/article/coming-off-big-victory-broncos-hope-to-keep-momentum-against-the-mean-green-222355341/

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  6. 8 hours ago, Cougar King said:

    The main candidates are said to be Fritz, Traylor, Patterson, Kingsbury and Stein.


    I personally say either Fritz or Stein.

    Fritz would be good but he is old.  Traylor is old too though.  Seems like Houston needs a younger guy with energy.  The type of energy you need to rustle a steer or, heck even ride a bucking bronco!!! 



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  7. Just now, NM Green said:

    Weirdest 5 win season ever. We’ve won 5 and it’s felt like mission accomplished and we’ve won 5 and it’s felt completely hollow. This is on the hollow side.

    But it’s still my patch. Still my logo. Still my team. I dragged myself to Denton often in wins and losses and it sucked more than it was fun. I watched at watch parties with disillusion and excitement. Again a strange 5 win season. 

    But when it was good it was fun. I am hopeful for the future. Glad I invested in 2023 because the payoff will be sweet.


    Agreed.  Could have won 7-8 had the defense been better though.

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