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  1. If we have 16k for homecoming regardless of the season we are having I will be disappointed. This should be the automatic sellout every year with the amount of alum in the area and the student body size. The university has to start doing better non-football events to bring the alum home 1 time out of 365 days. I would be content with 19k (foreseeable future, not forever) for 5 home games every single year if we can bring in 110% capacity once a year for homecoming.

    I predict disappointment!

  2. Take away the 120 points NT scored in two victories, it has scored, The offense has scored 155 points in the 6 losses. That's 25.8 points per game. FAU is better than SMU and their third team is better than Nicholls State. Anyone that believes the team will score 28 points has more faith than I do. The defense can't stop anyone, as the 42.6 ppg in 6 losses shows. Is it possible to hold FAU under 28 points? Seriously doubt it.

    The numbers don't point to a Mean Green victory.

  3. He's already been given a free pass from RV on Year 1, when he blamed that season on the players, not the coach. Now that those guys are gone, this is Benford's team of players, so he is 16-16 as far as RV is concerned. Hell, he got UTA off the schedule so that we could replace them with teams like Langston and Wayland Baptist at home in the last two seasons. If you cannot go .500 with this schedule, you should get fired once that is not possible. Not here, though. All that will mean is that he will be certain to coach here in Year 4 of his contract. But a .500 season means Benford is affordable to extend for a few years. If Benford goes 16-16 again, he get easily be extended for another two or three years at a friendly salary for the BOR, instead of potentially buying out a year of salary in 2016 and then paying for another contract. You all know how the BOR looks at this stuff here.

    This just seems crystal clear to me, based on how things have always functioned here regarding revenue sports. I hope I'm wrong compeltely, but there is nothing from the past that makes me feel that it won't happen. That OOC home schedule is just putrid--if you cannot go 6-2 versus that collection of teams at home, than you are probably right and we won't be having this argument. But I have a feeling that .500 is very possible again--and if so, then we are going to be sold that Benford is very deserving of receiving an extension after all that he has had to endure on the job. Remember this--the big money is behind Benford right now, as is the BOR and the AD. That is a huge advantage at a school like ours...

    If any of this thinking is true, then RV MUST be GONE. All of his passes for the stadium have been used up. How he has pulled the wool over the BOR eyes for so long has me wondering if the BOR is qualified to be in charge of the University.

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