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Seth Littrell Weekly Press Conference post UAB

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Littrell said there were no adjustments to be made....

If that were the case we would have continued to control the game throughout the night. When the offense can't score in the entire second half, there are adjustments to be made. When the offense can't convert on 3rd and 1, or 4th and 1, there are adjustments of some kind to be made.

In my opinion we lost to LA Tech because injuries took there toll and we were unable to adjust. That isn't on the coaches or the players. We just didn't have the depth or experience to overcome those injuries. It's part of the growing process of a rebuilding program.

The loss to UAB really hurts because we had a lead and should have been able to maintain it. Simply put, the offense didn't get it done, and I place that squarely on our coaches, especially if they truly believe there were "no adjustments to be made". That statement implies that our execution at a key position(s) was the reason we lost, which seems to imply we have a starter or a few that just aren't good enough. If that is the case, then our coaching staff didn't adequately address our needs in the off season.

I'm glad we have a game tomorrow, so I can forget about this one.

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