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  1. 10 minutes ago, TheColonyEagle said:

    So pay them. But why give them a scholarship, room and board and books? Pay them $15 an hour for every hour they work for the school.  The students that work at Starbucks and Chickfila get paid an hourly wage and work for multi billion corporations. Why should football players be any different? I say allow them to work extra in the summer. Allow them to sell their picture and jersey for money. But since the education doesn't matter, they can get a loan and pay tuition, their rent and buy their groceries like every other student. Like other students that work on campus. They're not going to make enough money to offset all that but maybe be careful what you wish for.

    Do they still have to take classes and be a student? Why don't we just hire football players like we hire other university employees? If they get hurt or play poorly...fire them. That's what they do to Janitors and Professors? that's what they do to the kids that work in the union. Why is no one up in arms about the students working for other companies on campus that "make billions off of exploiting students"

    Once again, the new law is not about the school paying them.  It is allowing them to make money off of their name and likeness. A bar in Denton can pay a fraternity guy to promote on twitter but a football player would get into trouble.  If a music student that is on scholarship and has a large following wants to sign at a the Guitar Center, do you have a problem with that?  The NCAA rules are for 1930's football and technology not 2019. 


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  2. So what if all the football players get paid by boosters?  What is so wrong with 18-22 year old kids, most from low income families, getting a little extra money.

    And your argument against paying players is it will be complicated and the NCAA already sucks at their job?

    D1 is a professional multi-billion dollar league already and has been for 50 years.  They just figured out how to keep there workers pay down by claiming they are an amateur sport. 

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  3. The California law does not have the schools paying any money to the athletes.  It just allows them to make money like any other popular college kid.  If a dealership sponsor wants to pay Fine to show up on a Sunday and sign autographs so they can try to sell a few more cars, who has a problem with that?  This only really applies to a hand full of players. 

    This law also gets you around the whole title IX argument that if you pay the football players, you have to pay the girls track team the same amount.  

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