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  1. DRC breaking news -- UNT fee vote passes

    Future lawyers, they better go to law school because after reading these I couldn't help but laugh. So beyond glad their names and the complaints have been made public and this thing passed! GMG!
  2. Students? Students? Anyone?

    I never attended a game in my 4 years there. However, as someone mentioned above, we have a new coach and that is about it. Yes, our team is better than last year, but big deal. It's not enough to get me out there as an alumni and it's not enough to get our students out there. It's reality folks. Edit: I LOVE that people down vote the students on view things I.E. Austin. It's the truth, accept it.
  3. Place your bets

    Lets not jump to conclusions here, but if only 100 did vote, thats .26% of our "population" that is rather sad, like I need to go cry right now sad. Obviously I want it to pass, but if it was 100-800 against, that wouldn't make me as sad as only .26% voting. However, I'm no longer a student so as long as it passes I guess I/we shouldn't really care how many people voted.
  4. Place your bets

    It's not that anyone particular org sends out 30 emails a week. It's the fact that you get 30+ emails a week from various org groups either SGA/AD/etc. However, you have a great point 98% of people couldn't give 2 flips about it.
  5. Place your bets

    Could someone with more time than myself do the math and tell me if only 100 people voted what % of our student base voted? I can't be bothered to go dig up our enrollment numbers.
  6. Place your bets

    My handful of friends left had no idea this vote was happening until I told them. The standard response of "oh they sent out emails" yeah the AD and every other org on campus sends 30 emails a week, you think people read it?
  7. Place your bets

    No, it doesn't pass.
  8. 2018 C-USA Preseason Power Rankings

    this x 1 million. However, the die hard homers here will say thats not the case. I agree with you.
  9. More on the Mean Green Athletics Fee

    Then you get people from which you are cutting their funding aka "budget" and they start flipping out.
  10. DRC: UNT picks up first commitment of weekend

    6-5 300lb, I'll take it. From the looks of 247 at SOME POINT(take it for what its worth) it appears that Ohio State had interest in him. I only say this as 247 assigned him a set recruiter and such. Interesting to say the least. GMG!
  11. Social media surely plays a part of it in the mental game. Most recruits I'm sure would love to be tweeted with boat loads of love about how they should go a program and how their fans want them there. Seems like an old denton mentality.
  12. I asked a friend who is still there, he has no idea there is a vote either.
  13. Mean Green Scholarship Fund is replacing the Mean Green Club

    Big time P5 thinking here, LOVE IT!!!!!!!
  14. Mean Green Scholarship Fund is replacing the Mean Green Club

    Let me just say, I like the young alumni section. About to call and purchase my set. whoop whoop! Doesn't list a price, will update once I purchase.