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  1. Eagle1855's post in SB Nation: Mean Green pick up the pieces was marked as the answer   
    I don't like it because it's got too much positive stuff in it. Just doesn't fit what I'm here to do.
  2. Eagle1855's post in McDonald's by UNT shutting down? was marked as the answer   
    Has McDonald's closing held you back personally?
  3. Eagle1855's post in I wonder how many.... was marked as the answer   
    It could be worse: We could not even have a board, or a contingency of fans who give enough of a damn to post in the middle of a disastrous season.
  4. Eagle1855's post in McCarney’s candid remarks about the situation at UNT was marked as the answer   
    It's a money game. It has been for a while and it appears it always will be.

    As we've said in many other posts, we were late to the party related to investment in the program. Had we done all this before, during, or immediately after the wins in the SBC, the subsequent decade might have looked different. It might have forever altered our course. Or it might not have; who knows. But you get the feeling a window of opportunity opened and we weren't ready. And then it closed -- possibly for good. And thats okay: Tulsa, UH, Boise and many others also got left out, too.

    So we can endeavor to be the best of the rest. But, honestly, I don't think this fanbase cares enough to make it happen. We still haven't sold out the stadium -- not even to OPEN it against a notable regional opponent -- at a school of ~35k with 200k+ alum in the area alone.

    I will continue to support the program with attendance and with money because my time at UNT is a source of great pride. I am proud of my time there and support the programs related to it just the same. But I've largely abandoned this notion that UNT is this sleeping giant of a program that will inevitably someday make headlines like Boise -- or even UH. Not because it's not possible. Not because we're not in a great position to do so. But because the one missing component is the give a sh*t factor -- and it seems most people who hang a UNT degree on their wall simply don't have it.

    Is it a chicken/egg situation? Do people not care because the admin didn't care? Or did the admin not care because it didn't think the people cared?

    Maybe the next coach will be a million-dollar hire that the shoulder-shrugging Green can't ignore. Or maybe next year Coach Mac and crew pull a rabbit out of the hat and knock out 10+ wins and a marquee win on the road. Something significant has to happen. And in this landscape, with a surging UTSA program and a Texas State program that is on the rise, it feels like it needs to happen sooner than later.
  5. Eagle1855's post in McCarney to announce UNT QB starter this afternoon was marked as the answer   
    If the game goes the way I expect it to go, I suspect we'll see both QB's.
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