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  1. Prettylittleeagle

    I would rather work..

    I think the 10k fans in the stands on Thursday night on national TV will do this program a world of good. Don't worry I'll be there in the 40 degree weather, after driving up from Houston following work.
  2. Prettylittleeagle

    Kendal Briles -- North Texas Head Coaching Candidate

    Lets look the other way boys, give him a second chance. WE GOT SOME DEM FOOTBALL GAMES TO WIN DOWN HERE.
  3. Prettylittleeagle

    Kendal Briles -- North Texas Head Coaching Candidate

    Would accept baby briles as replacement for our fearless leader.
  4. Prettylittleeagle

    UNT Teams With Affinity Licensing

    After looking at the phi delt store I dont see why people are complaining? I dont really care what other schools they have as long as they have the products we want/need. Looks like they do...problem?
  5. Prettylittleeagle

    UNT Teams With Affinity Licensing

    Skeptical Eagle for sure.
  6. Prettylittleeagle

    When the Dust Settles

    Don't let this fool you, according to some CUSA is having a down year.
  7. Prettylittleeagle

    Seth Littrell has no place in larger conferences

    Who wrote this article? "FIX THIS S*** RICH"
  8. Prettylittleeagle

    Apogee After Dark

    I'll be driving up from Houston the day of, going to the game at 8:30, leaving at likely 11:30, driving back to Houston, sleeping for a few hours and going to work around 8AM. This is a game I wont miss. This is coming form a guy who sat at the Rice game for all of 10 minutes due to the sun. . You can make the game, you can lose out on sleep to watch a big time game in Denton. It's not going to hurt you. I promise. You can drive to work and function for a day with little to no sleep. If sleep & work is your excuse, then I question your loyalty to this football program. #newdenton Just a friendly reminder that big time program TAMU had 90k+ on their Thursday night game this year. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT SAY HAVING CLASS FRIDAY MORNING IS AN EXCUSE. IF A COLLEGE STUDENT TELLS YOU THEY GO TO BED BY 11:30 ON A THURSDAY NIGHT THEY ARE LYING TO YOU.
  9. Prettylittleeagle

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Do you think Seth also looked up at the sun, saw it shining brightly on the wing and the student section? Or did he ignore that.
  10. Prettylittleeagle

    Rice Game Attendance

    Yeah...students and or young alumni don't want to sit in the sun to watch us beat up on rice. I tailgated until the start of the 2nd quarter, sat in my seats for about 10 minutes and then went to fry street. No one to blame except the person/party responsible for the early kick off. However, I'm glad we can piss and moan about having 25k people show up and not being happy with it. GMG
  11. Don't schedule a game in the afternoon and maybe people will show up. Don't like my comment? go look at the picture above. We aren't big time, if the weather sucks or the game is early you aren't going to have a big turn out. We aren't there yet. Last thing I read, was that Wren wanted to try out different times and this was indeed a flop + the weather didn't help.
  12. 2 tickets + blue parking pass 1st row 50 yrd line. I'll take $35 as long as you promise to put your butt(s) in my seats. (the parking pass alone is $25-30 I think?)
  13. 4 smaller screens...but yes. I wish we could just put a massive screen above the wing.
  14. Prettylittleeagle

    Week 5 Bowl Projections, Updated

    boy how one loss changes everything.
  15. Prettylittleeagle

    Billboard love in Fort Worth

    Any of our marketing folks know what it would cost to put a billboard up in San Antonio? Asking for a friend. it could say “MEAN GREEN COUNTRY” I know other schools boosters have taken out similar trolling billboards before...