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    29 minutes ago, greenminer said:

    Not football, but related: if you don't know Memphis super fan, Will, now you will.  His sense of entitlement and elitism puts a stench in the air.



    You should see some the tiny, small gyms that Gonzaga play in within the WCC. Gonzaga seems to do OK despite this. 

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  2. That was a crazy second half...We played a little out of control and turned it over but our defense kept us in it until offense got going again. Awesome game and win! Been watching unt bball religiously since 2005 and waiting for a championship like this... The Purdue NCAA tourney win was great but this is my favorite series of wins since 2005. 

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  3. 10 minutes ago, BleedingGreen said:

    I wasn’t a fan of his body language on the court .

    I wouldn't have good body language either playing for that dumpster fire of a basketball program masquerading as a D-1 program in a high school gym. Hell ya. 6-11 center, rated .89 out of high school... Let's take him! My guess is that he is looking for a high end D-1 conference now given he has limited time left to play and already played for a mid-level conference.  

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  4. 10 hours ago, Andrew said:

    Will Christian Moore return?

    The little that I've seen him play, he is a dynamic player all around... He always seems to make something happen for himself or another player in the very limited minutes he gets... I hope he stays too... But didn't we already sign another highly regarded point guard out of high school? 

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  5. 35 minutes ago, Mike Jackson said:

    The most difficult and best move would be getting Army and Air Force.  It benefits the Service Academies and our conference equally.

    I like that idea of AAC becoming host conference for the major military services - credibility and good attendance draws. However, I recall we actually cancelled our home/home with Army years ago....not sure it was every posted publicly why...but I do recall our player suffering injuries, some serious, due to dirty plays by Army. Don't mean to disparage Army, but this is what I recall happened. 

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  6. I am hopeful that AAC teams will invigorate our fan base. Can you imagine bringing Memphis, Wichita State, Temple, Tulane, etc. to Super Pit on regular basis? Any of these teams have a opportunity to be ranked any given season... and this would be regular ole conference games too... Never mind if we can attract some decent OOC games.  And never mind too that some of these games will be nationally televised on ESPN, if the contract remains same with AAC. The future is exciting, all we have to do is keep winning. 

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  7. I was at UNT from 2005 to 2011. I went to nearly every football and basketball game during that time. I had a blast at the games. I have traveled to UNT since I graduated several times for mostly football games, but some basketball games. There is nothing like a game-day atmosphere!  I cannot understand this low attendance, though I know winning has alot to do with it. For me living out-of-town, I think what a privilege it would be to be able to regularly attend these games. Fans in general are so fickle too - if a team is losing they leave early, and if a team is winning big, they leave early....you go through the time and expense to attend, why leave early at all? Anyhow, that's just my take and grip. I really hope attendance improves across all of our sports. 

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  8. 14 hours ago, chrisfisher said:

    Ya. He saw that our offense all around sucks and often looks out of sync and good shooters cannot seem to make shots, even open ones... I love our time management and elite defense but at some point you've got to let shooters shoot, preferably in rhythm. 


    When I posted our UNT offense sucks, I didn't mean to be a Debby downer, but I knew our season stats. We have a great line-up and elite defense. However, our offense or lack thereof will catch-up with us if we don't do something about it...low shooting percentages, long draughts of no scoring during a game, etc.... Defense can only get you so far...at the end of the day, you need to put the ball in the bucket to win.... Maybe Abou's performance is a step in the right direction. I really think the biggest hurdle for offense is that we play to the clock more than the open shot or in rhythm... it's hard even for the best shooters to jack up an out of rhythm shot, even if wide open, simply because there is 2 seconds left on the shot clock.  I think coach is trying to open up our offense as evidenced last night with the allowance of more shots even early in the shot clock.... For those that like to downvote, please see the pic of our offensive percentages.

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  9. 21 minutes ago, CMJ said:

    We are playing faster than normal.  Mac must have seen something on tape.

    Ya. He saw that our offense all around sucks and often looks out of sync and good shooters cannot seem to make shots, even open ones... I love our time management and elite defense but at some point you've got to let shooters shoot, preferably in rhythm. 

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