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  1. Rooster's is amazing, LSA is always fun to go to for the atmosphere, and the burgers are pretty good. I'd also suggest Crooked Crust right off campus, it can get cramped easily, but its always a good time going there and its great pizza for pretty cheap too!
  2. I'm a student Equipment manager, and we're also sharing our equipment room with them this weekend! They're grateful people and I'm glad we hosted them in the way we did!
  3. We were talking about this at work earlier, according to my boss the game is still going to go on, and that its a possibility that the team will get here earlier and could have practices in our facilities (Wren tweeting about that being a possibility as well)
  4. There's a giant pole that was brought up near Fouts, so I believe that is it!
  5. I have a friend that bought a full size one and he wears it to games... let's just say it's not super comfortable since it is a "display piece" but it's wearable
  6. I liked both uni's, a lot of people didn't like the home one, and I can see why at times. I think it always had to do with the combo, It always worked best with the white helmets and white pants (I think in 2015 they focused too much on using black in the uni combo and it wasn't the most flattering in my opinion) and the green with green helmet looked odd because the helmet green always looked mismatched, that's why it worked better with the white uni's. I liked the uni combo for HoD with chrome green green. But I think my favorite combo would be Home = White/Green/White Away = Icy Whites (like in the photo)
  7. From the Man himself... this really has me intrigued, the BEST unis has me researching which is currently the most advanced Nike jersey there is
  8. According to CBS we ended 99th last season, surprised we're not higher or around the same for pre-season!
  9. Basketball games are fun to go to! Although we need to get more students to sit (well stand... we don't sit in the pit!) in the student section this season. Hopefully McCasland, Mitchell and WB can get that rolling this upcoming season.
  10. I agree with it on a certain level, I do like that they predicted to actually win 6 games compared to other sites who have us at 3-4 wins. But here's how I'll predict: Lamar - Win SMU - Toss Up, I kept saying last year (especially after the Army win) if we were to play SMU later in the season then we could've won, NT has grown since then even with the loss of players graduating there still is a team that we can see a hopeful win that is possible. Iowa - Loss, the G5vsP5 games are always going to be lopsided and there are of course the circumstances when the G5 team wins. Iowa has had a mixed bag team recently and if NT can play their books well then I can see a plausible loss by a few points and best case scenario a win UAB - Win, with a team just returning into football it's gonna take time for UAB to heal So.Miss - Toss Up, it's no surprise they're one of the powers of C-USA, but last year's loss to NT was a shock that statisticians and the team didn't expect, even though it was a win by a few points, it shows that NT's key is to not lose the determination to win and that consistency is important in both halves, so if NT can put in the first half show they did last year and keep that consistent to the second half then we can go away with a W. UTSA - Win, every sit I see puts us as a loss against UTSA, but that can take a toll on both teams with UTSA becoming overconfident and losing (similar to NT vs UTEP last year) and NT becoming more determined to getting that W versus a team that is obsessed with us on Twitter. FAU and Old Dominion are two teams I haven't kept up with, but knowing that Old Dominion was a surprise power last year could say something, but I'll have to wait and see LaTech - Toss Up, this one is a bit more difficult, last year's game had many problems including some calls and the ejection of McClain, it could've been a much closer game if it weren't for the issues. LaTech has been a great team that can easily take the win, but if NT wants to ruin their homecoming like LaTech did to us then we'll have to wait and see 😉 UTEP - Win, we had a 95% chance of beating them last year and we crawled out with a loss, but a team falling like that will always learn from mistakes Army - Win.... no comment I want that win Rice - Win, it was a thrilling 2OT game last season and with a more improved NT team we can see something more thrilling but just in the 4 quarters, Rice had struggles last year and could come back but it seems like they need to focus on their own rebuilding. I'll predict an 8-4 season
  11. I think I might rethink my adoption (or I'll just take twins 😉) #66 Brendon Weatherspoon, I know his older brother and I followed up on his recruitment and commitment to UNT on Twitter this past year. According to his brother he won't be playing this season, but from seeing his highlight tapes and his determination I can see him becoming a favorite in the near future.
  12. I'll Adopt Mr.Ice-In-His-Veins #37 Brandon Garner, he did pretty well last season and is a standout currently during practices. My friend was one of Pearson's OLinemen up at Texas High School, he knows Cade's power and talent well and he even commentated on his throwing and what not at the spring game, it makes me really hopeful that Pearson will bring something super special to the team.
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