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  1. agubriz23's post in Calling all Talons Alumni was marked as the answer   
    Yes! This issue is something that Talons takes very seriously into consideration, it is something we all avoid collectively. There are times we say "That Spells" to replace "M'fing" so that it could distraught groups who say it, but in general we make sure to void from that problem... A solution another Talon brought up, was for all of us to start saying "Let's Go".
    I did not mind 100% of the time, for I do like see what few have to say. But like you stated, I did start this as an invitation for the Alumni event, although just to get this set in stone, there are some new changes coming soon as well as maybe implementing older traditions, etc.
    But thank you letsgiveacheer, I appreciate your defense, and I think discussions about different implementations could be put into a different thread at some other time. I will communicate with our Exec. Board about a few things this week and I'll be back on different subjects.
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