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  1. 5 minutes ago, MeanGreenTexan said:

    Definitely not interested in Wells over several of the others in this thread.    Wells did not do very well in recruiting around Texas, and him being fired at Tech is a little too close to home.

    Well I think you may be being a tad picky.  Jimbo and Nick Saban are not available.  Let's be open minded.

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  2. 4 minutes ago, Green Mean said:

    Has anyone mentioned Chris Petersen anywhere? I get he might be a reach and I don't know if he would even be interested coming to a place like this but he's 57 and I think we need someone like him that can build a program and coach his players up. That's really what we need. Recruiting is vital I get that but program building and the ability to coach up the roster you have is what I think we really need.

    I think getting a guy like Peterson would really be great and I could care less if they have previous Texas ties or not. Everybody recruits and has recruited this state as it is but if they don't have that then that's fine, they'll come here and start building relationships immediately because he is a known name and commodity.

    If Petersen had one inking of interest we should sign him on the spot.  Proven winner.

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  3. Can we all just cut through the BS involved with this disastrous season and start talking about who our next hire needs to be? Not will be because we won't know that till the end of the season.  I mean, when the eyes of the nation our looking amongst us after the significant American addition, we spit the bit and look like one of the worst programs in FBS.

  4. 10 minutes ago, MeanGreenTexan said:

    Pretty sure it's the reverse.   The entrance fee for the AAC will be deducted from the AAC conference revenue shares.
    I think Judy is going to hold all of the exiting schools' feet to the fire & demand it up front.   Don't be surprised if the 6 departing schools to band together and litigate those fees to see if they can work something out though.


    Why can’t they not charge exit fees to us and in turn we won’t charge exit fees to the belch and it overall lowers everyone’s payouts?

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  5. 5 minutes ago, wardly said:

    Agreed. SMU sharing the same conference with UNT is just temporary on their part. I have no idea where they would go but this realignment is a moving target with the landscape shifting almost daily. Besides, I only care where we end up, and right now its looking good.

    You do understand that the SMU AD Rik Hardt was directly involved on the selection committee?  I seriously doubt he was choosing teams based on the possibility they may get an invite to the Big 12.  Let’s be very clear that SMU is a long shot to get in the Big 12 as TCU aid against them joining as probably is Tech and many others.

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  6. https://athleticdirectoru.com/articles/athletic-department-power-index-american/

    this is from 2019-2020 I believe:

    1. Connecticut: $78,417,676
    2. SMU: $64,607,467
    3. Central Florida: $60,069,492
    4. Temple: $55,933,640
    5. Memphis: $55,464,035
    6. Houston: $55,344,923
    7. South Florida: $51,710,233
    8. Tulane: $48,417,254
    9. Cincinnati: $48,384,869
    10. East Carolina: $43,689,985
    11. Tulsa: $40,796,150
    12. Wichita State: $30,044,096

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  7. 8 minutes ago, TheColonyEagle said:

    The MWC is the new "P6"

    Why is that?  Wyoming?  New Mexico?  San Jose State.  Come on man you don't really believe that crapola do you?  Hey maybe after they add UTEP they will be better. 

    I Win Take That GIF by Film Riot

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  8. I for one am SUPER excited about this.  What a fantastic league this will be and so many close roadies.  Real rivalries and some great fanbases to boot.  Love that Rice is coming and even though we hate UAB and UTSA they are solid additions as well.  GREAT DAY to be Mean and Green! 

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