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  1. I peruse many fan websites, but I never seen one that is so obsessed, with admitted hatred and vitriol with one school...as UNT is with SMU....not even close.  Some posters such as emmitt, should seek professional counseling, it can't be healthy.


    You must not look at the Texas, Texas A&M, Kansas, K State, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State fan websites. Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida St., Georgia, Georgia Tech. There are more, but I'm getting tired of proving you are delusional.

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  2. 3)      Craig Robertson was a standout in coverage
    Stationed in the middle of the defense while Dansby received a customary day of rest, Robertson was a thorn in the Bills’ side. Two separate passes were swatted to the ground – the first nearly a pick-six reminiscent of the linebacker’s gigantic interception against the Bengals last season on Thursday Night Football.
    “It was just a good day for the defense,” Robertson said. “We played well, we played fast and we played confidently. That’s the way we need to play.”
    Cleveland may list Robertson as a reserve on the club’s unofficial preseason depth chart, but the 27-year-old’s role on defense is rock solid. The Browns will rely on Robertson to be their energetic playmaker. Think of him like a sixth man in basketball. His role is vital.



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