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  1. No way Starkel comes to sit on the bench...don't think we bench Mason either...
  2. UTSA is looking for a QB?!?!?!
  3. SMU is on the up and up...they sucked at the start of this season. Cal is well Cal and has all indications of turning things around, UH is strong and will continue that way into next year. Pull your heads out of the clouds, we aren't beating all 3. Look at the absolute joke of a team we have become this year. GMG
  4. I don't mind his public speaking honestly. Its just straight truth and off the cuff.
  5. First time HC who has been at OU for how long?
  6. OU won't be hiring SL. They'd need someone much more established.
  7. If OU for example was to say come start why would we fault him for leaving? Go compete for a national title. Go build your potential draft stock. Blows my mind you people cry about things like this. Old Denton mentality. Of course he’s thought about leaving. You’d probably all get mad if Saban called and said hey come start for Bama too. Jesus you guys are petty. Also, the media in particular Vito has blown this out of proportion. Turn your blinders off and quit being total homers for a minute. Attempting to crucify this kid for having his best interest in mind. Personally, I hope he leaves just so all of you cry even more of a river. I believe the majority of this forum is men over the age of 30, but some days you whine and bitch like a 9 year old who didn’t get their toy from the store. Some of you should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves. Do do us all a favor and “don’t you damn call here again” and “feel free to go somewhere else for your sports talk”.
  8. Truth: but, the point is that fine won the fan vote and wasn't included(Not that he would've won anyways).
  9. I think the 10k fans in the stands on Thursday night on national TV will do this program a world of good. Don't worry I'll be there in the 40 degree weather, after driving up from Houston following work.
  10. Lets look the other way boys, give him a second chance. WE GOT SOME DEM FOOTBALL GAMES TO WIN DOWN HERE.
  11. After looking at the phi delt store I dont see why people are complaining? I dont really care what other schools they have as long as they have the products we want/need. Looks like they do...problem?
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