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    17 SS/LB Alec McEachern (Benet, IL)

    I know this is a late reply, but Alec McEachern had a PWO at that time from UNT. Reports here in Illinois is that UNT decided to give his offer to a JuCo player from Texas. My knowledge of Alec as a player is that he is a talent and UNT's loss. He's 230lbs now and I believe he will be playing in the Big 10 next year. He played in one of the top conferences in the state of Illinois and was an All State player. If you've seen his senior highlights, the 1st shot is on Jeff Thomas from East St. Louis and '17 Miami commit. He shut Jeff down and was the only player to do so this past year. You may recall that Jeff Thomas just broke the receiving & TD record at the Under Armour All American bowl and not one of the top defensive players from Texas or around the country could touch him. I would say that Alec McEachern played against the top competition and the kid has a big upside.