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  1. Prettylittleeagle

    Kiffin gets 10-year, $9.5 million dollar contract

    TAMU paid FIsher's buyout that was what like 8-10 million? 2 million is nothing for a p5 program as someone already mentioned. Contract truly means nothing.
  2. Prettylittleeagle


  3. Prettylittleeagle

    Recruiting Update

    I'm just going to leave this here for y'alls consideration.
  4. Prettylittleeagle

    UNLV's New Season Tickets Offer Unlimited Concessions

    I'd pay 5 dollars extra a game to have unlimited water bottles/drinks. Wren where you at?!
  5. Prettylittleeagle

    Big day ahead!!!!

    I don't know a ton about recruiting, but I can see that we offered him May 1st and he committed yesterday. I like it when we are able to be a kids only offer and turn them around quick. Makes me think we got to the talent very quickly. Of course, I don't know much and this may not mean a whole lot. Makes me feel good.
  6. Prettylittleeagle

    Recruiting Update

    GMG! Very excited to see who is committing today and hope you are right! NEW DENTON, LETS GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
  7. Prettylittleeagle

    FAU offers new concession prices -- $4 beer

    I believe our current prices for my crap beer of choice on game day (Ultra) is $6, I'd surely take a 50% discount.
  8. Prettylittleeagle

    Garbage Stadium Rankings from the DMN

    I've never read anything more accurate in my life on this forum.
  9. Prettylittleeagle

    Garbage Stadium Rankings from the DMN

    I hate to say it, but I get it. SMU has a nice stadium with a cool hill set up, but no one shows up. UTSA has a nice stadium, but its not theirs. We should go play our games at jerry world if you go by this indicator. How did Kyle Field only get like 93 points? WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM COLLEGE FOOTBALL THAN KYLE FIELD?
  10. I'm looking into it, I want a gold appearance to the ring, not really hip on paying $1400 for the 10k gold. There is several other cheaper options like Solaris Elite, but it doesn't say what they are?
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  12. Prettylittleeagle

    19 QB Chase Griffin - Hutto

    ^This he's a great QB, but I bet this was a heavy factor and rightfully so. Hate to see him go, thought we might have had him...UCLA is a good home.
  13. Prettylittleeagle

    '19 S Rashad Wisdom (Converse Judson)

    UTSA over BC...interesting...
  14. Prettylittleeagle

    Alumni Pavillion Expansion Update

    ^ This. Anyone know? I need my name on a brick.
  15. Prettylittleeagle

    Houston Mean Green- Coaches Caravan June 12th

    If he truly means what he says, I agree with you. I don't think a job like Kansas will pull him away, its a lower end P-5 might as well be G5 football program. Tech has shined at points in the past, and I think that might pull him away, but I don't feel confident about that statement. However, we could debate what programs are worthy of him leaving and what aren't all day 😄