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  1. I didn't say, "drop down." But, what are we? We are not "P5," who controls the dollars, legislation, and direction of the future. For all intents and purposes, we are the child that was born 10-15 years after the older siblings because mom and dad rekindled their love for one another once they finally got to take a vacation away from the kids. Now, we are just the little kid in the back seat being dragged around wherever everyone older than us, parents (NCAA) and siblings (P5s), wants to go. They might buy us a candy bar every now and again at the grocery store if we cry long and loud enough. But, generally, we are ignored and expected just to be quiet and be happy just to be in the family. Forming our own organization/"NCAA" with other G5s would not be "dropping down." It would be simply saying, 'No more following and waiting around. We've got it from here.' The NFLPA's eligibility rule is three years out of high school. Fine. We can still have players in the draft. Nothing is effected. Nothing we have done, or anyone else has done - short of lawsuit (Utah), and doggedly massive fundraising for over a decade and a half (TCU) - has magically transported them into the good graces of the P5s. We need to offer something different to the student athletes and public. We need to recognize the realities of the new workforce for the student athletes - an undergraduate degree alone is not what is used to be for many fields of study. And, they public isn't buying ticket to - or, watching - the Boca Raton Bowl, the Frisco Bowl, the Bahama Bowl, the New Mexico bowl, etc. FCS playoff games are sold out because they are played in home stadiums. Plus, the championship game is always sold out in Frisco. We'd be a step above that. Afterward, if the NCAA then wants to pit their champion against ours, like the old AFL versus NFL "Super Bowl"...fine. The long and short of it is, to me: quit complaining about the P5s "stealing" from us when we never really had control of what they are "stealing" in the first place. It is time for the G5s - past time for the G5s - to assert themselves. Otherwise, just sit in the backseat, shut up, and do as we're told - as we've done for years. Go big or GTFO!
  2. I hope he enjoys seeing Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder again:
  3. I hope he enjoys his short-lived time back in saddle again, especially given that he's forced to live in Baton Rouge. He was always a decent man, with a supportive, God-fearing soulmate of the opposite sex, and house full of respectful, God-fearing children. And, now it is all paying off for him. He could be LSU's knight in shining armor, coming to their emotional rescue...riding across the SEC and NCAA tournaments on a fine, Arab charger!
  4. I will break character once to weigh in: P5 does not care what we do. They own almost all the marbles, and have no (pecuniary) interest in sharing. The only "mid-major" brave enough to sue - the University of Utah - was invited into the Pac-12 over more traditionally successful rival BYU AND giant slayer/BCS-buster Boise State. Why do we keep sucking up to them? The die was cast decades ago in the mid-80s to mid-90s. To recap: -OU and Georgia sued the NCAA for television rights and won in 1984. -Notre Dame jumped in with their own contract. -Conferences began making contracts with cable carriers, outlets, and networks. -Meanwhile, we were sucking hind tit in Divison I-AA. -We jumped through NCAA's mid-90s hoop of "30,000 seat stadium" to get back to I-A status. It did nothing. -We wandered through conferences after getting back to I-A status. -By then, however, the now-P5s/then I-As had already taken control of post season through the Bowl Coalition, then the BCS. -After we joined the C-USA, the players in the league split into their own conference. -We argue about all of this for no reason: we simply had poor leadership from the mid-70s to the mid-90s. -There is no way to catch up, short of $100 million in donations per year. -Boise State wins and wins and wins. They beat P5s, win bowls, put players in the NFL. Has it gotten them a P5 invite? No. Many will continue to say we shouldn't splinter off. I agree with some of their arguments, and disagree with others. However, whether me, you, or anyone else agrees or disagrees makes no difference - the P5s still call the dance. -I am not in favor of being in a conference stretched from here to Florida or here to the mountain time zone. -I am not in favor of wasting another minute or dollar pretending that being a P5 is a realistic goal. -I am in favor of approaching regional schools and putting together a geographically sensible conference of 10 to 12 teams. -I am in favor of the G5s having their own organization, own recruiting rules, own bowls AND a playoff, naming their own champion. Here is the major change I'd make if the G5s pull their heads out: -Take partial qualifiers as was done in the old days of Prop 48; a year in classroom and the weight room, allowed to practice, but not play. -Six years of eligibility, covering undergrad and grad school; undergrad degree must be gained in five years or eligibility is lost. -Players who complete undergrad and grad school before six years' time are free to continue to play - but, on their own dime - until sixth year is exhausted. -Players free to transfer without hindrance or loss of eligibility if the head coach at the time of their recruiting/signing leaves. Am I crazy? Yes. But, the simple truth is, football players have no minor league system the way baseball and hockey do. There is no D-League equivalent or leaving to play in Europe, Asia, or elsewhere like soccer and basketball players can do. They can't turn pro in their teens like tennis players, etc. Get real about what has happened and where was are. G5s either take control, or quit complaining when P5 do what they do - continue to assert their long time control.
  5. I hope he is enjoying his time in El Paso. He's quick with a joke, or a light of your smoke, but there's someplace that he'd rather be. He says, "Bill, I believe this is killing me," as the smile ran away from his face. "Well, I'm sure that I could be a head football coach, if I could get out of this place!"
  6. I hope he will rewatch this beauty of a 2019 championship affair: http://www.espn.com/nfl/matchup?gameId=401038115 For all of their record-setting Goffing 2019, the Rams were reduced to G.O.A.T. puke without their run game. And, their defense was pee-peed on by the Patriots late in the game when a stop was desperately needed. When it comes to these things, "Give me defense, or give me death!" just like Patrick Henry in the days of yore.
  7. I hope he wasn't put off by Corby's OU drooling. By the time Seth was interviewed, he had already worked in a Kenny King reference when speaking to Jim Plunkett.
  8. I hope he does visit our site. And, I hope he will have more of these on hand for the 2019 Major League Baseball season: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Texas-Rangers-University-of-North-Mean-Green-Hat-Cap-New-Not-SGA-2018-Lot-of-50/153247948012?hash=item23ae4a1cec:g:YhYAAOSwjt1b4Ity If not, he can order some off ebay and hand them out to two parent, male/female, families as they venture into the old new Ranger stadium for the season.
  9. I hope he enjoys that museum as well. He can take his soulmate after class and before church on a Wednesday evening. Hutchinson is a beautiful slice of Americana. This young man will grow so much as a man there while trying to learn how to read and write, and add and subtract and multiply and divide fractions, academically well enough to qualify for an FBS university.
  10. I hope he has gotten good advice along the way. His decision to leave early was an extreme long shot, given the very few things he can contribute on the football field of an 85 scholaship + 15 to 20 walk-ons team translate well to a 53 man, half dozen scout team NFL roster, no matter what language is spoken in the home. In layman's terms, it was an unmitigated disaster. The good news for him, outside the good news of Jesus Christ, is that Bob Stoops is now coaching in the XFL. And, the AAFL, another league of non-NFL quality football players, is in full swing as of this weekend. The Canadian Football League, or CFL, is said to be a football league for non-NFL quality players who don't mind surrendering half or more of their small paycheck to the government of Canada.
  11. I hope he enjoys playing in a red, white, and blue uniform as much as his daddy did when he was a third baseman for the local Major League Baseball favorite, the Texas Rangers. Perhaps, someday, they will have lunch together at the Burger House and enjoy some quality father and son time together. A good dad will always take time to out his life to advise his son(s) on what to seek - besides the Lord's wisdom - in finding the right, female soulmate; and, a burger lunch is a good way to begin that conversation.
  12. I hope he enjoys his final collegiate years in Lake Charles, Louisiana. McNeese has a fantastic coaching staff, full of many veterans of successful FBS and FCS programs and former NFL players, such as Chris Dishman. He will learn much there, along with eating delicious gumbo and having many churches in the area that may be currently attended by his future, female soulmate companion.
  13. I hope he and Mr. Kuehne understand what a joy it is that they invite speakers of all political stripe while giving money to our school. These days, people are becoming more skeptical of public educational institutions, believing they are tools of leftists with their awful looking Mao/Hillary outfits, and closing their bank accounts to them as a result. We are now evermore increasingly in a society where poor Jewish boys from Brooklyn are excoriated for going from manager to owner of coffee store chains that eventually earn them billions of dollars. It is okay to earn billions of dollars. There is no law against it. You go do it, and quit being jealous of others who do! Let people speak freely about their life experiences, their successes and failures, their hopes and dreams! This is America! America was found on liberty and independence, not government coercion, domination, and control. We are born free, and we will stay free. American will never be a socialist country! You can always find your soulmate here and toss your football over that mountain over there!
  14. I hope he enjoys Hutchinson, Kansas. It is home to a very fine salt mine and some lovely churches. Perhaps, he will find his soulmate at one or the other; more likely at a church, though. Second Missionary Baptist Church and Our Redeemer Lutheran are quite near Gowans Stadium where the Blue Dragon home games are played! Hallelujah!
  15. I hope he is as dedicated as former Sulphur Bulldog Chris Hammons about his workout regimen: https://newsok.com/article/5486186/executive-qa-dads-incarceration-national-title-for-ou-shaped-laid-back-lawyer " I'm an up at 4:30 a.m. and to the gym by 5 a.m. guy. I get my cardio on the rowing machine and treadmill, but mainly I lift. "
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