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  1. I just saw that, Thank You "Eagle Eye " !!
  2. If you lived at the Quads there was a big lunch room, but two lines . Athletes to the right ,they had the better food. Rookies like me to the left .
  3. I have to say College Football is the most exciting and North Texas had it going on. I am from Dallas and so Denton was not that far. You could walk to the stadium and it was packed. One day I was walking down the sidewalk and a car pulled up. It was Henry. Sorry to say a lot of us smoked and he said get in and lit my cigarette and we became friends. It was safe to do that back then. Henry was always fun and super nice to me. I was 17 in college and he was 4 1/2 yrs older. NTSU was so much fun.
  4. Hi Marty That is a 4 yr old grave site. I saw that too. Did you know Henry ?
  5. Exactly. Go to win, There were 4 dorms at the Quads. 1 and 2 were girls and 3 and 4 were guys mostly the athletes. Henry always came by to visit me out on the lawn. I was just a freshman. Joe Greens thighs were bigger than my waist ! We had the best players. Ron Miller on the basketball team was unbelievable. He was the star and was not too tall !!
  6. I looked it up. The Falcon Farm Club is some separate club associated with horses. Henry was drafted with the Atlanta Falcons . It is in the UNT archives. Joe Green and John Love were there as well when I went to school. We had a great football team !
  7. Did they knew who committed the murder ?
  8. Henry passed away April 14, 1969 and had signed on with the Atlanta Falcons. The newspaper said he was murdered in Dallas at his Apt on Birchbrook. Does anyone know more about this ?
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