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I think 90 was responding with his "just.. I..." about y'all being told to be quite and sit down. But I get what you're saying. I appreciate what you do man. Keep it going. GMG

Yes, was expressing my shock that people would be reprimanded for screaming non-obscenities at a college football game.

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Latest love letter from MeanGreenD:

Really appreciate your life lesson. Difference between you & me is that I don't pretend to know ppl or what they've been through. I try to be positive and get pissed when ppl are jackasses in return. I know the real world is tough, it's actually really fucked up. This is my outlet for positivity and doing something to try to build up the spirit of UNT. See, it's been almost one entire year since I received the most devastating news of my life. I've gained strength through this team and this character when I needed it most. I've been able to make so many great memories and connection this year that I never would have otherwise. I get tired of the bullshit I'm always subject to on this board. I get tired of ppl like you who think they know everything but start a thread with terrible grammatical errors, and this person is supposed to be a moderator. I get real tired of the passive-aggressiveness y'all type to get a reaction and then call me out for reacting. This is exhausting and unfortunately only reinforces the horrible impression I have of our fan base. It's pathetic.

I look forward to meeting you one day, please, come find me and introduce yourself as Cerebus. I want to meet the man who drops so much critical life knowledge.

I can feel the waves of positivism washing over me.

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In his defense I'm pretty sure I know everything.

Following the McDowell quip, an apparrently offended Corso went stone silent, with a stunned McDowell then saying, “Or did I read that wrong?” After a long pause, Corso muttered, “I won’t even give you … next question.” He then said, “I think that was very sarcastic and I don’t appreciate it. And I’m not kidding.”

McDowell: “Really?”

Corso: “Why would you say that? It’s not funny at all. The people out there that don’t know me, would say, ‘what kind of jerk is this guy?‘”

McDowell: “Well wouldn’t you think most people out there listening know me?”

Corso: “They probably think you’re a jerk … you are a jerk.”

McDowell: “We’re having fun here. You’re telling us funny stories about Burt Reynolds and now all of a sudden I’m a big jerk?”

Corso: “You are a big jerk, because of the fact you take a shot at me. Because you inferred the fact that I posed naked.”

McDowell: “How is that a shot?”

Corso: “Because that’s against what I would do.”

McDowell: “And that’s not a joke then? The irony of the whole situation? Lee Corso certainly wouldn’t do that. Burt Reynolds would.”

Corse: “Not to me. I don’t appreciate people taking shots and joking at my expense, when I don’t do that to anybody else.”

McDowell: “Well I think that’s real silly. I really do. I don’t think you should be offended at all. And I thought we were laughing here and having a good time … ”

Corso interrupted: “Not at my expense.”

McDowell then essentially showed Corso the door, saying, “I guess I should thank you for stopping by then?”

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