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Found 13 results

  1. Hello Board, As most of you already know Beyond The Green is returning for 2018. The first episode aired last night at 4:00 PM on Fox Sports Southwest and it will run every Thursday throughout the season. There was some confusion out there that we would not be on Fox Sports Southwest this season but I can confirm that we are. In addition to FSSW, we will also be running episodes on Fox College Sports - Dish 446 & DirecTV 608. These will be re-airings of that week's episode. The September dates/times are below. There is also the possibility of a larger internet presence t
  2. Due the UIL HSFB Championships, the final BTG episode will air on Tuesday 12/26 at 4:30 pm. There will also be a re-air on Thursday 12/28 at 5:00 pm. Thanks again for the continued support of this series throughout the year. I've received multiple notes from fans (more than any season prior) and I really appreciate everyone sharing links and helping to spread the word. I feel like the exposure has definitely grown this year. Hope you have enjoyed this season as much as I have producing it. Happy Holidays and GMG!!! -Ashton
  3. This week's episode will premiere at 2:00 PM Friday on Fox Sports Southwest. There was a sporting event that was originally going to run Thursday afternoon so BTG was pushed to 5:00, but then rescheduled for 2:00 PM. That is NOT, I repeat, NOT the case for the rest of the year. I'm not sure where that being the time slot for remainder of the season originated from. I was in favor of the 2:00 PM time slot for this week as there was a lot we needed to cover and it gave me a chance to add in some content that I normally wouldn't have the opportunity to include with the usual turnaround. Its
  4. There is no BTG this week due to the bye week. Traditionally there hasnt been an episode following a bye-week, and since we only do 13 episodes (with a potential bowl episode), I'd rather do a preseason episode than a bye-week that can highlight the offseason. I probably should have posted something regarding the bye earlier in the week. New episode next Thursday. Thanks!
  5. Hey board! There are a lot of kind words going around about episode 1 and I greatly appreciate it. Please take the time to follow BTG on social media as Im hoping to create more of a presence this year and the football department will be promoting more as well. Sharing posts and tweets will greatly help the promotion of the series. Here are the sites: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeyondTheGreenUNT/ Twitter: @BTG_UNT Instagram: beyondthegreen_UNT Each week's episode will be available online Fridays at 4:00 PM cst. We need to wait 24 hours after
  6. Hello board, Im happy to say that Beyond The Green will be returning for 2017. This might not be breaking news at this point, but I wanted to make sure I had all the details in place before making an official announcement. I know there was some rumors going around a little while back about a possible format change, but the show is returning in its original form. I appreciate all the support this board has shown over the years. Its no secret to anyone how much I enjoy producing this show and bringing exposure to the program. I am hoping to create more of a social media presen
  7. Hey everyone - the reason the videos were removed from YouTube is because there is a minor change I wanted to make. Before the freak out, its nothing major that has anything to do with any particular players, staff or university official. It is on the production side of things and a technical change. Sorry for the delay for those who havent seen it yet. I will notify the board when it goes back up. Thanks for the support. Go Mean Green!! -Ashton
  8. Hello board!! Sorry for not posting this sooner, but I've been busy getting the show finished out and it dawned on me that I haven't posted an update on when it will air. The Spring BTG episode will debut Friday April 21 at 4:30 pm, and will re-air on 4/27 at 5:00pm & 4/29 at 7:30pm. This show will pickup from the HOD bowl and cover all the offseason happenings, culminating with the Spring Game. Please tune in or set your DVR. Thanks and GMG!!!!! -Ashton
  9. Sorry for the late update on this, but the HOD Bowl Episode of Beyond The Green will air tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 pm on Fox Sports Southwest. Thanks again for the support and please post any thoughts or comments you have about the episode. Happy New Year!!
  10. Hello board, Well, its not a secret or anything at this point, but I did want to make sure that a few things fell into place before making the official announcement. Episode one will premiere tomorrow (Thursday) at 4:00 pm on Fox Sports Southwest. I'm extremely excited to be producing this series again. This message board has always been very supportive of this series and really understands the value it can have on an athletic program. I greatly appreciate that support and its great that the series has a strong fanbase (as long as my color balance is on point). I'd especially like t
  11. Sights and sounds from day 1 of fall camp. This is an example of the direction BTG will be heading in conjunction with GMG. The idea is to provide this type of video content and much, much more. On our most recent podcast we lined out the details, so if you haven't already, give it a listen. Hopefully everyone enjoys this clip and is eager to see more down the road. Don't forget that I will be in the chat room this evening (starting at 8:00 pm) to discuss the scrimmage and will also be able to answer any questions regarding the future of BTG. I should be posting another video tomorrow
  12. I had an OL conversation with Coach Simmonds this morning after practice. We talked about his new-look line, camp battles, a very coachable player and street fighters. Simmonds OL Talk.mp3
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