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  1. Surely Vegas doesn't know what they are doing...
  2. It pains me, but taking off the green glasses...I simply can't pick us when we are at the hilltop...Shane is going to throw all over our defense that gave up so many points an FCS opponent last week. SMU:48 NT: 45
  3. 8-4 - losses to Cal, SMU, Houston + 1 CUSA Conference champ and bowl game I predict a loss in both puts us at 8-6
  4. Fighting Texas Aggies: 77 North Texas: 10
  5. I hope ACU shows up and is loud as could be. The more the merrier.
  6. I just about choked on my morning cup of joe when I read the headline of this post.
  7. No way Starkel comes to sit on the bench...don't think we bench Mason either...
  8. UTSA is looking for a QB?!?!?!
  9. SMU is on the up and up...they sucked at the start of this season. Cal is well Cal and has all indications of turning things around, UH is strong and will continue that way into next year. Pull your heads out of the clouds, we aren't beating all 3. Look at the absolute joke of a team we have become this year. GMG
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