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  1. 31 minutes ago, badnewspears said:

    I have the game pulled up on the TV but there's no volume! I'm on a Firestick. Anyone know a trick to get it it working? Volume is out for every game in the ESPN app.

    Figured it out. Had to reset the Firestick. Not sure why I should have had to do that, but I now have audio to join the video of this bloodbath.

  2. Unfortunately players are judged not just on their performance but the "measurables" that draft talking-heads always discuss, success of their team, schedule of opponents, history of their school...that's why it always surprises people when players like Brees, Russell Wilson, Darren Sproles, etc. succeed. They just didn't fit the mold of the prototypical player.

    When you put everything together for the ideal QB, you get someone like Sam Darnold who went to a school with pedigree (USC), had the right height, weight, and was drafted third and projected #1 since last year even though his performance this past year was just so-so. Yeah, Mayfield may be 6' or just under, but his performance, OU, Big-12, and persona thrust him to the Heisman and from there to the Browns at #1.

    For Fine it's the combination of his size, perception of UNT, and C-USA that will sadly outweigh performance. Maybe he could get away with his size were he at Michigan or Clemson, Georgia or Oregon, or if he was 6'4"/225 lbs. and here he'd get consideration from teams, but those are not reality.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Prettylittleeagle said:

    Per my post earlier this morning about this exact subject, FAU did get votes. If you notice it says "Florida" that is FAU, they just screwed up typing. 

    Ah, I did a quick glance and guess I just missed your post. Yeah, I thought it was odd about Florida. Most of my family went there and a couple of my cousins played there the last couple of years so I've heard plenty about their down year. FAU makes more sense. So now it's really just UNT that didn't get a vote in either. SMH.

  4. There are 30 FBS teams with at least 9 wins this season.

    The AP has ranked 24 of them in their Top 25 (Miss. State is 8-4 and sits at #24), and four others received votes (Toledo & San Diego St. at 10-2, Troy at 9-2, and Boise St. at 9-3).

    Only FAU and our Mean Green did not receive a single vote.

    The Coaches Poll also has 24 of them in their Top 25 (same as AP, Miss. State is at #24), and five others received votes (Toledo at 10-2, Troy at 9-2, FAU, Boise St., and Fresno St. at 9-3).

    Only our Mean Green did not receive a single vote.


    After Army, I was hoping to receive at least one damn vote but then finishing the season strong, not playing down to Rice, and finishing at 9-3, really? Not one? It just goes to show that not only do we need to continue the fight this year and keep winning, but we have to pick right back up next year and build our brand nationally. If we finish next season in the same place, I guarantee we start to see votes but we need to have that signature win (I'm looking at you, Arkansas) to get our name in the minds of the voting members.

    What do YOU think we need to start getting votes and how quickly do you think we could show up in the top 25 next year?

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  5. From A&M's perspective, they get a swell of hope because Fisher has a championship and that is what he COULD do for them. Makes sense to me. Why Fisher would want to leave the ACC, a program that values legacies and seemingly would give him more leniency for down years than others...that I don't know.

  6. Plain and simple, the administration thought they should be on the next level (top 10-15 every year, compete for the CFP every 3-4) and Sumlin showed year after year that no matter the resources provided, level of recruiting classes, or even strong starts (5-0 three times), he couldn't get them there.

    How many more opportunities do you think A&M should have given him? How many more QBs do you think he should have run through, ran off, or coaches blamed and fired for his inability to pull it all together?

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  7. Unlikely in recent times. Of 12 games this year, we played 8 bowl eligible teams and went 5-3 against them. In 2013 we went 3-3 agains bowl eligible teams and in 2003 we went 1-3 against them. Looking back to 2003, it's no wonder we did so well as we played a lot of terrible teams. In 2002 we went 2-4 against.

    In short, yes, this is another reason to celebrate this season. We didn't just win, we beat decent teams.

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