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  1. UNT90's post in DRC: Benford took over a loaded team on a roll. How did it all fall apart? was marked as the answer   
    Look, we have added 2 major salary positions to the AD and are building a $12 million dollar track facility. Stop buying the narrative from the suck ups on here that poor little ole UNT just didn't have the money to buy out Benford. That isn't what happened.
    Benford was very good at playing the good ole boy UNT network. He befriended the right people and used that friendship to get these people to buy excuses. Several at our tailgate told me this was the year because Benford finally had his guys and the team cancers were gone and yada, yada, yada. Nothing you can do but just smile weakly and shake your head at people's refusal to look at any past performance evidence. 
    Benford worked the system. RV worked the system. The problem isn't either of them. The problem is the system and the culture it perpetuates. 
    And it will never, ever change. 
  2. UNT90's post in Marshall (3/4/17) was marked as the answer   
    We aren't free. Tony Benford hasnt been fired. There is no iron clad gaurantee that he will be, either.
  3. UNT90's post in Group of 5 officials considering playoff for non-Power 5 teams was marked as the answer   
    Terrible idea.
    The group of 5 should be considering a class action anti-trust lawsuit instead of relegating themselves to second tier nothingness forever...
  4. UNT90's post in FIRE BENFORD NOW! was marked as the answer   
    I have a very good source. 
  5. UNT90's post in Sam Houston State (12/17/16) was marked as the answer   
    And much less so than what was left to him. 
    Not arguing talent, but there is so much wrong with this team (free throw shooting being yet another problem, a problem that can be cured with hard work) that it's going to be hard for a new coach to overcome those issues.
    We also probably disagree on certain players' talent level. But I try not to criticize the kids on this forum.
  6. UNT90's post in Bob Stoops, Joe Castiglione and David Boren should be fired was marked as the answer   
    She didn't "haul off and punch him," she pushed him and then slapped him with the force of a 3 year old. He also followed her into the restaurant. 
    Police have a force continuum that they must follow. Under that continuum, the correct response would have been empty hand control. Yes, the size and strength of the "aggressor" factor into this continuum. She looks to be about a buck 05. Not too hard for a professional athlete to handle. 
    What he did was vicious. And unwarranted and inexcusable. OU should have parted ways with him, and would have if he was projected as anything less than a star in college. 
    You have some really strange priorities. 
  7. UNT90's post in Delaware State (12/8/16) was marked as the answer   
    I went to this game last night. First and only game I'll attend this year. Several observations.
    The high dollar donor seats court side were maybe 20% full. Maybe. I hope Wren Baker takes a long, hard look at that. 
    The pit crew is down to 14 students. That's right. 14. I know, I counted them. It wasn't hard to do.
    There is less than zero energy in the building. I've been to funerals that had more pep. 
    Brice doesn't know how to use the body God gave him, having but one low post move, a fade away hook shot, that didn't go in all night. He could use a real coaching staff that knows how to develop players, especially the lost art of being a post player. 
    Combs is a really good player and knows how to use his body down low. If Combs skills were contained in Brice's body, you would have an NBA 1st round pick in Denton.
    New scoreboard is nice, although it reports player fouls instead of rebounds, duplicating what can be seen on the old scoreboard while rebound stats are nowhere to be found. That should be changed to points and rebounds. 
    It took me over 5 minutes to pay by credit card to buy a ticket. The ticket taking staff was uninterested in doing their job. Similar problem at the concession stand. Good thing we don't have 6,000 a night showing up, because from my experience last night, UNT isn't equipped physically or mentally with the staff they have to facilitate a good experience for a crowd of that size.
    I was hoping to see changes, I really didn't see any at all. 
    Same ole same ole.
    It was a change to see a victory, even if it was over a sister of the poorer than us. 
    Looking forward to when anyone else coaches this team. I saw the same Tony Benford I saw year one, constantly yelling things that don't matter at his players while the game is in motion. Trying like hell to act like he knows what he is doing. 
    Oh, I did look at my old season ticket area directly behind the UNT bench. Not one of the people that used to sit there remain. And those were hard core folks. 
    If any university out there needs instructions on how to kill a basketball program, they should consult with the University of North Texas, because they are the gold standard and are still administering the death blow every game Tony Benford is allowed to coach.
  8. UNT90's post in DRC: breaking - Consultants report critical of UNT was marked as the answer   
    Yes, let's continue the tradition of believing we are hiding our ineptitude from the masses, when in actuality they se it continually on the field. Opposing players see it in our facilities when they visit for a game.
    And, of course, what we have done the last 15 years has worked so damn well, why change one damn thing, right?
    You know what will matter to recruits? UNT not being the joke of FBS football in Texas. UNT showing they are taking steps to correct the problems in this report: UNT proving they are FINALLY serious about athletics. 
    Recruit: "Coach, I read that report online." (Chances of this actually happening < 1%). 
    Coach: "Oh ya?" 
    Recruit: "Ya, I read your locker rooms were so bad that you didn't let recruits see them." 
    Coach: "Funny you should say that. Even before the report was published, the university was made aware of the problem by the authors of the report. You know what this university did? They took it seriously and did a complete remodel of the locker rooms. We are about to go take a look. But before we do, let me ask you, what other university that is recruiting you cares enough about it's program to audit it, find and publish problems, and then immediately fix as many of those problems as possible? Because that's what we are doing at UNT. Things are changing at UNT. Do you want to be a part of that change, son? Or do you want to go to a university that hides all of its problems until they get your signature and you have no options? Everything about this program is transparent for you to see. Just something to think about."
  9. UNT90's post in The Big 12 May Be Close To Naming Two New Members was marked as the answer   
    Most here laughed at Houston. Most told Houston they sucked just like UNT and would never be anything more than what they were.
    Those are the same folks who say UNT should never play a P5 at home, backed RV until the last minute, and are perfectly happy having SMU as the "big" out of conference game EVERY year. 
    Meanwhile Houston is poised to join the club. The same Houston these underachievers laughed at. 
    Oh, and doesn't that OU vs Houston game loom large now this Saturday? The same short sighted individuals said this game would matter zero. Well, the Big 12 has narrowed to picking 2 of 3, and Houston is in that group. A win over top 5 OU WILL matter, whether these extremely short sighted individuals think so or not.
    For Cripes sake, EXPECT MORE from your university, UNT fans. Stop accepting barely existing as an FBS program. Think about the possibilities of what can be.
    Houston did. And now they are on the verge of achieving their ultimate goal.
  10. UNT90's post in What I want to see on September 3... was marked as the answer   
    On this we agree.
    But when/if they DO embrace it, wouldn't it be nice if they walked into a great gameday experience on day one? An experience that confirms to them that UNT is a major college football program? 
    You have to build a program into a winner. You also have to build the gameday experience by trial and error. That process needs to start 9/3 so it can be ready and effect when/if this thing turns around.
    Please think big picture.
  11. UNT90's post in Thanks to Dr. Smatresk, UNT BOR, Trip Kuehne and Michael Sicuro was marked as the answer   
    And for those who called me negative, positive change was ALWAYS the end goal!
    And man oh man it really appears we have that with Wren Baker!
  12. UNT90's post in MGB: A name to keep in mind in AD search: Wren Baker was marked as the answer   
    Liking these options. 
  13. UNT90's post in WKU vs. UNT game changed was marked as the answer   
    Just received an email. Homecoming is officially against Portland St.

    I guess they beat out air on opening weekend for the honor.
  14. UNT90's post in TIPPING POINT was marked as the answer   
    Johnny took over crap and rebuilt. Benford took over a rebuilt program and turned it to crap.
    Hardly the same thing.

    If this is the way RV truly feels, he should have been fired yesterday. But we really don't know if this is how he feels, because he is never honest with the fan base.
  15. UNT90's post in Watching party in Grapevine, anyone? was marked as the answer   

    1713 Cross Roads Dr., Grapevine, TX 76051

    They are blocking off the upstairs for us. I told them 20-40 people (based on last year's turnout), so show up, people!!

    They actually added the package that includes the Big Ten Network just for us (she did make me a little nervous when she said her cable provider told her they didn't know what game would be on the BTN, but I told her we are certain it is UNT vs Indiana. right... RIGHT!?!?). I thought that was quite nice, as neither Pluckers or JR Grill had the BTN.

    We didn't get any specials just for us, but they do have half off appitizers all day and Saturday drinks specials.

    Be there, mid city folk!!!!


    Half off Appitizers (except team platter, DBL wings and skewers)
    $3 domestics
    $4 Imports
    $3 well drinks
    $4.25 Long Island Ice Teas
    $3.75 Margaritas
  16. UNT90's post in Have You Poll Dorks Seen This? was marked as the answer   
    Technically, that would be "passed us by."

    Because that is literally what they did...
  17. UNT90's post in Coach Mccarney state of the Mean Green Address was marked as the answer   
    Not really. He is engaging in coach speak and trying to motivate his players by pointing out SMU has historically owned us and UT didnt want anyone besides Terrell on their team.

    Problem is, don't do that in the media when we are still trying to sell tickets and get new fans in the stadium. Pointing out how bad we sucked is just re-enforcing some alumus' views and isn't going to get them in Apogee (trust me, I know several who always kid me about being a fan).

    Say it to your players. Hell, say it to season ticket holders, but don't freaking roll it out there to the DFW media and discourage attendance!
  18. UNT90's post in Who joining me at Babb's tonight? GMG! was marked as the answer   
    Really good crowd there last night. Maybe 150-200 strong.

    George Dunham is a 1st ballot HOF selection for UNT athletics whenever he becomes eligible. Without him, there would have been no Ticket remote last. Night, which means no promos for said remote. Those promos ran all week long on the single best avenue to reach males 24-55 in DFW.

    I don't know when he is eligible, but he should have been in yesterday, as far as I am concerned. He even pulled double duty by performing with his band last night, The Birddogs.

    A treasure for this university. Lets put him in the HOF where he belongs.
  19. UNT90's post in Mac on the Ticket right now was marked as the answer   
    Good talk over many of the same points he always covers. I think it was Radigan who told Mac everyone but Radigan that works at the ticket graduated from UNT and were thankful for what he had done.

    After Mac off the air, about 2 to 3 more minutes of UNT talk highlighting Apogee with one of the guys pleading with UNT alums to buy tickets and go to the HOD bowl.

    Good pub.
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