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Will Homecoming Sell Out?


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Well, the team #Hit6 and is on track to #Hit7, #Hit8, and #Hit9.

Can we match their performance and #Hit30k?

Over 22,000 loud and excited fans showed up for a Thursday night game on national television.

Do you think the Rice win, bowl eligibility, another Texas opponent, and homecoming can bring in an additional 8,000 for the first sell-out of Apogee?

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I would love to see it but no.....

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I would love to see it but no.....

I agree. The key to that sort of thing is sustained winning seasons. Each winning season locks in a group of new alums that will stay through thick and thin. Those add to the "die hard" set of around 12,000 alumni fans that are almost always there on the alumni side. If we can just keep what we have there and add to it little by little, we will hit our sellout goals. It is a long term plan but we are definitely on the right track now!

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I'm the lone homer that voted yes so far. Here's why.

Week night on Halloween == 22k. Great student turn out, but moderate alumni turnout. I think with this game, the students will be back in force. It was too much fun for them. The alumni will return in force. The kicker here is UTEP always bragging they will bring more than us to our own stadium. So, if UTEP shows up, it will be a sell out. Otherwise, pretty dang close.

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I think we're going to need to rely on a solid UTEP showing if we're going to approach a sellout.

Otherwise, if the students come out again like they did last night, and UTEP only brings what Rice brought, we'll be right around 25K.

Rice is notoriously awful at traveling. UTEP will bring as many as Houston did-if not more.

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Alumni count will be up.

Student count down.

UTEP will bring people.

SMU won't be a sellout next year because they will bring less people than Rice did.

Agreed except for one point. I think more students will be there than were there last night.

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I dont know, guys....

People in Denton are really excited about this team. And I'm not just talking about alumni and football followers. There are a ton of people that I had no idea even affiliated with or followed UNT talking about coming out next week. These are even denton locals who went to other Texas D1 schools who are talking more about us now than they do their own alum. True story.

I don't think we sell out. BUT I would not be at all surprised if we hit 28-29.

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I think we are looking at a sell out as long as it is not raining or too cold. If we can draw 22,000 on Halloween on a Thursday night with a very low opponent fan count then I believe we can sell out with a Saturday afternoon homecoming game with an opponent fan base that supposedly travels well.

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